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aka_raeanneFebruary 12, 2007

Come out come out wherever you are and say HI

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I guess I better get off line now.

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Good morning Raeanne! Glad to see you are NOT under 11 feet of snow up there. We're heading for about 6 or more inches of snow/ice....which only means that I'll be working from home tomorrow.

QOD: Do you celebrate St. Valentine's Day?

DH and I have reservations tomorrow evening at a romantic restaurant which is not far from our home. Unfortunately, there are a few hills to go up and over, so not sure we will make it if there's ice. I need a backup plan, so I may have to defrost Omaha filets and crabcakes.

Suzanne, hope you are feeling better this week.

Patti, fill us in on your sister please.

Hello Tikanas, Jen, Joanne, Maddie, Amy, BJ, Besh, Marci, Lynn, Donna, ...... I just know I'm forgetting someone. Forgive me please!

Make today count!

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Good Morning!

Very funny, Raeanne
Hi DeeMarie!

Rainy weather here today. I am heading out early as traffic will be just awful.

My heart goes out to you guys with all of that snow!
Back later!


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Hello all,

Happy Tuesday all. I am hanging in there. I have pretty much given up hope of any more hens coming home. They couldn't survive in the sub-zero weather. It could happen but I doubt it. I am still so sad.

On a happy note, Dorothy, my surviving hen, has resumed laying with her male companion Sam Wise. They are living in the cellar until the weather turns warm enough for Sam. He will not survive these evil low temps with his frostbite, even after he has fully recovered. Hopefully, it won't be that way next winter.

I feel like a little kid with the anticipation of a big storm!! I just love the thought but reality will sink in big time when I have to shovel it all and ride on the tractor tomorrow morning before dawn! I need a big strong and handsome farm hand!! LOL DH is never around for these storms! Anyway, I am excited about it.

QOD: DH and I don't celebrate Valentines day because he is always home. We acknowledge it over the phone and that is that.

I am thinking about little fuzzy chicks!!

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QOD: I mean we don't celebrate because DH is always away from home!! LOL

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LOL Suzanne! I waited for you to change that!!

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Tikanis - glad I made you laugh - I was trying to get people to post, but I think I scared them away LOL. I hope you didn't get stuck in that traffic.

Dee - I hope you are able to make it to dinner tomorrow night.

Suzanne - You are taking such good care of your 2 babies - I am glad they are doing well.

QOD - Is it just me or does Valentine's Day seems to be a much bigger celebration than it used to be? We normally just go out to a nice dinner, nothing too special. I did pick up some candies for DH today, but I don't normally even do that and would've gotten them for him even if it wasn't Valentine's Day.

We are suppose to get up to 36" of snow, it is suppose to start around midnight. Like Suzanne I have mixed feelings about it LOL.

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We are getting freezing rain right now, on top of about 6-8" of snow that fell all day. I can hear it hitting against the windows as I sit here typing. No school today and I have a feeling I won't be going in tomorrow either. It was supposed to have been our Valentine parties. We will just have to celebrate Vday a little late.

QOD - DH and I went out to dinner last Friday, knowing that he would be working on Vday. I did get him some of his favorite chocolate bars and a card. We don't make a big deal out of the holiday.

Stay warm, stay dry and stay safe!

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I know I have been MIA but life has been crazy. Hugs to all that need them.

Short version - before my Dad was released from the hospital from his hip replacement surgery they did a CT on his lungs to make sure there were no clots. They saw something on his left lung but don't know what it is. Fast forward to us sending films to his onco cardio thoracic guy in Philly - they want a PET scan cause they don't see what the local guys see but see something in the airway. My Dad is an 8 year lung cancer survivor. He goes for the scan 3/6 and we go to Philly 3/19. We actually love our doc in Philly and he told us don't worry unless I tell you to..easier said than done. My Dad's attitude is great and he feels good, please keep in him your prayers.

My dog, Lacey, has a kidney stone that won't dissolve. She had been on antibiotics 2x daily since 1/3 and we have yet another vet visit on 2/26. It looks like surgery which scares me to death since she is 13. Any prayers for her are appreciated too!

I have been terrible with my WOE and have to go back to the cardiologist on 3/13 and I know he will kill me - no weight loss and I am sure my cholesterol is not down and he will put me on meds.

Other than that we are all OK! My sister is quitting smoking with the patch - this is day #3.

All in all we have lots to be grateful for and I realize that.

QOD: Valentine's Day...don't really know. This is my first one in a while with a guy friend and he doesn't live locally but in PA outside Philly...we shall see. I don't think he's too Valentinsey (is that a word??) I hope to see him this weekend. He's moving down to South Jersey in June.

Raeanne - I did see on some post or another you might come down my way for a shower in March. If you do that is so cool!!! Let me know what you are doing and we can get together, even for a quick coffee!!

Thanks for letting me vent :-) Take care, have a wonderful night and Valentine's Day and I will check in more often, I promise!!!


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Donna - ((((HUGS)))) when it rains it pours. I like what the Dr. said about not worrying unless he tells you to - very good advice. I read somewhere that 95% of things we worry about never happen. That's a lot of needless worrying. Your dad's attitude is important too - so good for him. I will keep your dad, Lacey and YOU in my prayers. I won't be going to the shore in March as the wedding has been indefinitely postponed. The girl has some serious medical problems. So I have been saying a lot of prayers lately.

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Good Evening Everyone.

Suzanne - congrats on the surviving hens. I hope you will have fuzzy chicks soon!!!

Donna - good thoughts your family's way for your Dad and for your Lacey.

Patti - good thoughts your way also for your family!!!!

And big hugs to all who need it!!!!!!

My DH is doing very well. His sugar seems to be under control and finally his blood Pressure is close to normal. I am so thankful.

We are now eating low/no salt and low/no sugar. We have a nice healthfood store near my work, so I have found a few no or extremely low sodium items. Mrs. Dash has a nice selection of seasonings also.

Take care everyone and have a great evening!!!! Talk to you soon!!!!


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Hello, Happy Valentines Day! Marci I love the hearts. Thanks and right back at ya!

We have no school today. Not alot of snow, maybe an inch or two, but it is raining now and then it is all supposed to freeze. I'm sure the concern is more for the kids leaving school then getting there. The forecast is for the slush to turn to cement!

(((HUGS))) all around. Wow, everyone is going through something it seems. I will keep you all in my thoughts.

I just read that Daylight Savings Time is early this year. March 11 I think. I forgot that, that bill was passed. I am very excited about it. It definitely gives you an instant attitude adjustment when it is lighter out later. (say that 5 times fast, it was hard to even type it!)

I think I will catch up on laundry, do some eBay listings, watch a movie with DS and enjoy the unexpected day off!

QOD: We don't make a huge deal of it. We took my Mom out for lunch last Sunday to celebrate. I did send a care package to DS and DIL in VA and some cards and candy for DH and DS. I'll make something spectacular for dinner tonight! LOL

Have a great day,

Love, Besh

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Good morning all,

It's snowing like crazy here! It's a true Nor'Easter to be sure. Supposed to snow all day and night and predictions are up to 3feet in the Monadnock regions of NH where I live! Raeanne, here it comes! My DH is stranded in Virginia with a big load - it's icy and he's grounded! Oh sure, no snow shoveling for him.

Boy Donna, it truly does rain when it pours! You are right though - there is lots to be grateful for.

Besh, enjoy your day off. What are you making for dinner?

That daylight savings news if FAB!! The days are already noticably longer and spring is just around the corner now.

I could not resist showing you a picture of Dorothy who is recovering very nicely. Looking at this makes me feel a little less sad when I look at the photos of all those who are gone. My heart is still so heavy.

Maybe I will post a photo of the dog bite next! That should really take my mind off things!! LOL

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Suzanne - how beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Boy, what your DH will do to get out of shoveling! We have about 10 inches now and are expecting up to 36". The heavy stuff hasn't arrived yet. At least I know I will get a good workout today.

Besh - enjoy your day off and stay off the ice.

Marci - thanks for posting the conversation hearts for us! Enjoy your bonus day off.

Lynn - I'm glad you posted and even happier that DH is doing so well.

I nearly bought a pair of snowshoes the other day, now I'm sorry I didn't. That would've been good for a few laughs - at least for anyone that would be watching me.

Have a great day.

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DH had to work down the shore and is trying to get home, but it's slow going with all the ice. We have a major ice storm here and I've been working from home listening to the ice pelt the house all day. I tried to convince DH to stay in, but you know what's it like.....

Called the restaurant and changed reservations to tomorrow night. The owner thanked me for calling, and I feel better about it. Will whip up a dinner for the two of us tonight that we can enjoy in front of the fire. whoa whoooooooo!

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Donna]]]]]]]]]]]]]], here's hoping that the next few weeks bring better news.

Keeping everyone's intentions in my prayers.

Make today count.
Enjoy a chocolate or two, keep warm and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!! lol

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Thank you all for the hugs and prayers!! They truly are much appreciated.

Lynn - I am so glad you husband is doing better.

Suzanne - I loved the pic of Dorothy!! Too bad your DH is stranded in VA on Valentine's Day - boo.

Besh, I hope you enjoyed your day off. I would have loved to have stayed home today.

Dee, I had some choc chip cookies today, my Valentine's treat to me. Tonight's dinner with you and DH sound dangerous but wonderful..enjoy! Also enjoy your dinner at the restaurant tomorrow night.

Raeanne- 10 inches!! Yuck. We actually know someone in Oswego, NY where they have 100+ inches. If I lived there I would move as soon as I could dig out of my house. Snowshoes?? That would be fun.

Marci - cute graphic, as always.

Thanks guys - I really am glad to be a part of this special family. Lots and lots of love and hugs!!!

Love, Donna

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33 inches at 8:20PM and still coming down! DH is thrilled as he gets to play with the plow and snowblower.

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Good morning all,

We got a whopping 23" of snow but have been far outdone by Raeanne!! WOW. It's beautiful here today with brilliant sunshine and white everywhere. I love it - in spite of all the shoveling I have done in the last 14 hours!

This is a picture of Casey who does not care to be locked in her stall but was forced to yesterday for obvious reasons! This morning when I let them out of thier stalls they went prancing through the snow. It was pretty.

DH was held over in Virginia last night. They closed the interstate he was on because of ice. He's back on the road and hopefully he will be back in NH today!! I haven't seen him for two weeks almost!

Hope you all had a marvey Valentines Day. Dee, sorry your dinner plans were cancelled but the dinner fireside sounded much nicer to me!!

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Suzanne, you take lovely pictures. Hope your muscles recover from all that shoveling.

We had a lovely evening and are looking forward to our restaurant dinner this evening. ;-) We did get a call from DSIL that DMIL--at 78 years old---was out in the ice trying to shovel. DSIL lives down the street from her mom, and we 8 miles away; however, last night it might as well have been 100 miles because the roads were icy and dangerous. DH decided to leave his mom a message like "are you NUTS?....if you are back in the house listening to this....STAY THERE"! Saved us a trip, but she is extremely stubborn.

Raeanne, my DH would be jealous of that snow plow. DBIL lives around the corner from us and brings his snow plow when we need it, but I just know that DH would love one of his own....if he builds an addition to our shed to house it, he's welcome to one. lol!

Gotta get back to work...

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Suzanne - What a great shot of Casey in the snow. I would've loved to seen both of them prancing around the next morning. Did DH make it home safely?

Dee- Send DH up here to play if he wants too, there is still plenty of snow to be moved. The snowbanks are so high it is hard to safely enter an intersection. Be on the lookout for a package!

We also postponed our dinner for Vday and went last night - the restaurant was packed and there were hardly any parking spots, although it was plowed there was nowhere to put the snow.

I hope everyone is having a great day!

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Hello all,

This is a quiet Friday!

Raeanne, I wish I could get a good photo of them prancing. It really is very lovely. No, DH is not home yet although I think he must be very close. He was in Binghamton, NY last night! What an ordeal although he was lucky there were truckers and other people stuck on some interstate in PA that were stranded and running out of fuel to keep warm. It was a mess. I will be glad to see him pull into the driveway!

It is so beautiful and sunny but the wind is whipping at 30 mph and is bitter cold! Ying and Yang I suppose.

If you all don't start posting and checking in I am going to start posting more photos and bore you all to death!!

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Suzanne - I saw on the Today show this morning a family of 4 that a truck driver invited into his cab and shared blankets and snacks with them. They were stuck for 12 hours on 78 in PA. I think the kids were 2 and 4 yrs old YIKES - just the thought of being stuck that long with kids freaks me out LOL.

Suzanne will post photos and I will post more websites to visit - so beware!!! (althouh Suzanne's threat isn't a bad one - I would love to see more photos)

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OK, I'm posting, but I really love the pictures and the websites, so post them anyway!

Suzanne, I love Dorothy's bed! She looks like a queen. I can't believe that Casey was happy in that mess. Great pictures.

WE JUST BOUGHT BUFFETT TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe we got them. This year he is playing at Gillette Stadium, home of our beloved Patriots!

Tonight is bowling night so I have got the fly. I'm on vacation next week, so you will be sick of me!

Love, Besh

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