plasma vs led glare?

ltg7January 4, 2013

is there much difference with glare between a plasma tv and an led tv? i am looking at a 60" samsung plasma vs a 60 sharp aquos tv right now. basically for the living room. there are 3 large windows, facing east, so direct sunlight till around 11am or so at which point sun is overhead and no more direct sunlight. would direct sunlight vs just "regular" lighting make much of a difference for glare purposes between these two tv's?

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This is one of the problems with both plasma and traditional CRT televisions - reflections off the glass face. LCD displays are less prone to this since the display technology uses polarized filters.

Plasma display choices are becoming fewer since most mfgs have shifted to LCD, and many traditional brands have gotten out of the television business altogether, and/or sold their names to other OEM mfgs.

Plasma display mfgs have been using filters and coatings over the glass to help overcome this issue - however, the result sometimes reduces the brightness, and also the wider horizontal viewing angle they enjoyed over LCD.

If you are going to be watching television before 11am, I'd lean towards LCD. If not, and you appreciate the somewhat better contrast ratios of plasma, go with plasma.

Either way, best bet is to purchase from a retailer with a more liberal return policy.

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The latest TV technology is the LED version of LCD. It's thought to be brighter and have the best available picture in a light room (vs in a dark room). Though that doesn't speak any to glare. As Yosemite says, plasma TVs are kinda on their way out. They're also electricity hogs.

No TV is going to be at its best in direct sunlight. Can the windows be shaded at all?

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thanks for the responses...

well, i have 2" blinds there so it helps...but there would always be some kind of light coming in...i decided to go with the sharp aquous...lets see how it works out...i'll update once i have everything setup, etc...

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