Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

outsideplaying_gwFebruary 6, 2014

Does anyone have a particular favorite grind and brew coffee maker? I am thinking of replacing 2 appliances with 1. We have a great Capresso burr grinder but it's about worn out and ready for replacement. Our coffeemaker is a 12-cup Cuisinart programmable Brew Central. It's been a workhorse. So I get a catalog yesterday and here's a gorgeous You Brew by Breville. It also allows you to make a cup or a travel mug in addition to a full 12-cup thermal pot. Sounds great, but I thought I'd ask for some feedback about other brands and the whole concept of grind-and-brew in one appliance. Yeah or Nay? And what are the positives and negatives? Thanks for any input. I'm not in a hurry to make this purchase.

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I used the Capresso team lux coffee maker with burr grinder for many years-- LOVED IT. Not one bad word to say about it. When it broke down, I replaced it with the new model from Capresso-- but this model was the post-jura merger model and it was terrible... as was their customer service (i had the complete opposite experience with capresso in years past).

I gave up the hassle of struggling with Jura and bought the You Brew by Breville. Loved the look.. loved my experience with other Breville appliances. I was so ready to love this coffee maker. I did not. For the first time ever, I returned an item I'd used to Williams-Sonoma. My biggest complaint was that the coffee never got past luke warm.. I also wasnt able to get the strength I wanted but that may have been a matter of fiddling with the controls a bit more. Unfortunately, I never put in the time to work with the brew strength because the temperature was a deal breaker for me.

I gave up. I bought a refurbished cuisinart to get me through until someone came out with a better coffee maker with a burr grinder. Hope someone here has a recommendation!

Good luck-- I know there are many who are happy with the You Brew but i recommend reading the reviews closely. Others share my opinion with the coffee temps.

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Thank you, funkyart, that is exactly the information I was looking for. If the coffee does not get very hot, that will be a deal-breaker for me. Same for getting it strong enough. I really like for my coffee to stay warm in the mug longer than 5 minutes. I have not read all the reviews yet, but will do so.

Is it just me or have most of the coffee makers been dumbed down to not get as hot anymore? Ever since someone was burned by a cup of hot coffee at McDonald's maybe. Like we don't have enough sense to know we are drinking a hot beverage!

So I guess the sexy-looking Breville will have to sit in the store, and I will still, for now, have 2 appliances and keep looking. Again, thanks for your comments.

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I have a beverage system I've been very happy with but I always nuke my beverage to get it hot enough for me. I find this to be the case when eating out as well. So, yes, I've always believed the McD's law suit has been responsible for the lowered temperature of coffee/beverage makers and hot beverages in restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

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