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nhsuzanneFebruary 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!! Is everyone off today? Stop by and say hello anyway.

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Nope! I am a workin' girl today! How are you, Suzanne?

Let's make this a great week!


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Good morning!

I'm a working gal too. We don't have a holiday, but I'm working from home because we awoke to 6 inches of snow. Sick of the white stuff.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes last Friday.

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy week.

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Hi Guys---Working girl here too!

I started SS'ing today. I'll start counting the days...

Raeanne- CONGRATS on the 10 pound SS loss! No one noticing though - what is WRONG with people? lol! I would notice!!! Are you drinking any wine or are you being FIERCE about it?

Get this! I sent an email pic of myself (& kids)to my sister and she texted me with: "Get after it! Reverse the trend!" She was referring to my SIZE --then she told me she walked 3 miles already yesterday morning. I felt kind of mad at first, but then I looked at myself and said...it's true. I do need to "reverse this trend."

Supposed to snow here this week, but we'll see...so far just cold and DAMP.

The 2 kids I had this weekend were fun...we went all over the rock doing outdoor activities. One thing about having kids is I get OUT more! But waking up at 4am, 6 am, etc for kiddie potty and water runs is exhausting! Still, I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm "off" today, and everyday since I retired. One of these days, I may need to find a part-time job, but until then......!

We're enjoying very warm temps the last few days, in the mid-80's, but a cool front is heading our way in another day or two. I'm just not ready to turn on the a/c in February!!!

I've missed posting lately, but the momentum has been absent in me of late. I need to snap out of this and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I hope everyone's having a good first day of the week!

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CarolynTX: Yeah, snap out of it! WE MISS YOU! :-)

I wish we had YOUR weather right now! I miss that orange ball in the sky!

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Hi everyone! I am off because I have no job! LOL But if I were working this would be an optional day meaning if I worked today I could trade it for another day. It's a totally dead day in most places so it was a no brainer for me.

Carolyn, it's good to hear from you. I worry as I know how easy it is to become isolated from the world. I spent most of my time alone too and I understand! Keep in touch girl.

Weather here is cold and bitter again. Relentless bitter wind. I was out of electricity all day Saturday! It went off at 6am just as I came in from the barn. A tree fell on the power lines at the road and they came and cut it down early afternoon but still no power. I kept reporting my outage on line. By dark I was really starting to get upset. I have water at the barn but no electricity with the generator so the buckets were all freezing up. Not a good thing for horses in winter. I have electricity at my house and I was perfectly comfortable mind you but i was worried about my animals. At about 9:30 two big power trucks backed into my driveway all lit up like the fourth of July! I was so happy to see them. They worked on the pole near the barn and had me up and running in less than half an hour! One of those big porcelain things that look like a spring had snapped right off in the wind. I wonder why it took SO long to get it fixed but oh well, I was happy when it was. I could not sleep well with the generator running all night for fear it would run out of gas or something. Isn�t Mark lucky to miss all this fun??

Does anyone here remember the movie Baby Boom with Diane Keaton? Do you remember the scene where she has bought the house in VT - she had to fix the roof and all kinds of things. The snow is waist deep and it's cold because of no furnace? Then the repair man is there to tell her the well has gone dry? This is where she flips out and ends up on the Dr. table crying her eyes out? (the dr. is a vet but she doesn't know it just yet) remember? that was me! I was that stressed but today I am having a good laugh about it. Six inches of snow? Ha, try six feet! I want it to be gone now. No, I mean now! LOL

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(((BJ and Suzanne))) Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm feeling perkier now. Something invigorating about the sun and the gentle breeze. I'd love to share it with y'all!

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BJ apparently great minds think alike! Carolyn posted! I am sure she will post more soon !

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Dee - I tried to get on here to post Birthday wishes, but I kept getting booted off (that's when I went to Facebook) - that lasted for 2 days. So Happy Birthday. Even though your original plans didn't work out, Plan B sounded pretty good. We will just have to celebrate in May - when I can give you a real hug.

BJ - I have actually have lost 12 now and no one has said a word. I know DH is probably afraid to mention it, just in case I haven't lost, but everyone else, come on - especially since I have given up wine too!!! This actually may lead me to drink. How was your weekend with the little ones? Welcome back to SS. Did you get the "Sexy Forever" book, there are a few new rules that are very nice, like adding peanut butter and nuts - even at the detox and level 1.

I not only worked today, I worked 4 hours overtime. We leave Friday for vacation and I am trying to get caught up.

Suzanne - you cracked me up with the Baby Boom scenario. I love that movie and I believe I would have done more than cried if I were you.

Carolyn - nothing like nice weather to help get you out of a funk.

Hugs to Jan and McPeg and anyone else that needs or wants them.

Day 29**

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Suzanne, I loved "Baby Boom," especially the scene with the vet (I also had a crush on Sam Shepherd, who played the vet - so sexy in a rugged way.) I wish I could share some of our sunshine with you. It's been like spring the last few days, so nice.

Happy belated birthday, Dee!

Raeanne, congratulations on your 12 pound weight loss - that's amazing!

Not much happening. We had our good friends visit over the weekend. Sat out by the fireplace Saturday night and laughed and reminisced.

My husband wasn't able to have chemo last week because of low platelets, but they were high enough today so he could have treatment. Thank God. He seems a little more fatigued than the first treatment, but other than that, okay.

Will have to catch up later. Hope everyone has a good week. My thoughts are also with Iva Mae - wasn't she scheduled for treatment on the 18th?

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Jan, so good to see you! Glad your DH was able to get treatment.

Ivamae, please check in with us if you are around.

MIA's we are looking for you all to sneak in here and say "hello"!

Raeanne, congrats on the weight loss!

I need something drastic, soon! Addicted to carbs over here.

Keeping my head high!

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Thanks for paging me. I've been absent for a few days. I had my surgey last Friday. Everything went as well as could be expected. I go back in a couple of weeks to see the surgeon so will see what she says about follow-up treatment then.

I did weigh last Wednesday and was up 2 pounds. I guess food was my security blanket. I'll get it off come spring. Right now I'm not worying about it, too much

All the best to everyone and I do appreciate your paging..

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Ivamae, I meant to include you in those hugs - sending you a big one. Thanks for the update. I wouldn't worry about the pounds right now either.

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Looks like everyone is on the roll today huh? Keep it up!

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Happy Tuesday!

It was Family Day in Ontario, Canada on Monday. Lots of folk off.

It's wonderful seeing everyone - lots of hugs to each of you. I'm not good at tracking other folks total weight loss. Congratulations to you losers!

I've been trying to maintain. My weight bounces between 136 - 138. I've gained back 136.5 (half pound). Not sweating it because the dizzy spells have been gone since I've started maintenance. I just want to make sure I keep closer to 135 - 137 and not more. Focusing a lot on lunch plate sizes, eating breakfast and filling half my plate with veggies. Also focusing on fruit more too.

Can't wait til next Monday to see my new doctor. My winter tune-up continues. Winter? What winter? I've got SPRING FEVER so bad...I've got baby seedlings taking over now. I actually might have to murder some.....she looks around nervously....what am I saying???? Murdering my babies! No, NO! Not my babies! Quick, take a prozac, splash some water on my face. Not my babies!!!!!

Our snow has melted quite a bit, weather completely abnormal for here at this time of year. Going into warmer temperatures for the next week of just below freezing. Expect this at the end of March, not now. They are forecasting a hot, dry summer. Not good for farmers. I expect to collect old sheets to cover my plant frames (keep out deer, rabbits, raccoons etc.) so my plants don't burn to a crisp. Putting in a cold frame outside in mid-March to start more seeds in there. I'm not an addict, really. I could stop planting seeds any time I want....but murder? OMG I've mentally crossed the line.......time to see the doc for sure!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day, week. I got caught up unpacking more boxes and sorting through stuff.


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Happy Wednesday Night! We did not have internet all day long here on the island...but now we do! There is a cable that runs under the water to the mainland for power and phone/internet. Sometimes, when it snows - and it DID today!- it's back to the 80's for us - no internet and no cell phones!

Ivamae-So nice to see you check in! (((((HUGS))))))

Peggy: You are too funny! And I'm sure you're not addicted - you've probably quit hundreds of times - lol.

NHSuzanne, et al: I put Baby Boom on my Netflix list. I don't hink I've ever seen it, but now I have to watch it.

Raeanne: I haven't gotten the new book, but am following the old SS food plan and feel very good. I made SS cheesecake today, since I am snowed in. Smelled so good while baking and I really love a PRO/FAT treat like that.

DeeMarie~ I know what you mean about the carb craziness. That's why I went back to SS after I saw Raeanne's success on it. I had to do something...

Okay, we're supposed to get high winds and more snow. We're on weather service Winter Storm Watch. Whatever. I have warmth, food, and family, and 1 chicken in the coop. The pheasant flew out of the coop and up into the old woodpecker's nest and has been happy as a clam up there for 3 days, so I guess she's fine. She flies to the coop for food and water during the day and then back up into the tree. She's got 9 lives, I swear.

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Good Thursday all,

Peggy, I am envious of your being able to successfully use a cold frame already! No way here. We still have tons of snow on the ground and more on the way tonight. I think of you planting all your seeds. Over the years since I started planting my own seeds I have had to show constraint! I mean, what am I going to do with 80 tomato plants? Seriously. LOL In a couple of weeks I will be starting some seed so it's close.

BJ, good to hear from you. Hope your storm passes quickly without any big problems. I too have the new SS book and want to absorb it before I start.

Raeanne, are you nice and svelte for your trip? I hope you have a great time.

I am so excited to announce that we will be adding to our four legged family! We are bringing home a family of three Pygmy goats! A doe and her two kid twins a boy and a girl. We are very excited about this new addition. We went up to see them on Tuesday. They were born last Thursday so are only one week old. The will be able to come home on March 5th. The mother's name is Charity so we are trying to think of names that tie in with hers. Faith and Hope do but we have a boy and a girl so the boys name I need help with. This is the baby girl:

This is the baby boy:

I don't have a picture of Charity yet. I cannot wait!!

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suzanne, what beautiful, precious creatures! I just want to hug them.

This is probably a stretch, but if you search the thesaurus for charity, "goodwill" pops up. How about "Good Will," you could call him Will for short.

Just a thought. Can't wait to see more pics.

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NHSuzanne: They are so CUTE! I love the baby girl's "eyeliner!" What a geat addition to your family. That'll keep ya busy!

I woke up with the headache I had last night. I think I need an adjustment in my thyroid meds...either that or the LACK of sugar and artificial ingredients in my diet right now! lol. Tough to get stuff done when my head has this stabbing pain...

I hope this bitter cold goes AWAY! School is on the late start schedule this morning and it is freezing here.

I am still on the SS Diet track...feeling good and in control. Pre-planning meals and snacks is a must!

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Carolyn~I'm so glad to see you posting. I actually came here wanting some advice & thought you could give me some.

We are only going to be here in Florida another month. I know when we first moved here all I could talk about was moving back to TX. However, the past couple of years I made such wonderful friends & we got this great apartment & I didn't think we would ever leave. We are almost all packed up. I just have the scraproom left. Yeah that's going to be a JOB!!! But, I was going through things today & saw a couple of things from people I've lost these past few years & a paper that I wrote my BFF's name & number on the 1st time we met. Many great & not so great memories. Some that were reminders of why we left TX in the 1st place. I just feel so depressed & it makes me want to hide away hoping that nobody will find me & I can somehow stay here. Silly, I know. I am excited about the 2 4-legged family members we are picking up in Denton on our way to our new home. I know with them the plan is to get outside & exercise. Plus with the grandkids around I hope they keep me outside & going too. But my thought is to hide away.

BJ~I'm proud of you for starting a new track.

Jan~I love the name you suggested. Glad your DH finally got the 2nd treatment.

NH Suzanne~I'm a little envious. ;)

Peggy~You are a RIOT! :)

Ivamae~Glad you are back posting.

Raeanne~Congrats on the weight loss! You go!!!

Tikanis~Come back & post some more. What's going on?

Dee~Are you heading out on vacation soon?

Well, guess I cried enough about my problems. Have a great day everyone. Make this one count. :) Patti

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Patti: It's been years since you've been there. You'd be surprised at how much water's gone under the bridge. Don't engage in negative thoughts about such a POSITIVE move! Concentrate on the future.

Looking in the REAR VIEW mirror while you're driving in life will make you crash! Look out the windscreen in FRONT of you! THAT is where you are going!

You will have a wonderful time in TX, girl!!!

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I'm grumpy at work today. This headache's getting the best of me. Every time I grouch about anything that has to do with aches and pains, DH begins by saying, "Well, we're BOTH overweight..." Well, I decided that THAT will motivate me instead of make me mad! He's NOT going to be able to say that at this time next year...lol.

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Looking forward to seeing my cousins tonight for girls night at a Spanish restaurant. Thinking shrimp! yummmmm

This weekend will be laid back; need to put summer clothes aside for our vacation. We leave next Saturday for 2 weeks.

Keeping everyone here in my thoughts. Hope your weekend is happy!


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Thanks BJ~You are right of course. And, don't let your DH control the way you feel about yourself. It is good that you are turning it into a positive & let it motivate you. You do TOO many good & great things to let ANYONE bring you down. I don't know about you but I don't do my best thinking when I'm mad. I am much smarter & a better thinker when I am calm & cool. (Just sayin'!) :)

Dee~I know you are getting excited about your trip. Sounds like you have great plans for this evening too.

We are giving the furniture to the Care Center today. I have to get that scrap room done now. It will take a lot of time but it is the most important room of the house for me. I did donate all my scraps to the club here b/c they are just getting started & I thought they could use them to make cards & such.

Have a great weekend. Patti :)

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Patti! Good luck with your scrap room! I have all my scrap stuff boxed up from my last move. I am supposed to make FOUR Lifebooks for foster kids I've had. I keep putting them off because I want them to be PERFECT - wrong-o, I know, but...but...but...

DeeMarie: SHRIMP sounds SO good! This place I used to go to on the mainland had the best Shrimp, onions, and green pepper dish with some kind of red sauce...YUM! Where are you goign on your vacation? (I missed the destination) Sounds warm, at least!

Still FREEZING here. I sanded the driveway last night since it took me 1-1/2 tries to get out yesterday!

Stickin' to the plan...feeling much better...but still have the sugar/coffee/artificial junk withdrawal headache.


What are YOU doing this weekend? I was going to go to the local native plant sale, but they postpond it until the weather heats up and people can actually put the plants in the ground! Now I think I'll take DH dancing on Saturday-some friends are playing at a local club.

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Well, I just can't believe it. I dropped the 2 pounds that I had gained. I don't know how that happened - probably fluid.

I'm feeling much better. Each day is an improvement but still need lots of rest it seems. I've got good movement in the arm now without it hurting and it isn't hurting to lie on that side now. I'm supposed to take the tapes off on Monday if they haven't come off themselves. There is no sign of them loosening. I'm dreading doing that. Wish someone else would, but I don't really have anyone to ask.

Good luck wild chicken. You can do it. Letting others put you down is not a good thing to do. Putting others down is not good either. I have a sign on my desk that says " Don' take unfair advantage of any person and don't let any person take unfair advantage of you" I don't know where I found those words, but at the time they were meant for me. It knocks all the confidence out of oneself until you decide to take action. It appears you have reached that point. I'm sure that will motivate you. Just perseverve and you will lose that weight. Think how happy you will be!!! Please keep us updated. That helps, too. I know it helped me.

All the best to eveyone.

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Hi folks,

We've all been challenged this week as I can see on this thread.

Just to let you know I have not murdered any of my children. Been super busy transplanting a number into larger containers. I am not using a cold frame at all - it's all indoors. My mini-greenhouse fills one side of my patio door and I'm now having the floor on the other side fill up and chairs behind the floor plants with more trays of potted up seedlings. Just could not murder any of them. Already planning what I can sow starting the last week of March into April.

Today I am going back onto WW but at the upper end of the points. Monday I finally get to see the doctor and start the wheels in motion to sort my normal abnormalities out.

This week has been busy at home - have no idea where time goes but it goes.

Not much news otherwise. Love those baby goat photos - they are so darn adorable.

Will try to check in on a regular basis again.

LOL to everyone!


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Happy Saturday!

Just got back from Zumba class and I'm full of energy. Gonna jump into the shower and run out for groceries. House is already put together...tomorrow laundry (which is more fun for me than grocery shopping!)

Make this SATURDAY count!

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Happy Saturday!

Ivamae: Sounds like you are on the mend... :-) I'm glad the 2 pounds left!

Peg--Sounds like your "nursery" is in full swing! I'll miss our local plant sale here next week because I'll be on the mainland. Oh, well, I might visit a plant store there and get a few things.

Dee: Someone just started Zumba here. I heard it's fun! ANY movement is GOOD!

I have a mountain of laundry to do and gotta help teenaged DD clean her room -SCARY!!!

It's still freezing here - just won't let up.

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Good Saturday all,

We are getting dug out from yet another foot of snow! We had a two week hiatus from snow and it felt so good not to have to shovel and plow! Oh well, Spring is coming that's for sure. I am getting tired of this!

Ivamae, don't you have a visiting nurses association where you live? They come to your home and help you with what you need help with after surgery, etc. I don't know where you live or I would try to get that info for you. My husband had visiting nurse association after he had cancer surgery. They were great helping me learn how to change his bandages, etc. Try to find them almost all towns have them. I posted a link here for you. Glad things are going well for you.

Jan, I like your name suggestion! Pretty clever of you girl. We feel like we have to get to know them before we name them but your suggestion was great!

We are in to have lunch and back out again. The fun and this winter never ends! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Find a Visting Nurses Assocation

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Snow flurries today and just darned cold!

Weekends are tough on the food plan.
I am determined. (I have to keep repeating that!--lol)

Good suggestion, NHSuzanne, for Ivamae. I don't know how sticky the bandages are, but baby oil takes bandaids and first aid tape off in a jiffy...

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Yes, we do have visiting nurses. I hadn't even thought of that. Also my grand daughter is a RPN. If she is available, I know she would gladly do it.

I had never heard of the oil. That would be simple too.

One way or another, they will get off.

Thanks again for all the nice comments and good advice.

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Good Sunday all,

Can you believe another 8" of snow has fallen overnight and it will not stop snowing until early afternoon? This has been some winter but still not record amounts! We are expecting yet another storm tomorrow.

I was really hoping to spend my Sunday inside getting things squared away here for our new goat babies and not out moving snow. Oh well.

Ivamae, it would be good to have some help if you can get it. You might not be able to see everything.

I hope everyone is having a warm cozy Sunday! Looks like March will be coming in like a lion here in New England!

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It is 75 degrees here. I've spent the last hour trimming shrubs and miscanthus grasses. My face is already red as a beet, and I'm on my third bottled water.

I've been watching old movies all weekend. The Diary of Ann Frank and Cleopatra. The Diary of Ann Frank was a remake with Maximillian Shell, Joan Plowright, Doris Roberts, and the Gilbert girl. It still moved me, and I can't imagine living during the horror of that time.

I remember my grandmother taking us to see Cleopatra, and I had my eyes closed the entire time, because the Catholic Church had listed it on whatever the list ((was it called the Legion of Decency?) was back in 1963. My grandmother was Baptist, so she didn't care, but I just knew we were all going to hell for watching it. Funny how tame it all seemed today when I watched it, and since I had my eyes shut then, it was like seeing it for the first time!

I'm excited about the Oscar's tonight. The only movie I've seen that was nominated was "The Fighter," which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Have a good evening.

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Ivamae--Well, I'm glad you have some options. Let us know how it goes. We care.

Wodka--I laughed when I read your post! How times have changed, eh? I haven't seen any of the movies probably. We don't have TV to watch the Oscars, but afterwards, we put a few of them on ur Netflix list and watch them at home. The movie theater here basically runs movies geared toward teens, but I am GLAD for that, as it gives the teens something to do in our small town.

NHSuzanne--Wow. I hope you get some time to RELAX, girlfriend!!! Those babies are so cute--you're going to have SO much fun with them!

This weekend has been challenging. Knowing I am weighing myself tomorrow is helping - lol - but I can really see how much I am a junk food junkie on weekends by the cravings I'm having! Being good so far though...

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