remote control a miniture alarm

voicelitJanuary 15, 2009

Ayy, I've got this sort of personal invention idea. But to test it, I need some kind of miniature personal alam that I can turn off & on with a little keyring remote.

A google search has turned up a lot of miniature personal alarms but but they are not remote controlled, I can't seem to find something like a beeping vehicle finder like you can have on your remote car key.

Any ideas of what off the shelf type of product I'm not thinking of: small enough to attach to something like a belt, puts out a pretty loud siren / alarm, controlled by small remote ?

Or is there an interesting but not too difficult hack for something like this ?

Thanks for any help ,


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I can't think of anything off-hand, but if you're thinking of using it for a roaming /lost child, or luggage,
they only work for about 100 feet, and either of which would probably be long gone by the time you notice it missing.

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