Burned CD-R won't play in car CD player

confusedbodJanuary 27, 2013

I'm trying to put 8 cassette tape recordings on to CD so they will play in my car (the total playing time is about 7 hours). I have converted them to 8 MP3 files and the total file size is about 377KB so I'm thinking they should easily fit on to a 700MB CD. I know the files need to be converted to CDA files so I opened Windows Media Player, set it to burn an audio CD, dragged the 8 MP3 files to the burnlist window and clicked burn. But all that happens is that it burns only the first file on the list to a CDA file and then spits out the CD.
Can anyone please explain why this is happening and how I can get over the problem?

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You are converting your compressed MP3 data files back to uncompressed audio to burn to the Audio CD. A 700MB blank CD can only hold 80 minutes of uncompressed digital audio - which is what is used in the CDA format.

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Many thanks for your reply yosemitebill. I now understand but I hadn't realised that the mp3 files became uncompressed in the CDA format (this is the first time I've attempted this sort of thing). Thank you once again.

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Some car CD players can also play MP3 files. If yours is one of them, copy the files in a data format, rather than an audio format.

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I have a Bose radio in my car and my home, it will play MP3 format or reg audio cds. I love that I can get 2 hundred + songs on one CD. Copied audio CDs or MP3 CDs will not play on all radios especially older radios.

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