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aka_raeanneFebruary 11, 2008

Come on in out of the cold and give us a post!

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Did everyone go on vacation and not tell me?

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Good Monday morning! I have no excuse for not posting other than life keeping me busy. ;)

Raeanne, your trip sounded nice and relaxing. Your tan is probably the envy of everyone you see.

My dDIL's lasik surgery went well. She had custom lasik in one eye and standard in the other because "the numbers didn't match"? Anyway, she went back to the doctor early Saturday morning for her checkup, and she now has 20/20 in the custom-lasik eye, and 20/25 in the other one! She could read things even Friday night without her glasses. She is so happy. I told her that I felt like I'd been a part of history in the making just by driving her to and from.

I had a hard time staying on WW while there, so I may have to use my free no-weigh pass at my 2nd meeting tonight.LOL

Donna, here's a (((((((hug)))))))

((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))) to everyone else, too. I need to get ready to head to the bank and do some paperwork about the fraud business, then buy Valentines and visit the post office. I hope everyone has a safe and successful day!

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OK, maybe not so happy. 11 degrees where with wind chill about 9 below zero. The good news is that there is no snow, so that makes me happier than Suzanne or Raeanne I guess. lol!

Besh, I also miss you. Please let us know how your new job is going for you.

Marci, good luck with the chocolate this week, Miss WillPower! I know that you love the brown goodies; your students may try to entice you. ;=)

My weekend was lots of fun, but I got into some coffee cake and some sugary stuff, so not feeling so great. I am drinking lots of decaf chai tea today.

I think BJ has flown south for vacation. Have fun sweetie!

Maddie, would like an update.

Donna, still keeping you, your mom, and your sister in my prayers. Hoping that her job situation improves by end of the week.

Raeanne, thanks for your e:mail...I knew you would do well with that quiz!

OK, I need to get to work. I had to take some medication that makes me so drowsy (for vertigo), and I'm about to nod off right here at the desk!

Make today count!

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Hello, hello!

Glad you're back from vay-cay! Sounds like you are a bronzed babe! What kinds of adventures did you have?????

We're headed on midnight of the 14th, headed to the HOT Land. The temps over there have been in the high 80s to the low 90s and around 70 at night. It's a huge difference from our 40 degree weather here. I am packing mostly swimwear!

Milkdud! Don't use you free pass at WW! Bite the bullet and if you've gained, use it for motivation this week! Glad to hear your DDIL's surgery turned out well. I'm too afraid of the lasik process. I just ordered new glasses and green/gray contacts. Call me "Chicken" --lol!

Raeanne: Did your hubby ever get his eye surgery after-effects worked out? Just curious!

NHSuzanne! Dig yourself out of the snow and pop by!!!! Your pictures reminded me of when I lived in Alaska and used to ski off my roof! Real EXTREME stuff, ya know!

My little one is home with me today. She has a touchy stomach, but is getting over it quickly! So I think I'll take her to school at noon. If I do, then I'll head to the gym and get a workout in. That'd be good.

Well, WA held its caucuses on Saturday and it was a MESS. There was not enough parking, no one directing traffic, and some of them ran out of room to accommodate people and then they ran out of ballots! I voted by absentee ballot, but then found out that they aren't taking balloted voting into consideration anyway. I think the voting system is outdated and caucuses should be done away with. Lots of older and poorer people, as well as weekend workers, couldn't make it to caucus. This issue really chaps my hide, so there's my VENT! I'm done now...sort of.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....ooooooohhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Everything is as it should be....everything is as it should be......

I ordered the "Does This Clutter Make My Bu++ Look Big?" book by Peter Walsh to read on my trip. Then I ordered "The Nine" about the Supreme Court Justices. And the most recent Nevada Barr selection---does anyone read her? I love Nevada Barr books!!! As far as CDs for the trip go, I purchased "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh (my hero-sigh), Suze Orman's "Women and Money," and "Drive Time Spanish" (to brush up on my Spanish!) I don't want to run out of reading/listening material on this trip!

Well, I better get the rest of the laundry done and get moving on my list making. I just hung out and had a lazy weekend with DH---we really needed to decompress together! We TiVo'd that new "Truth" show and watched it--other than the long pauses between answers, it's pretty entertaining.

I made some kick @ss juice this morning with Meyer lemons and Braeburn apples. It was so apple-y and good! YUMMERS!


Check in and tell us how your weekend went! And what you're currently reading/watching/listening to!

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Dee Marie: Hi----we posted at the same time. Holy neck tie, Batman, it is COLD in your neck of the woods! Guess I shouldn't complain about the 40's and! The chai sounds good!

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Dee - we had the pleasure of driving to NYC last Friday in the snow/sleet - what a mess. 1 1/2 hours of tension, cars off the road everywhere. We keep getting more and more snow. It is pretty, but too cold to go out and play in it.

BJ - we will just call you "wild"chicken. Rich is still having trouble with one eye. They are talking another surgery, but I think he is ready to just give up and go back to glasses, since the surgery is no guarantee and things could end up worse. Why am I not surprised about you skiing off your roof LOL. You will have to tell me how the big butt book is - I am very tempted on getting it.

Milkdud - unfortunately I am so bundled up you can't see my tan LOL. I usually wear a nice white blouse on my day back from vacation to accentuate my tan, but today I am wearing a turtleneck sweater. Only one co-worker commented, the others are just jealous hahaha. I'm glad the lasik was a success, my DH is among a very small percentage that hasn't had any luck with it.

I will post this list one more time and tomorrow I will match you up.

Unbirthday List

Gotta get back to work, have fun.

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Good afternoon, good afternoon all!

Raeanne~So sorry that you came back to such cold weather. Looking forward to the list tomorrow.

BJ~Have a great time on your trip. It sounds like you will have a great family vacation. What do you have planned? I know that you will have lots of things to do.

Dee~I haven't had sugar in such a long time. I wanted some jelly beans last night & we had some SF Jelly Bellys. I ate some...actually it was two helpings. I had a gigantic headache this morning. I thought it was probably allergies until I read your post & put 2 & 2 together. It very well could have been a "sugar" headache. Hope that you are feeling better.

Milkdud~I thought of you today. They were saying on the news that clutter makes you gain weight. They said that it stresses you out & when you see it you will go & open your refrigerator door. I don't know about all of that but I thought about all of the hard work that you put in decluttering your home. "Clutter" isn't stressful to me--it comes very naturally. LOL My DM is a packrat & my DGF was a packrat too. I do like for things to be clean & nice & neat & picked up too but I don't feel stress when things are cluttered either.

Donna~I'm thinking of you & hoping that you are doing well.

Jen~We are supposed to be getting some storms here in the next few days, perhaps. I hope that your part of the country stays safe.

Marci~Isn't this time of the year fun around school? Do the kids still get to exchange valentines? We got one from one of our friends in PA & he put in there "remember when we used to exchange these as kids?"

Besh~Please check in...we all miss you. We'd like to hear about your new job.

Lynn~Thinking about you & wondering where you have been.

Whenicit~I was glad that you posted the other day. I hope that your house is sold & that stressor is removed from your life.

Maddie~How are things going for you? Hopefully better than they were before. Please check in.

John~It has been a long time since you've checked in with us.

Amy~It is getting time for you to give us a shout too.

Hi to anyone that I may have missed. Have a lovely day. We've had a break in the weather & it is about 73 here today. It really feels nice for a change. Destress for de-weight loss!! Patti :)

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NH Suzanne~Oops! How are things in NH? I hope that you have been able to dig yourself out of the snow. I imagine that you & SP are ready to hit the trail, huh?

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This is me checking in! The temps this morning on the way to the barn was an unspeakable 3 - yes that's right three degrees!! Saturday night we had 6 more inches of snow - the driveway was plowed out by 8:00 am on Sunday. DH and I went to Mass for the day where it was 42 degrees and fairly sunny. On the way home the sky darkened and we drove through snow squalls all the way heavy we could not see at times. We got home at 4pm and there was another 3" of snow. At 4:30 I went out to the chicken coop and the wind and snow squalls were so fierce I could not see the coup. I swear that I was almost totally disoriented!! I made it to the coop and waited the squall out.

This morning - unspeakable cold and high, high winds!! The sun is shining and it's gorgeous to look at but it's cold.

We are expecting another system on Tuesday night and another for the weekend!

Okay, I am going to try to focus on the we won't be facing a drought this spring and, well let's see, ummmmmmm, oh never mind !!

Patti and Dave, Happy Anniversary. I hope it's today. If not, happy anniversary anyway!! XXXXOOOO I got to do some nice grooming with the animals on Saturday - the sun was short lived!!

Raeanne, welcome home. Glad you had a great time. Was DH sad to have missed the Super Bowl? It was a good one!

Milkdud, glad DIL's surgery went well.

I am having trouble staying focused on my WOE. I am going a good kick in the butt soon. I have to admit that between, Blue, Patrick and the weather I am feeling a little sad and I hate to say it blue.......sigh. I miss my little sweet shadow. It's amazing how 9 pounds could have such an impact on my life............he was 9 pounds of pure love!

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So Suzanne, what's your opinion about global warming? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dee - ROFLMAO too

Suzanne - They aired the superbowl on a huge TV - and it was a quite crowd - I didn't hang around for it, but DH and the girls did. I watched in the comfort of my bed LOL and yes, it was a great game. (((((HUGS))))) to you my friend - I still feel your pain.

that's it for now...

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Careful, Dee, karma's gonna get you!! ROTFLMAO

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Just popping in to say that I'm going to take BJ's advice and tough out the weigh-in tonight! I just had Progresso "0" point soup and a chicken breast for lunch because I was starving! I'm going to go for it tonight and know that facing the truth is the best way.

Suzanne, I hope you carry your cellphone and emergency things with you out to the barn. Your weather sounds just awful and scary!

Patti, I had recorded that Oprah show and watched it yesterday. It made such good sense when you think of it. I know that when things are cluttered around here, I just shut down and yes, I eat! I've saved the show to watch again (and maybe again!) for inspiration. I'm also going to get the book. I've always liked Peter Walsh on his shows. He speaks clearly and bluntly, and I need that.

Dee, I've had vertigo before, and it's horrible. Hope the meds work!

Raeanne, couldn't you at least have worn a WHITE turtleneck? LOL

I did get my bank problems fixed, I hope. I need to call and get access online to my new account now so that I can check things out daily. I also bought my Valentine things and mailed cards and packages. I love accomplishing things!

Back to your regular programming now! :)

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NH Suzanne~Yes, today is our anniversary and thanks! I'm so very blessed to have found my mate. I am amazed at the weather around the country. It is almost like we are living in another country that the rest of the US. When I talk to DSs in TX even they have 80 degree weather one day & 20 degree weather the next. They had high winds all week last week. I agree with Milkdud that you should have something for safety when you venture out to the barn in this kind of weather. Stay safe. [[[[ H U G S ]]]] You are still in our thoughts & prayers.

Milkdud~I'm impressed with your accomplishments. We only did Valentine's for DGD this year. DGS#1's b'day is on Valentine's so we did get him a b'day present out. I made Dave's card this year. You will probably not regret going ahead & weighing in tonight either. You'll have to tell me about that Oprah program b/c I didn't hear about that. We just saw something on the news about what I said.

Better go. ta ta

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Patti, if you'll go to, then to her archives for February 2008, you can watch the show from last week. It's the same title as Peter Walsh's book.

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Okay, I have ordered two tethers. One will only let me get as far as the chicken coop and the other will only let me go as far as the in case of an emergency, I will simply cut the rip cord (an exclusive design for my tethers) and I will be launched back up to the front steps and picking myself up and getting myself in the house will be up to me!


Milkdud and Patti, thanks for your concern. It is one of the hazards I face as the owner of a menagerie! (which was the word of the day on Dr. Dictonary)

Patti and Dave have a lovely evening!

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Okay Suzanne - we need pictures LOL. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself sister.

Patti & Dave - Happy Anniversary - so glad the two of you found each other.

Milkdud - I don't have a white turtleneck sweater and I really needed the sweater today LOL.

Dee - I am curious to see if the meds work too. Rich get's vertigo once in a while - not in a long while, knock on wood. Nothing seemed to help him.

I guess I am making up for being away so long - are you ready to send me away on vacation again?

Have a great evening.

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So glad I weighed in tonight! I'm down only 1.6 lbs, but it's DOWN!!!

Happy anniversary, Patti and Dave!

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Milkdud! O-M-G!!!! CONGRATS!
You're a REAL LOSER, girlfriend!

Patti and Dave: Happy An! You two are so special. We're lucky to have you here! XXOO!

I'm gonna CALL Besh in about a day if she doesn't check in---I WANNA KNOW ABOUT THAT NEW JOB, for crying out loud!

NHSuzanne~ I was going to suggest you tie a guide line from the barn to the coop to the house. We certainly cannot afford to lose you. That's the truth.

I gotta go check out that Oprah show RIGHT NOW. I don't really dig Oprah, but Peter Walsh is to-die-for! My DH wants to bring Peter here for a personal lesson on cleaning the Peter would have a heart attack if he saw my garage. House looks fine---garage is where it ALL goes!

Nighty night!

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Here goes the official Un-Birthday List:
Jen - Milkdud 8/24
Marci - Patti 3/20
Raeanne - BJ 4/23
Dee - Maddie 10/5
Donna - Dee 2/18
Suzanne - Jen 8/23
Milkdud - Raeanne 3/3
Patti - Suzanne 11/20
BJ - Donna 4/21
Maddie - Marci 8/11

If I have any birthdays wrong or anything else - let me know.

Remember this is an "un"birthday exchange - no pressure if your partner has an early birthday. Does anyone want to do a questionnaire again? I think we all know each other pretty well, but I am open to it.

Congrats Milkdud

BJ - My garage is filled with "stuff" from both DD's college apartments - that is my next job to tackle.

I am off to art class - see you later.

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Thanks for doing the b-day list, Raeanne!

I'd love to see another questionaire, just 'cause people's tastes/likes/dislikes change over the years!

Busy day for me! I'm off to IKEA to try and get some good prices on countertops and curtain rods. Then many errands to stores to gather more prices on appliances. Doing a half-kitchen remodel before I put the house on the market! Also doing 2 baths!

3 days until vay-cay blast off!

I have to weigh in today...back later after I do that!


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Checking in...........still a bit dizzy (who isn't these days? LOL!), but doing OK

Maddie! So excited that I have you as my birthday buddy. Should be fun shopping for you.

Thanks again for taking the exchange on, Raeanne.

We are on the ready for a bit of snow this afternoon, followed by sleet and ice tonight into tomorrow. Looks like this gal will be working from home tomorrow. No way I'll drive on it. It will be tough enough to get home tonight..need to stick around here until at least 4:15, as our CEO is visiting from London and "addressing the masses" this afternoon. whooppee d*mn doooo lol!

BJ, you are a whirl of activity as usual.

Suzanne, hope you stay warm. I'll do my best to keep this bad weather away from you.

Gotta run.............

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Dee, that would be great karma!! LOL

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Good afternoon from a very warm, 71 degrees, and severe thunderstorming SE Texas! One thing about living down here - hang around long enough, and you'll get every kind of weather imaginable!

Raeanne, thank you for doing the un-birthday list! I am so excited that I get to be your u-b fairy!!! And, I'd definitely love to do the questionnaire. It helped me so much when I participated one other time and Besh was my recipient.

I slept so badly last night - no idea why, so I slept in patches until late this morning. Now I'm having a hard time getting going. I want to color my hair today, but I'll wait until the storms pass so that I know I'll have lights and hot water when I do my hair.

BJ, I finally visited an IKEA store last fall. I was overwhelmed by all the merchandise and ideas. I didn't realize they sold countertops though. Just amazing. Good luck with your shopping.

Dee, it's probably good that the weather is keeping you at home. You don't want to drive when vertigo is in residence.

LOL @ Suzanne's reply about her safety measures! The mother instinct just kicked in when I was reading your post yesterday about the severe weather you were dealing with.

Raeanne, my DDIL couldn't have the custom lasik on her left eye because the numbers didn't match(?), so she had the standard on it. She said it really hurt, too, and we could hear her yelping twice from out in the lobby. I talked to her yesterday, and she said it still feels itchy or like it's scratched. The doctor assured her that it was normal. I hope she doesn't have trouble with it. And, I'm sorry that your DH did. It's very scary to consider having anything done to your eyes, and I admired anyone brave enough to do it.

I need to stop and fix myself something to eat then get busy on the house. I hope that everyone who's cold stays warm, everyone who's warm cools off, and everyone who's tempted stays strong today!

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Raeanne, I meant to answer you about Rich's vertigo. I use BONINE. You can get it over-the-counter. The prescription name is AntiVert, but BONINE is the same thing. I start out with about 1/3 to 1/2 of the pill (chewable version), and take it about twice a day because it can cause drowsiness if you chew the entire tablet. (When I'm on the ship, I take a whole one at once the day I leave and just drink iced tea and diet colas with caffeine to stay up past 6pm!) Hope it helps him; I keep it in my purse at all times because it also works with my motion sickness in cars and buses.

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Raeanne~ I've taken both the Antivert and the Bonine and Dee is right---it makes me SOOOOOOO tired. I honestly fell asleep ON THE TABLE one time on a Catalina crossing! (And, NO, Raeanne, I was NOT dancing on the table at the time!---so SHUT UP!) Seriously, if I take a full dose, it makes me feel like I cannot keep my eyes open.

Well my weight is slowly dropping off of the ole bod: to this point: 6.6 pounds since New Year's day. SLOW---but I'll take it. It's certainly better than gaining 6.6 pounds!!!!

Donna! YAY! My b-day buddy! I'm excited! Thanks for doing b-day buddies, Raeanne.

Well, I'm back from IKEA. I have to get 2 more estimates before making the BIG decision. IKEA really takes it out of me---so much STUFF!

But I'm off to work out with my trainer now, so I can wear a bikini on vacation and not have the Eskimo whaling teams come after me. Oh, well, even if they do, I feel like I can dodge the harpoons, so bring it on!

Yes, DeeMarie, I am still OFF the coffee! This is juice talkin'!

Enjoy the day!

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Milkdud, I think it's sweet that you are having motherly concern for me! I do have some element of safety measure - if I don't show up at work my office has a network of people who can go check on me. This goes for the nice weather too when I go out riding at 5am. I have specific trails that I use then.
It all works out and hopefully, I will never have to test the system.

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Suzanne - I figured you had a system - you have way too much respect for nature to just take it for granted. But isn't nice that everyone worries about you.

Dee/BJ - thanks for the vertigo info. I will pick some up next time I'm at the drugstore.

BJ - I'm not totally convinced that no dancing on the table took place! As always I am exhuasted just reading your posts.

Dee - I sent that survey to my NJ friend and she says I am more NJ than she is LOL.

Milkdud - I get those nights too and I find them very frustrating. Many times I justs get up and do something.

Here is a questionaire using mostly questions that Marci had used a while ago. If you can think of anything to add - please feel free.

1. Favorite Color:
2. Favorite Scent:
3. Favorite Artist:
4. Favorite Type of Book:
5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician:
6. Favorite Scent:
7. Favorite Store online or national chain:
8. Any Hobbies:
9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect:
10. Decorating Style:
11. Favorite Season:
12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about:
13. Bath or shower:
14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course):
15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you:

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You know, I wouldn't have to come here & post so often if I didn't enjoy it so much. LOL

BJ~The 1st thing I thought when I read your post was "she was dancing on the table." I had to laugh when you called out Raeanne. tee hee Congrats on the weight loss.

NH Suzanne~We only say something coz we love ya. I'm so excited to have you as my b-day buddy!!

Raeanne~Thanks for taking the list on. I don't mind filling out a ?aire. I agree w/BJ that things change from time to time.

Milkdud~Congrats on the weight loss! I weighed today & was down 2.5#. I think that is within the past week. If not it is sooner, I can't remember exactly what day I got on the scales. (I still have another 73.5# to go from what I'd like to lose but I'm down 45.5 since the middle of Oct.)

DeeMarie~I'm glad that you are going to stay home in that weather. We are having some rain & in a tornado watch. The last couple of days have been nice since it has been a little cooler. We are talking about when to come up your way.

Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes. We had a relaxing day yesterday. We ate at Olive Garden today. Just had the soup, salad, & breadsticks w/mussels as an appetizer. I still managed to eat more than I should have. How does that happen? ROF literally! Ugh...

Hope everyone is staying safe & warm. Patti :)

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Hi goils!

Just wanted to say hi--I'm holed up in a hotel in Lexington (KY) for a goverment housing conference--I can not describe the utter joy! LOL!!! Well, that, and we got about 5" of snow last night.

I haven't caught up yet, so I'll do that when I get home tomorrow night--



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Raeanne~We were posting at the same time.

Maddie~So glad to hear from you.

1. Favorite Color: Blue
2. Favorite Scent: Lilac
3. Favorite Artist: Chuhuly (oops, I know I didn't spell that right)
4. Favorite Type of Book: mystery
5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: smooth jazz
6. Favorite Scent: see #2
7. Favorite Store online or national chain: Addicted To Scrapbooking;; Eyelet Outlet
8. Any Hobbies: Scrapbooking; Reading; Cross Stitch; Computer; One Stroke Painting
9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: Dust Bunnies (ha, ha!); Dolphins; Books; Music; Dragonflies; Angels; (Dave says that I should say, "Anything I've Ever Owned!") LOL
10. Decorating Style: a mixture
11. Favorite Season: Spring
12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: my ancestors
13. Bath or shower: showers
14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): both
15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: she already knows that I'm wild & crazy about my DH & my Grandchildren (ask whatever else you want to know)

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Patti: I love your answer to the collection question! Funny!

Here are my answers:

1. Favorite Color: Periwinkle, & cobalt blue and orange combinations. I also like light brown and deep cocoa combinations, -- and I like the color and texture of brick.

2. Favorite Scent: Donna Karan (Cashmere Mist), & vanilla or lemon anything! And I love Grey Flannel for men: awesome! (No my DH does not wear it.)

3. Favorite Artist: Edie Roberson --& I like looking at books by black & white photographers

4. Favorite Type of Book: complicated murder mysteries, Moroccan and East Indian decorating books

5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: Acoustic guitar music, anything by Keiko Matsui, just about any smooth jazz music without words.

6. Favorite Scent: ARE YOU LISTENING????

(Stomps foot, heavy sigh, walks out of room...)

(Comes back in, finishes questionaire...)

7. Favorite Store online or national chain: Pier One Imports, Cost Plus Imports, IKEA, or just about any hardware store.

8. Any Hobbies: Nope.

9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: I purchase cards to send to people--something that reminds me of them. Sometimes, if I get behind in mailing them, they grow into quite a collection! Seriously, I collect Faces For Life masks.

10. Decorating Style: A little of everything in the public rooms (all masculine colors), but Moroccan and East Indian in the bedroom and my office.

11. Favorite Season: Summer

12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: Shadowboxing...and clutter control!

13. Bath or shower: Shower-hot then cold, preferrably right after a sauna

14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): No brainer--I love decaf coffee

15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: My partner knows too much about me already. But here's a little hint: I like to do something that rhymes with silver. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Faces For Life Website

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Hi all,

Remember me? Sorry I have not been around. I skimmed through and saw that some of you were looking for me. It is nice to be missed! :)

The last month has really been a whirlwind. I finished my old job with lots of mixed emotion and started my new job. I had 2 weeks of pretty intensive training off site and now I am full time onsite. I do have Wednesdays off which is pretty nice. This is my second Wed. off, but this week I have to go in at 1PM to cover for someone on vacation. I really am starting to like my new job, a little overwhelmed at times, but I am starting to feel much more comfortable. I am a Patient Service Rep for a large Ob/Gyn practice. I am learning all phases of this office which is more than I ever thought went on behind the scenes of a Dr. office. The people that I work with are great, there are about 30 in all. They have been very helpful and patient! It is also year round work, which I was looking for. Now that DS is driving and has his own wheels (Yikes) I can be much more flexible with my schedule, so it is good. I'm happy.

I have not really caught up to speed with what everyone is doing, but please know that I think of all of you often and promise to try and keep up from here forward!

My diet is going like this: Before ((O)) After ((O)) LOL That is my gut if anyone was wondering!

Hugs and kisses to all!


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Another snow day and no school! This does not make me a happy camper. :~(

Yesterday I curled up with a good book and caught up on some paper work. Today I am making meatballs and sauce and pulling out a sewing project. These two snow days take away President's Day and Maundy Thursday as holidays. It is much nicer to have a day off when you can actually go somewhere, but since there isn't anything I can do about it, I have to make the most of it.

Besh - Good to hear that you like your new job. I often wondered where I would have ended up if I hadn't stayed at the preschool. I am not an "office" person, and I hated retail, which was actully my major. I may have to find a new career when I retire from preschool in 4 years.

Raeanne - You are doing a fine fine job with the un-birthday tasks. Thanks for taking over for me.

Patti - Howdy partner! LOL I already have some ideas for your un-birthday surprises.

BJ - Have a great time on your vacation. Can't wait to hear all about it. Your adventurous spirit always amazes me.

1. Favorite Color: blue/green
2. Favorite Scent: vanilla
3. Favorite Artist: ansel adams
4. Favorite Type of Book: a good one! LOL I read all types of genres except for romance and science fiction.
5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: been listening to indie music lately, Iron and Wine and The Shins.
6. Favorite Scent: still vanilla
7. Favorite Store online or national chain:
8. Any Hobbies: reading, quilting, and scrapbooking.
9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: I have been trying to get rid of clutter lately, but I still love unusual Santas or snowmen for my tree.
10. Decorating Style: Eclectic with a hint of traditional.
11. Favorite Season: Spring
12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: Italy
13. Bath or shower: Shower
14. Coffee or Tea: Mostly coffee, some herbal tea
15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: I am easy to please and like simple things that reflect the giver's personality.

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I always love reading the answers to the questions. I have kept them past ones too. Therefore, part of Dave's answer to #9. LOL

BJ~Yes, I do have to give a silly answer somewhere, it is my nature. (I've started getting back to being more myself lately.)

Besh~I'm thrilled that you posted. I'm excited about your job. Perhaps you will be able to share more with us later.

Marci~So sorry that you are having to use your snow days that way. I was excited that you had my name too. It is fun seeing what we have in common. I knew that we had things in common but we have more in common than I realized.

Can't wait to see everyone else's posts. Lots of fun here. Whenicit, Lynn, & others that aren't in the unbirthday exchange--please drop by & fill out the questionnaire anyway. It helps us to get to know you better. :) Patti

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Okay, so I am dealing with a bunch of commedians here. Make one little mistake and they gotta have some laughs ROFLMAO - I would love to say I put Favorite Scent in there twice to make sure you were paying attention - but I cannot tell a lie. As you can see I am cracking under the pressure of filling Marci's big shoes (and no that isn't a clown joke).

1. Favorite Color: coral/greens to wear - blue/yellow combo for decorating.
2. Favorite Scent: pure lavendar
3. Favorite Artist: my art teacher Tom Vincent
4. Favorite Type of Book: I enjoy novels, biographies, self-help, spirtual.
5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: Classic and new rock, but I also listen to standards and clasical music.
6. Favorite Scent: NO COMMENT
7. Favorite Store online or national chain:
8. Any Hobbies: Painting, photography, kayaking, boating, wine tasting (but I didn't have to tell you that, did I?)
9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: I really don't collect anything except unusual rocks and gemstones in their natural state.
10. Decorating Style: Eclectic
11. Favorite Season: I love summer, but I work too hard that time of year. Spring is giving me hope for warmer days, but the lake is too cold to go swimming in. Fall makes me very nostalgic, but I love the colors and the fact there are still nice days before winter - is that an answer?
12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: To learn more Spanish, to travel to Italy, play golf, learn more art history
13. Bath or shower: Shower
14. Coffee or Tea: Neither - hot cocoa would be my choice if it were legal for me.
15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: I love nature and wildlife, enjoy small gatherings with good friends rather than big gala events, long walks on the beach, watching the sunset -oooooh I think I got sidetracked, this isn't is it?

Okay BJ - I give since nothing rhymes with silver!!! More hints needed here. Just like I like to do something that rhymes with orange hahahaha. If I don't "talk" to you before you leave, have a wonderful trip - I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. That's a good weight loss and you go for that bikini, girl.

Maddie - sorry about the conference and the weather. Glad you posted though.

Lynn - I tried emailing you twice and not sure you got them. Let me know.

Whenicit - have you gotten the motivation you were looking for?

Besh - great to hear the job is working out for you. I had a good feeling about it.

Patti - love your answers too and congrat on your weight loss! Does Dave still cook his wonderful meals for you?

Milkdud - I don't think I congratulated you on your loss - WTG.

Suzanne - how is the weather by you. We got another 4 or 5 inches and freezing rain all morning. YUCK - I am sick of winter this year.

Dee - it looked like bad weather down by you yesterday and today.

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Okay, okay. Raeanne~now that we are "clowning around" & you told about the snow, I have to tell you about the funniest clips that we saw on tv the other night. Dave's favorite show is Jeopardy. Alex was asking someone about praying that it snowed for her wedding. She answered, "Yes, I it was cloudy & was supposed to snow & I prayed for it to snow the day of my wedding but it didn't. However, I got 8" on my honeymoon!" They all laughed, said toooooo much info & went on. ROFL That's my story & I'm sticking to it. :)

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Raeanne--I'd say it also rhymes with purple, but then you'd probably make some crack about Steve Urkel...! Not exactly a rhyme, but close enough for government work.

AND you're stuck with me for one more day. I don't leave until midnight on the 14th! I got DH 2 Seal in Concert DVDs for V-day and a funny card.

Between Patti's game show jokes and your romantic walks at sunset on the beach, this place sounds RIPE for Valentine's Day tomorrow!

BESH!!!!!!!!! Good to "see" you again!!!!!!!! Your job sounds challenging but fun! The days must be a blur!

Well, I gotta get crackin' on packin'! Hmmmm, now to appease TSA....but still have everything I need in a foreign country...


P.S.: John, I was going to take you with me, but since you've been a bad boy and haven't checked in, you'll have to wait until next time. (spank-spank)

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Ok - i went to a rhyming dictionary and there are no words that rhyme with silver or purple. But in the list of words that end in "ver", I found this gem: hemidemisemiquaver
Try saying that 5 times with your eyes closed without giggling. lol

My favorite word that ended in "ple" was: subdecuple
It sounds highly suggestive to me! lol

BJ - you had better "splain" yourself before you take off for the wilds of South America (or Central - I forget where you are going). Who knows what unexplainable things we might be forced to come up with while you are gone.

Can you tell I have cabin fever!

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Good afternoon! I've been on the road all day picking up little knicknacks and paddywacks to continue decorating my house. I found bargains everywhere I turned. It was definitely blessed shopping! LOL

Maddie, it was nice seeing you peeking in. Come back and update us!

Besh, that's great that you're liking your new job. Nothing worse than going to work miserable.

Patti, in case you're wondering, I've been having the best week, both WW-wise and otherwise. I guess having this coming weekend to look forward to is keeping me happy.

Marci, sorry you'll be using your snow days now. Be happy that you had a good book to curl up with though!

BJ, since I've been posting pretty regularly, can I take John's place on your trip? ;)

Okay, where's Suzanne? Somebody come help me pull on that tether and drag her back into this room. LOL

I'm really enjoying the answers everyone's giving to the questionnaire. I hope mine's not too boring.

1. Favorite Color: Red (and celery green)

2. Favorite Scent: Vanilla or apple

3. Favorite Artist: Warren Kimble (primitive artist)

4. Favorite Type of Book: humorous mysteries

5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: Cross-country (not the old timey kind)

6. Favorite Scent: Hmmmmmm! Let me think. ;)

7. Favorite Store online or national chain: Amazon online or Kohl's locally

8. Any Hobbies: Scrapbooking my granddaughters' lives and son's and DDIL's wedding

9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: Since moving here, I've startd collecting rustic country/primitive knicknacks.

10. Decorating Style: rustic country/primtive

11. Favorite Season: Fall

12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: learn more Spanish and how to post pictures online (I'm very challenged with the internet!)

13. Bath or shower: Shower - always

14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): Love coffee/love flavored, but unsweetened, teas

15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: I love seeing what others think is a good "fit" for me! That's much more fun than dictating what I'd ever want.

Whew! That took some thought. I need to start removing price tags and decorate this house a little more. My oldest Dson and his bride are coming here for the long weekend. I'm so excited as it's been 3 months since I last saw them. I love my new DDIL, so it's always a pleasure to be with them. And, my youngest Dson and his family will be coming over to spend time with us, too. Yea!

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

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Marci - I am sure I couldn't say hemidemisemiquaver once without looking LOL. I now have to go and find out what it means. Subdecuple should not be allowed on this family friendly forum!

Patti - We saw that on TV and couldn't stop laughing. She looked so innocent.

BJ - what is up with unrhyming colors - I bet it would be hard to come up with one for turquoise too.

Milkdud - I am so happy for you that your DS and DDIL will be coming for a long weekend.

I bit off much more than I could chew when I decided to sort through a big plastic bin of old photos. Now I have them divided in smaller containers waiting to go into storage boxes and albums. I have a huge amount with no dates and I am trying to piece them together. I also found more photos in another bin that I have to merge - what was I thinking?

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Hi All,

Craziness as usual but we're not going there! I have lots to catch up on but will fill out the questionnaire. BJ - glad you are my un-birthday buddy - it will be interesting! Dee, glad it's un-birthday cause yours is just days away!!
I will have to catch up and post later.

1. Favorite Color: Red but also partial to blue

2. Favorite Scent: Lilac and vanilla

3. Favorite Artist: I have to think about that one

4. Favorite Type of Book: Mysteries, particularly if they take place in an English village - no idea why but I just love those

5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: Just about anything but jazz and rap....favorite musician is Eric Clapton

6. Favorite Scent: Donna Karan Cashmere Mist

7. Favorite Store online or national chain: Coldwater Creek, Target and

8. Any Hobbies: Not really

9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: I collect Willow Tree angels.

10. Decorating Style: Very eclectic, very comfortable and very casual

11. Favorite Season: Summer and Fall

12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: I would love to travel more.

13. Bath or shower: Shower

14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): Coffee absolutely

15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: I am really easy to please and like just about everything!

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VERY good, Marci! Sorry about the snow days. We have a snow day to make up already here.




Hey, Donna, thanks for doing the questionaire for me! Email me your snail mail address, okay?

Raeanne: Why'd you open those boxes of photos? Sounds like a hornet's nest to me!

Milkdud- Sticky tags come off FAST with blast from a hairdryer. Just aim the hairdryer at the thing for a few seconds and zip! -- of the tag comes. WD-40 works like a charm too.

Well, I gotta get back to packin'!

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Okay BJ you win! I was going for a two syllable rhyme LOL.

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Happy Valentines Day all,

I am trying to recover from yesterday's horrific storm! We have had 24 hours of pure hell. Tuesday night we had about 11" of snow and then another 4" of sleet through the morning yesterday then a change to pouring, driving rain all day until last night. The roads are flooded and driving was treacherous.... Try to picture all that water on top of all that snow........a virtual nightmare. I left my office early to get a jump on clean up. I got home at four and did not get back into the house until 7! My barn doors were frozen shut, the rain flowed over the ice into the front of the barn, one stall was flooded, the back doors to the barn were frozen shut, the snow came off the roof trapping my donkeys in their stalls, I can go on and on but I won't. Overnight all the slush has frozen and it's like cement now.................arghhhhhhhhh I am SO ready for winter to end. On a bright note, the sky is crystal clear blue and the ice on the trees is glittering. There is no place left to push snow so I have to hire a loader and dump truck to haul some away. We have now exceeded 80" of snow this winter!! Whew!! I don't feel better! LOL

I am enjoying everyone's answers and I will get to mine soon.

Milkdud, I can help you with posting pictures. It's really easy and I will send directions that someone else posted a long tie ago at another forum when I get home tonight as I don't have the link at my office. I will help you so try it and ask. If you know how to upload a photo you will be able to do this. You need to have a on-line place that let's you upload your photos - I use and it's free. You have to register and then you can upload your photos to an album. If you can get to that part the rest is easy. I will send instructions tonight.

Okay, who has had chocolate today????

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Happy Valentine's day to you, too, Marci! And to all my friends here.

I've already eaten a nice healthy WW breakfast, then I'm heading out in a few minutes to get my hair highlighted, then I have to grocery shop. Since I had such good fortune yesterday with my decorating shopping, I thought I'd unload the groceries, then head out to the big city of Humble and try Kohl's, Marshall's, BB&B, SuperTarget, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's. It's funny how having company coming really inspires my creativity.

I hope everyone has a sweet Valentine's day, without the sweets, of course! LOL

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Happy Valentine's Day!

We had an ice storm Monday nite, so today, I finally made it in for a full day. My drive was nice and slick!

Here goes:

1. Favorite Color: brown and pink, or Black in clothes
2. Favorite Scent: VS Heavenly
3. Favorite Artist: Erica Michels
4. Favorite Type of Book: Danielle Steele
5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: Brad Paisley & Toby Keith
6. Favorite Scent: Men's POLO Cologne (which my dh refuses to wear)
7. Favorite Store online or national chain: Amazon
8. Any Hobbies: Scrapbooking & The Firm DVD's
9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: The Firm Execise DVD's (LOL) At least I do try to do them!
10. Decorating Style: NEED HELP!!!!
11. Favorite Season: Christmas & Easter
12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: Gourmet Cooking! Though no one in my house would eat it.
13. Bath or shower: Shower
14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): Coffee
15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: I am easy going and like to have fun.

Have a great day.


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Jen: #3-Erica Michels :-) How sweet!

NHSuzanne: Even when you paint a DISASTER in words, you make it so VISUAL! lol! I hope the thaw happens gradually so you guys don't have flooding. We're having a no rain day here, which is WAY out of the ordinary.

I have 2 paint contractors coming today to give me estimates, I gotta get my hairs trimmed and thinned, and go buy another suitcase, plus picking up dry cleaning and other last-minute errands.

This will be the lst you see of me for 12 days, so HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, everyone!

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Happy Valentine's Day! DH surprised me early this morning with a wonderful mushy card that left me misty-eyed. Tonight we have reservations for dinner nearby. I made a nice card on the computer during yesterday's ice storm and put it in his lunch this morning! Hope you all have a great V-Day!!!

WARNING: The life and times of DeeMarie follows!!!!!

1. Favorite Color: Blue
2. Favorite Scent: Calvin Klein Eternity
3. Favorite Artist: Michel Delacroix
4. Favorite Type of Book: humorous mystery (Evanovich, Mott Davidson)
5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: Love listening to different artists rendition of Christmas. Like most everything except Country (but I like Carrie Underwood)
6. Favorite Scent: department of redundancy department? Haha Also like Bath & Body WorksÂVanilla Sugar
7. Favorite Store online or national chain: Lord & Taylor, Amazon,
8. Any Hobbies: Other than cruising, I donÂt have hobbies anymore but should get interested in something before I retire in 5-7 years!
9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: DH is the collector in the family. I love angel Christmas ornaments, and I get a unique ornament every time I visit somewhere.
10. Decorating Style: wow, thatÂs toughÂvery very different throughout the house as I have no style of my own! LOL!Â.Living room is traditional with fireplace, dark navy, a bit of cranberry, dark greens. Dining Room is French country (I think---DH owned it before we were married) with cranberry walls and white trim. Family room has medium oak furniture with floral comfy chairs and a wood-burning stoveÂchairs covered in sage green w/ cranberry and muted blues; cranberry rug. Master bedroom cool sky blue with white trim and medium oak furniture. Main bath is currently old, muted greens (hate it..gonna redo and change it to all white subway tiles); Master bath is Victorian black and white and chrome (love it!). Home office walls and rug lemon yellow with curtains of lemon yellow/snippets of slate blue/ivy green (rolltop desk, bookcase, files all in medium oak); Guest bedroom is next door to office and is slate blue with snippets of ivy green/yellow. Kitchen is neutral beige with handpainted backsplash tiles painted by original owner (from National Geographic Covers) of birds and flowers. Old fashioned, but I like it. Cabinets are darker wood with corner stained glass fronts and extremely unique handles that DH picked out years ago (glass round handles filled with different seeds and grains). Very 70Âs but he loves themÂ.I let him have his way with some rooms!
11. Favorite Season: Spring
12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: updated jazzersize in a safe environment (like my home!) always loved dancing to it in the 80Âs and 90Âs. I would also like to take a primer on Opera someday, drama queen that I am.
13. Bath or shower: Bubble Bath, when I have the time, followed by warm shower
14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): eitherÂlove flavored coffees, chai tea,
15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: Well, to most who know me for many years, I tend to overreact sometimes (drama queen) and my ability to handle stress is at a much lower level than most. I need to practice relaxation techniques more than I do now. Bubble baths and books (thanks Raeanne!) tend to help me with that.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

NH Suzanne~I'm so sorry that the weather is giving such a hard time.

Milkdud~It sounds like you are having the time of your life.

Marci~Thanks for the gif.

BJ~Have a great vac-cay! I know that you will.

Jen~So glad that you posted.

DeeMarie~We made cards for each other too. It meant so much to me this year. :)

Raeanne~Now you are ready to scrapbook, right?

Donna~I'm thrilled that you were able to take time to post. Please come back when you can. Let us be your safe place.

Hi to everyone else! John~BJ has even threatened you. What is it going to take to get you out? LOL It's Valentine's for Pete's sake. Come out, come out wherever you are... Have a great day everyone. Patti :)

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Good afternoon all,

The beautiful sunshine is lifting my mood but I wish it were strong enough to melt some of this mess! I will be contented with the beauty of seeing the sun after such a long respite.

Jen, I am excited to have you as my un-birthday partner! You made me laugh with your favorite seasons being Christmas and Easter! I guess some people really do think these dates are seasons!!! LOL

BJ, bon voyage and have a safe trip!

Patti, now I am worrying endlessly about the poor animals in the woods. Deep snow is bad enough but this ice makes it impossible for them to move well and to forage. I know Raeanne is empathetic to this dilemma too.

1.Favorite Color: Favorite Scent: I love all colors but I am partial to blues & purples. My home is decorated in blues and yellow. The colors of Provence.

2.Favorite Artist: Too many to list but am very fond of Rosa Bonheur and the sculptures and work of Michelangelo. Equine artist Leslie Hudson Tolles

3.Favorite Type of Book: Novels based on facts and history and biographies

4.Favorite Type of Music/Musician: I am hopelessly stuck in the 70s & 80s rock world but a new favorite is Josh Radin.

5.Favorite Scent: Freshly cut lilacs peonies or lavender. The smell of my horses breath and mane so sweet and unique.

6.Favorite Store online or national chain: I still love Home Goods and Talbots

7.Any Hobbies: Lots and lots of hobbiesHORSES, carriage driving, chickens, cooking, HORSES some crafting and have tried my hand at scrap booking and HORSES.

8.Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: I have made a concerted effort over the last couple of years to not collect things but I have a few favorite things such as French mustard pots, unusual egg cups and Equine art.

9.Decorating Style: Eclectic leaning towards Rustic Provence
10.Favorite Season: Spring I love natures renaissance unfold before my very eyes each year.and I hope its coming soon!

11.Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: I want to start a vegetable garden this year. I am learning how to become more sustainable and less dependent on fossil fuel by attempting to eat things that are locally grown and produced. We would eventually like to be able to sustain ourselves significantly off of our land. There is a lot to know and a lot to learn. We want to be better citizens of mother Earth and are ready to start making some major changes. Every little bit counts.

12.Bath or shower: Definitely bath when I allow myself the time to enjoy one!

13.Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): Tea. Organic & free trade only!

14.Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you: I have written volumes here about my life on the farmI cant believe I cant tell you something that you dont know about me but I am thinking hard. I am an animal lover and have a great love for the outdoors and nature. I hate snow this year!! There, something new! LOL

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Suzanne, you are too funny!

Just about ready to leave for another OB/GYN appointment. He wants a biopsy, so would appreciate some special thoughts for me today. I'm not expecting bad news; we just need to rule out one or two things.

I just re-read my answers, and I appear to have the most boring life of all of us here! I did order 2 books from that Peter Walsh so that I can de-clutter my closets. My house always looks neat, but don't open up half of the closets here!....and I have not been in the garage since's all DH's junk in there. LOL!

QOD: What's up this weekend? We have no plans except maybe dinner with friends tomorrow night. DH has some work to finish tomorrow, and I'm going to go through our files for the trip to the accountant on the 26th. Maybe I'll get the office closet cleaned out by building a fire (lots of cartons of old paperwork, ripe for heating the family room!!!)

Make today count!

Have fun BJ!!


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(((((((Dee)))))))) sending prayers, postive thoughts and lots of love your way. I am glad you have a positive outlook and also glad that you take good care of yourself. How could your life be boring with all that cruising around you do???

Jen - I love that Erica is your favorite artist too!

Milkdud - did you come across any good finds at the stores? When does your DS arrive?

Donna - I'm sorry that your life is still hectic - I hope things settle for you soon.

QOD - we went out for dinner with 2 other couples last night, we have nothing planned tonight and tomorrow are plans are a bit up in the air. I plan on cleaning my house Sunday - this photo project put everything else on the back burner and it shows.

love and warmth to all

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Good Morning!

Suzanne, I don't know what I was thinking, I thought it said Holiday! I need to learn to read! Anyways, Fall & Spring are my favorite seasons!!! Duh...Ya know where my head is.

Deemarie, I am thinking and praying positive thoughts today. You are probably the Least boring person among us all!

Gotta rung! Have a great day!


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DeeMarie~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] Prayers being sent your way!

QOD~We want to go celebrate our anniversary & Valentine's Day but we were thinking that this would be a hectic weekend being the weekend after Valentine's & the Daytona 500 is this weekend too. So, we are thinking we'll wait until after the weekend & go.

Dave's DM had a masectomy yesterday. His aunt had infected tissue in her bre@st removed on Wednesday. (The aunt in CT.) Both are doing well as far as we have heard. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.

BJ~I hope that you remembered some suntan lotion!!!

Patti :)

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Good morning! It's overcast and 64 here this morning. Today's the day I treat the granite, so the kitchen windows will be open while I go grocery-shopping. The stuff stinks to high heavens!

Raeanne, my oldest Dson and DDIL are coming in very late tonight. They'll be driving down from Dallas, and she can't get off early. I'll probably take a nap this evening while waiting up for them! Youngest Dson and his family are coming over tomorrow to spend the long weekend with all of us. His new job now gives him weekends and holidays off! Two full days with my kids: I'm so excited!

QOD: I'll be hanging out with my sons and their families, doing whatever we find to do. It only matters that we're together, for me. I know that we'll eat out some, a challenge I'll be prepared for with my WW "dining-out" book, and my kids love my kitchen and are all such good cooks, so they want to get in there and cook some, too. I'll get lots of time with the granddaughters, too.

Dee, I hope the biopsy goes well. It's awful having things hang over you like that.

Jen, holidays make some of the seasons, so I don't blame you for posting your favorites!

Patti, I was so tired from my unsuccessful shopping yesterday that I didn't mind not going out to dinner last night. We don't have but 4 little restaurants around here, and they'd all have been crowded. I'm going to clean house today and have H take me out for dinner tonight instead.

Suzanne, stay warm! I'd gladly split the difference in our temperatures with you right now!

Got to get busy with my counter treatment then shopping. I hope everyone has a good day! I'll probably peek in this weekend to get my SS-board fix. LOL

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My cousin just sent this to me, and all of you came to mind when I decided to share it!

One Flaw In Women

Women have strengths that amaze men.
They bear hardships and they carry burdens, but they hold happiness, love and joy.
They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice.
They don't take "no" for an answer when they believe there is a better solution.
They go without so their family can have.
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.
They love unconditionally
They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards.
They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left.
They know that a hug and a kiss can heal a broken heart.
Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you.

The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning.
They bring joy, hope and love.
They have the compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their family and friends.
Women have vital things to say and everything to give.
However, if there is one flaw in women, it is that they forget their worth

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Dee~That is very nice.

Milkdud~I know that you & family will have a great weekend. Hope that the weather behaves for you. My DM said that it was very cold. She called on her way to Dallas this a.m.

Does anyone remember this meal? We are having chicken breasts prepared in pork rinds and mashed cauliflower. We haven't had it in a long time. I was telling Dave that I was hungry for it & he thought that it sounded pretty good too. So, we bought the ingredients & that is what he is preparing tonight. Yummers! There is a scrapbook place in Tampa that is having a garage sale tomorrow. We might drive over there depending on how good I feel. Have a great weekend. Patti :)

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TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a long busy week. I am enjoying a glass of wine while I write this!

Dee, thinking of you. All of that stuff is my specialty now! I know more about it than I ever dreamed possible. I hope things work out ok.

BJ, have a great trip.

I thought I would do this questionaire even though I opted out of the unbirthday exchange this year.

1. Favorite Color: red, black, orange, yellow
2. Favorite Scent: VS Heavenly (me too Jen!) I also love the smell of Oil of Olay Anti Aging Body lotion
3. Favorite Artist: Amy, don't really know any other artists
4. Favorite Type of Book: Jodi Picoult
5. Favorite Type of Music/Musician: Jimmy Buffett, Fergie, I love the soundtrack to the movie The Bodyguard
6. Favorite Scent: Men's Obsession
7. Favorite Store online or national chain: Target
8. Any Hobbies: Decorating, fishing, reading
9. Are you a collector, if so what do you collect: Unusual Santas; I am unloading my Barbie collection, I don't know what I was thinking!
10. Decorating Style: Fun, comfortable, no particular style; DH & I just bought an outside lamp post to rewire and use in our living room!
11. Favorite Season: Christmas , summer, fall
12. Name something you have always wanted to do or learn more about: photography
13. Bath or shower: Shower
14. Coffee or Tea (decaf of course): Ice Coffee
15. Tell us something that your partner may want to know about you:

Got to go get ready to watch What not to wear! I love Friday nights.

I also bought the clutter books from the guy on Oprah. Very interesting. I just started the does this clutter make my butt look big, and I am thinking it does!

Enjoy the weekend.


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Happy Saturday!

Besh, it was so good to see you post. Glad you are enjoying this new job and wishing you the best!

Today I'm still a bit sore but doing better. Thanks for all the support.

MIL asked us over for dinner tonight, so I don't have much time. The way she cooks it's a bit difficult to stay on target with eating, but she does not eat sweets during Lent, so she told me for dessert we are going to share the Edible 'floral' arrangement she got for Valentine's Day from SIL (all fruit...yummy!) DH and I just had a glass of low sodium V-8 so I least get my veggies. (MIL is notorioius for meat, meat, meat, potatoes, noodles, bread, etc. meals) lol!

Hope you all are warm and enjoying the weekend.


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Just checking in on this Saturday night. Another Saturday night & I ain't got no money...Remember that? LOL

Dave made the chicken & cauliflower & it was even better than I remembered. Yum! I finished another scrapbook. Pictures are cranking out of this little apartment. Ha! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Patti :)

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I promised to post this link with instructions on how to post photos to the forum. It's really easy but you may have to try a few times. I will help.

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