Wisdom teeth removal- Not a happy Girl- What did you eat?

beaglesdoitbetter1February 8, 2013

Had three out yesterday- Not feeling happy. Two on the right side and one on the left so I feel like I can't chew on either side.

For those who have undergone this unique form of modern torture, what did you eat. I had some yogurt, which was good, and some cottage cheese which I found hard to eat and I'm not sure where to go from here...

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So sorry. I had to have just one done, an upper which is easier than the lowers.
Just keep eating soft foods like you are doing. Soup, applesauce, jello, custard.
You should be much better by tomorrow.

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You poor thing. Miserable. Just stick with soft foods like ice cream, pudding, Popsicles, a little soup. In a couple of days you will feel more like eating.

My girls both had this done not too long ago.

Keep the ice pack on constantly for at least another day or two. It will make a huge difference.

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Milk shakes or smoothies where you can blend in some healthy things.

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Thanks. I'm surprised at the soup suggestion, my dentist said to stay away from hot foods for a few days... I guess it is different advice from dentist to dentist. I just got a popsicle from the freezer and that helped and I will try to get a fruit smoothy for dinner.

Ice pack is definitely helping.

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The idea is to avoid getting a dry socket. YOu don't smoke, right?

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No, don't smoke.

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banana milkshakes is what I remember as being really good. It can fill you up. I feel for you. I had all 4 out close to 40 years ago and I still remember the experience. Feel better soon, beagles.

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...and if you are taking pain pills, you may want to add some colace to your regimen. Pain pills deaden the nerves, including in your digestive tract. It can lead to lack of progress in that department.

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You probably already know this and it may even be on your list of do's and don'ts from the doctor, but if you're having a milkshake or a smoothie, don't drink through a straw.

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Flan, available in SoCal supermarkets. I had Rice Krispies the morning after my wisdom teeth were removed and have not eaten them since, some 30 years. Maybe cold oatmeal would add fiber, too. Applesauce?

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Don't use a straw! I'm sure they told you that, but.

I had mine out at 17yo. I remember eating jello, ice cream, chicken noodle soup and grits.

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Yes, no straw, I know that.
I am trying to go w/o pain pills. They prescribed me 800 mg Motrin but pain pills make me sick to my stomach and I never ever take medicine unless I absolutely must.

Oatmeal and apple sauce and banana milkshakes are all good ideas. Could be a good menu for tomorrow :) I think I'll skip the grits :)

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My DS just had 4 wisdom teeth out a week ago. He had ice cream, pudding, soft bread, muffins, smoothies, bananas... I guess that was about it for about 3 days, but he was able to eat real food, chewing carefully, after that. One thing he's still finding painful now is playing his horn (in school band) but otherwise feels totally fine now. He had a horrible first day because of pain pills, but he took Tylenol for a couple days after that. He was also religious with the ice packs and I think because of that, had minimal swelling.

Good luck with your recovery!

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Soft boiled eggs worked for me.

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I had all four out at the same time. Until you can have warm food again (I don't think I was ever so happy to have soup!), it's pretty much yogurt, pudding, milkshakes/smoothies, juice, jello. And of course ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. And there's no reason you can't put a piece of chocolate on your tongue and let it melt slowly. If you are eating popsicles, remember not to suck on them--same as sucking on a straw.

You can also try foods that would normally be hot, but let them cool down to room temperature, like soup.

Once you can have hot food, try mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, bananas, noodles cooked a bit longer than usual so they are softer.

The hard thing for me was that I really, really wanted a nice, hot cup of tea right after the procedure and I couldn't have it. Drove me nuts for 24 hours.

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Guacamole (sans chips) or just plain avocado and hummus are things that are easy to eat and filling/good for you for non sugary things.

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Hopefully it is already much better. I ate very little and that was not good, as you need some ballast for the pain meds. I liked fruit/yogurt smoothies best.

Feel better soon.

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Oh, yes, hummus would be good, too! Or a mango lassi (yogurt, mango, maybe a little milk/water, maybe sugar in the blender.) I think a co-worker introduced me to Haagen Daas dulce de Leche ice cream after gum surgery. How about peanut/almond butter?

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sueb20 I'm glad to hear your DH is feeling better after only a week. There's hope for me soon then!

leel soft boiled egg is a great idea. I wonder if I can figure out how to make that (I can't cook at all so that complicates things). I guess I just boil the egg right? I will google.

camlan I hear you about the tea! I normally have tea for breakfast every morning. Fortunately, it was 75 out today so warm enough that I didn't really miss my tea as much as I would have on a freezing morning.

camlan the chocolate idea is great! I am definitely not sucking on the popsicles, thanks for the reminder :)

olychick hummus is a good idea. I don't eat guacamole, nothing w/ avocados except in sushi for some reason.

Thanks mtnrdredux. I am trying to make myself eat even when I'm not in the mood because I know that will ultimatly help me get better.

kelpmermaid Dulce de Lche ice cream is one of my absolute favorites!! Dentist said no peanut butter because it is too gooey.

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I had my wisdom teeth out 28 yr ago and I still remember it clearly. I was very sick from the anesthesia and without getting too graphic, it very much slowed my recovery and I was down for almost a week. Like Mtn, I didnt eat and of course, that didnt help. Can't eat yogurt or ice cream and after 3 days I needed more than ice pops. What eventually worked for me are two of the oddest selections.. but I ate crab meat and entenmann's raspberry danish lol. I am guessing that is just what my mom had in the house that I thought I could stomach and eat with basically tongue action and minimal jaw movement.

Rather than a soft boiled egg, I'd scramble and add some cheese for extra protein and fat (your body needs both when healing). You could probably add some chopped spinach to the mix and still be able to eat it without chewing.

Hope you are feeling better by morning.

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Peanut butter is OK in a smoothie or milkshake. Chocolate/PB/banana - yum!

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Didn't get thru all of the replies, so if I am being repetitive, please forgive. My wisdom teeth weren't a problem when extracted - not impacted. However, I would suggest buying some of the Naked brand drinks - protein blends, specifically. Along with yogurts and the standard soft fare, the Naked protein drinks do pack a huge amount of protein for healing.

Also, the no hot foods is to not disturb the clotting process. My oral surgeon says no hots as the hot food can "melt" any clotting for the first few days. He used an analogy of jello...

Hope you feel better soon. Remember, no straws!

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Thanks everyone. I am feeling quite a bit better today. I am still being really careful about what I eat, but there's only a tiny little bit of discomfort now :) Yay!!

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Glad to hear it's improving!

Back in the early 80's (in MY early 20's), I had all 4 taken out....PLUS the 4 teeth right behind your "Vampire" teeth!
The roof of my mouth is narrow, & the front teeth were crowded. Had TMJ issues too. So....out came all those teeth, to make room for "Adult braces". Rubber-bands were used to square-up my bite. It was either that, or jaw-surgery!


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