music buffs'- I ned your expertise, please- teens too..

ilmbgJanuary 1, 2009

I am looking for a decent stereo system- I want a thin one that I can put on the wall. 2 speakers will be enough- I don't want a 'home theater'. I want good sound from a smaller package. I don't listen to the sterio much, but when I do, I want to hear a good strong, clear sound- I want to hear each individual instument! I have looked at Best Buy- Overstock, what other stores can I look at? I am afraid I don't know the names of good audio stores.


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If you can tell us what major city you're near, we probably can be more helpful on good places to visit.

You have a little homework to do for us. :-) Exactly what do you want to listen to? FM? CDs? MP3s/iPod/etc.? What does your budget look like? There are some wonderful-sounding devices which cost several hundred dollars and some decent ones which cost much less. Any color or style restrictions? Knowing this will help us help you.

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steve_o OK! I don't listen to the radio very much- but when I do, I listen to FM. I have a few Cd- but usually I lisen to them in the car- even that is rare. I seem to go in 'waves'. I really don't care about color- it just has to look decent in my living area. Cost? I guess around $300- I can't see spending a bunch for something that I don't use much- but then again, if I find something I like, maybe I'll use it more. We only have about 4 radio stations here- most are country western, which I don't like- maybe that is why I don't use a radio much....
(I have an Teac- or maybe it is Awia(sp)in my nice warm winter place that I am not at this year- I'm here, freezing the rear end off. Anyway it is either Teac or Awia, but I don't listen to it down there either, and there are lots of stations there!) The one down south is so difficult for me to use- because I rarely use it, every time I do, I need the manuel just to use the cd!
Hope this helps. We only have Big Box stores in the nearest bigger city, so limited choices. Thanks.

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300 bucks? Not much in that range if you want a good tuner/amplifier and speakers. You are better off just buying a table unit that is a little upscale. Look at JVC, Bose, etc.

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Thanks for the additional info, ilmbg. I must admit to a little confusion -- your note says you "don't listen to the radio very much" and that you rarely listen to CDs. You don't mention an iPod/MP3 player or a tape player or a turntable. So what do you listen to?

If it is primarily FM, and you don't mind a small unit that sits on a table or shelf, you might want to consider getting something like one of the Tivoli table radios. This one offers stereo and a jack for an iPod/MP3 player/whatever and should sound pretty decent. Bose has some products you could look at, though I think Bose is pretty expensive for what you get. Or maybe this (n.b., listing) Teac wall-mountable radio. Or Fisher's version.

As a disclaimer, I have heard none of these systems and could not tell you exactly who sells them, though the manufacturer's Web sites probably can give you a start.

Good luck!

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I bet that this B&O setup would do nicely.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beosound1

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Thanks. Yes, I am looking for something small- like a table/bookcase type. Steve o - I have to laugh- I bet you listen to radio/whatever alot! Nope, I don't use a mp3 or maybe I should say rarely, as I do have one, but haven't even been able to figure out how to download music to it. I thought it might be the 'thingy' I was missing, but being computer challenged, I just can't figure it out. I use it when I pull weeds! The brands you mentioned are new to me, so I appreciate the names. That is exactly what I was asking the forum people for. Casey, too- that is another name that I have never heard of. And if I need to spend more that is ok- I just have no idea what a small one goes for.
Thanks again!

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