Philips 27pt5445/37 TV black bar at top

curtIJanuary 17, 2011

hello all,,new to the forum but what a great site for questions !!I have a Philips 27" tv model #27Pt5445/37 that recently started haveing a black bar at the top of the screen and the picture seems to be shrinking ,,from the top,,the picture is still clear otherwise ...i've read thru a bunch of posts and it seems that the vertical cap may be bad ,,i looked at a post showing the bad cap and how to replace it and it seems pretty basic,,my questions are these ,,i don't have a diagram on the circut board and was wandering which position the vertical cap is in on this models board ,,also does the high voltage transformer need to be grounded/discharged before work is done and whats the best way to discharge the voltage ?,

i have the back off and i do have a cap in position 2465 thats a grey cap ,,i can't read the markings other than 105* and also a cap in position 2446 thats black with a white stripe and it's marked 10 uf 16v ,,i was looking at an earlier post where a poster replaced the 2465 position cap 10uf 100v and it fixed his problem ,,the cap in position 2465 is larger in size comparied to the black caps so i'm not sure the position is correct ,,can anyone help on this one?? or maybe a link to the circut board would be good..the board has a PN 1M10791 and the assembly date is 8/05, one other question ,,i do have what looks like 2 adjustments on the back with the cover removed ,,1 is marked VG2 and the other is marked focus ,,would one of these effect the vertical bar at the top???

sorry for all the questions but i try to give as much detail as i can ,,

thanks in advance


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i forgot to mention ,,the chassie # is L03.1U AA
thanks again

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