trouble with new coaxial cable

gldno1January 12, 2014

Here is my situation:

I don't have coaxial cable in one room and wanted to have it installed. A couple of young men, college age students, said they could do it for me, no problem.
They purchased l00 ft of coaxial cable of higher quality (cost $37) and carried it through the attic to the living room. dropping it through the wall in the new room. They bypassed the splitter coming in from the outside antenna in the attic which I kept telling them to attach to because I did not have a receiver from Directv for the new room. I know while they were trying various hookups from the living room where I do have satellite service and an outside antenna connection, they got service on the new room tv. By now another friend drops by and they do something else and had to leave before all work was finished.....I get no service at all the way they left it.

I thought if I were to hook the new coaxial cable that is now danging out a hole in the wall of the living room directly to my outside antenna and the other end of the new cable in the bedroom to the tv, I should get local only service. Nada!

If I move the tv to the living room and hook it directly with the small push on type cable to the tv and the wall antenna, I have service locally. Why doesn't the new cable carry the signal?

I know this is long and I apologize but if anyone has the courtesy to read this ramble and has an idea, I would be most grateful!

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It's hard to know exactly what you have going on there but from your description, it sounds like the new cable is cut somewhere in the attic, and is not one continuous piece.

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Some splitters will not split a digital signal.

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