Relative cost of Boral brick?

maggiepie11December 10, 2012

we're in the process of evaluating bids from builders. we're just getting into the details of the elevation, and originally i thought any choice of boral brick was included standard. it turns out, we have a $300/thousand allowance for our brick selection. this particular builder includes a lot of higher end finishes standard, but $300/thousand doesn't seem like one of those higher end options.

does anyone have a price list (doesn't matter what location) that shows the relative difference between an entry level boral brick and their highest price option? i'm trying to get an aged light color brick - maybe some white, gray, taupe blend. i haven't seen any of them in person, but at this point i'm just trying to understand whether the $300/thousand is going to go up by 50% or if $300 covers most residential bricks at boral. any pricing info is helpful.


PS: will brick dealers giving pricing over the phone to consumers? ha-i turned to this forum before picking up the phone! :)

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We got the the South Abbey for $320/1000.

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thanks tnanock.

i spoke to a dealer in TX and he said the color/style doesn't really matter. their pricing is based on size of brick. the Queen brick is more expensive than King. Queen runs about $380/thousand. King runs about $300/thousand.

any other feedback?

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Did the quote you got over the phone include the builder's discount or is that the 'I just walked in off the street and need some brick' price?

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We paid 250/1000 for the Asbury in the queen size. We painted them so we wanted something with a nice texture that looked old and not "manufactured". We also tried out the 17th Century brick which is their most expensive brick and that was like 400/1000. It was very pretty and had we not been painting it we may have used it. It was a little too textured looking for me with the paint on it though . . .

Based on those prices, yours sound high.

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