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yankandtexFebruary 25, 2008

Good Morning! It is a beautiful day here. The birds are so happy & singing. It makes one glad to be alive.

I was thinking this weekend about a couple of questions that weren't on the list. Does anyone have any objections to answering a couple more? What magazines do you subscribe to? What is your secret "guilty pleasure" food? I was thinking that these questions would give us insight. I know that either Dee or Raeanne used to play the drums. Do you still? It hasn't been mentioned in quite some time. Also, Raeanne hasn't mentioned her art in quite a while. Just wanted to visit some of the things that make us tick & revisit some of those things. :)

I subscribe to a couple of scrapbooking magazines, (I know that no one is surprised here! LOL), and a couple of cross stitch magazines. Dave also has given me "Texas Monthly" magazine for 2 or 3 years now. I enjoy my magazines. On rare occasions, I'll grab something else at the grocery store but I'm usually satisfied with these.

My "guilty pleasure" food if I am answering for what I grab at night when I am hungry would be popcorn. We make a very good olive dip that we eat w/crackers that I like to have when we can. And, if I really get to splurge on what I like & am somewhere it will be good, I enjoy lobster. Those are my deep, "dark" secrets. LOL

Anyone else for answering theirs? Have a great week! Patti :)

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There are two threads started this week. I've moved mine to Milkdud's. This one is now defunct!!!!

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