We did it! New Sony Bravia LCD

meskauskasJanuary 9, 2006

Just wanted to post and say we finally chose our new TV - the Sony Bravia 40" true LCD. Best Buy delivered it and set it up for us, and it's wonderful. Great picture with digital cable..I've noticed some commercials were a little on the grainy side, but the movies and TV shows we looked at are just fine. We surfed channels for hours and didn't see anything that hated in terms of picture quality. We ended up spending more than we had planned to, but love what we got, so I guess it's worth it in the end.

Thanks to everyone who passed on info when we were looking - it really helped to narrow down choices!

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Congrats Clara! Glad to hear everything worked out.

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meskauskas: How do you like your sony bravia. Any concerns, complaints. We are considering purchasing one like yours 40". Any feed back would be helpful.

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Looks good to me even when it is off.

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Congrats on a great purchase. We will be getting one for the MBR. Price is not an issue, but size is, since the room is small. I have an old funky 31" regular TV in there now, and that monster is the focal point in the room. UGH. Wanted to get the 40" Bravia, but will probably do the 32" and use the 55" big screen tv in the LR when we must have the full theater experience.

PS: I mostly watch B&W DVD's from the 30's, 40's and 50's. I took some of my favorite DVD's (Casablanca; north by northwest; Notorious) down to Best Buy and they let me demo them through the Bravias - They looked terrific as they are all remastered versions. The black bars on the sides did not bother me either, like the older LCD's where the bars were grey and really stood out.

I know what TV to get but have been waiting for 2 years now to find a stand I like. It must fit in with our modernist home and have a minimalist design, yet function well for holding the Tivo box, DVD player, and yes, the old VCR.

Enjoy your new set!!


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did you get a 40" Lcd for the HD picture or for the cool packaging? thin sets are so neat. I have 53" rptv and a 42" plasma and the rptv seems like a dinosaur. I have a large room for the rptv so I can deal with it. the plasma can fit anywhere which is nice.

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