Dinner help re: fresh tuna salad

kellyengFebruary 10, 2012

I'm making Ina's tuna salad (linked below).

It's basically seared tuna steaks, chopped and tossed with avocado and vinaigrette.

Do you think I can pre-make, toss the tuna with the vinaigrette and add the avocado before serving? I'm thinking the flavors of the tuna and vinaigrette need to meld for awhile before serving.

Also, DH is not a fan of this kind of salad unless it's on bread. Do you think a bun or a wrap would be better? I'm thinking wrap and maybe some edamame on the side.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ina's Tuna Salad

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I personally wouldn't want it mucked together in advance with the dressing. I'd want it all freshly tossed together right before eating. I'd want my bun or wrap on the side but if DH only likes it on bread does he mean bread (bun) or wrap? If I had to put it on something, I agree a wrap would be better.

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If you make it ahead of time that lime juice will "cook" the tuna even more. I think I'd toss just before serving.

Dh blackened tuna last weekend and I turned the leftovers into tuna salad with carrots, celery, onions, pecans, and mayo.

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Gibby, he doesn't care what kind of bread, he just thinks the meal isn't complete unless he has some. I think I'm going to do the wrap and include some lettuce and other veggies to go with it.

Natal, thanks, I totally forgot about the acid cooking the tuna. That solves that! Blackened sounds so good but I don't have any blackening seasons. I think I'll grill it for a little smokey flavor.

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It's too late to help you with your salad, but I did want to suggest these wraps:
flatout wraps

I have never tried any of the other wraps so I can't say how they stack up against other brands but I do like the high fiber and protein in these.

We discovered them in the fall and used them for making our sandwiches for the beach. I made them with hummus and slice veggies. My sister & friend made turkey wraps.

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Wow, Hhireno, that flatbread looks to be all natural and low calorie. I don't see they are carried anywhere close to me but I might just order online. Thanks!!

My tuna salad was incredible and DH was a happy happy guy.

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Also try the Mission brand Carb Balance tortillas. That is what we use. They come in various sizes, and have way more fiber and fewer net carbs. Always soft and great for open-face or wraps.

mission foods

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