phillips tv white horizontal lines at top of the screen

elgallowJanuary 23, 2006

i have a phillips flatscreen television. i turned on the tv and there were white horizontal lines at the top of the screen. the lines look like this,






except the lines are much closer together and white. also when i turn the television on before the picture appears a red, blue, and green line appears on the screen about a quarter of the way down from the top.

then the white lines appear that i mentioned above when the picture comes on. can you please help!

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I have the exact same problem myself. I have a 1" black bar at the top of the screen, followed by about 3" of white horizontal lines. I also have the red, blue, and green lines at start up. I just bought this TV like, 7 months ago, too. Needless to say, I'm a little cranky at Philips right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


P. S. Just in case it helps, my TV is a Philips model# 27PT6441/37 27" Stereo Flatsreen TV.

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You have defective filter capacitor/s in the vertical circuit. Or defective solder connections on the pins of the vertical ic.


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Thanks for the help, friend... I should go about fixing this, or should I just give in and take it to a repair shop? I'm leaning towards the repair shop, but I might just give up completely and get a new television.

Thanks in advance.

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i agree. pee wee, could you let us know how to go about actually fixing this. tools, parts and directions. i would like to fix this at home without spending the money for a repair guy.

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same thing here Just wanted to know if this is something a local guy can fix or do I send it to phillips and take the beating???

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I recently had my phillips 27" model 27PT6341/07 repaired after warranty expired due to white lines appearing at the top of the screen. The shop advised that it was a capacitor giving me the problem. So, after getting it back, I examined the repair job and the shop had replaced a capacitor at the back of the main board, next to the rear rca inputs. It is labeled 10uf 100v. I was told that it would fail again soon because it is a manufactures defect. For me it is at location 2465. Here are a couple of photos of the part.

Hope this helps,

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I have a phillips 32pt5441/37. it's a 32" tv. I'm also having the same problems with the horizontal lines across the top. I wonder if the same part is defective. I called radio shack and they only have the 50v part not the 100v. if it's the same part, could it only be bought at a dealer or only repair guys have the part?

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks to siestamagic I replaced the cap and the problem is resolved.
malietoa, do not put in any component with a lower voltage rating.
I bought my 10uf 100v at an electronics supply for 35 cents.

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Thanks to siestamagic, I was able to repair this exact same problem as well. No more lines on the screen and everyone is happy.

My TV model is: 27PT9015D/37

I could not find any 10uF 100v capacitors in my area so I used two 22uF 50v capacitors in series instead. All is well and it was straightforward to do.

I put some of the pictures to help others here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Flickr Set - TV Repair

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Does anyone know if the 10uf 100v capacitor is pos/neg?

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I have replaced my capacitor and now I can not get the television to turn on. The green power button flashes five times and the television remains off. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem. I replace capacitor with 10 uf 250v, and picture is better but tv shuts down after 1-2 minutes and the green power light flashes 36-5-1 code. Should I replace again with a 100 volt?

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The Caps are pos/neg that you need for this repair.
And thanks to you guys I did it.
Curbside TV. Free
Caps from e-bay: 5 for $4.99
Solder kit: borrowed
Working 32" TV with multiple inputs: PRICELESS
I feel like superman.

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if you need a 10uf 100v capacitor let me know... I had to purchase 10 at a time and only needed 1 - but it did fix the problem...

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Had same problem. Got a 10uf 100v capacitor at for $3.71 including shipping. Repair took about 20" with most of the time spent removing the back of the TV. Some good pictures at:

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That was on my tv for like 3 weeks. I turned it off lastnight and when I go to turn it on today, all I see is a dark screen with one White line through the middle and it stays for 3 mins then turns off...HELP?

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It is a dry up filter capacitor capacitor of 25-50v around 100uf located near the vertical ic.Usually connected with -ve or ground supply of the vertical ic.

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your vertical ic is been blown up.Replace the vertical ic and before doing this replace the capacitors connected to vertical ic, if not the ic will blow again.

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