Magnavox Big Screen No Picture, Good Sound

bretdJanuary 17, 2007

I to have a simular problem. My father in law can over and looked at my TV

Model# PR3052-A102

Serial# 29283525

Chassis# PTV520-AH01

This is a Magnavox Big Screen

This all started about a month ago. It started getting dimmer and dimmer until it now will not powerup completely. When I turn on the set, we do not here the High Voltage come on, but I do get the green power light on, and when I turn up the volume, I hear static (it is not plugged into a cable line). So, when he looked at it he found that it does not have High Voltage and the Blue CRT/Lens does not light up at the bottom (the other 2 do).I looked into the CRT/Lenses with the set on, and there is no light in there. In addition, he found a resistor (R934) burned out. He suggested replacing R934 and possible the Horizontal Output Transistor (Q906). Problem is that we do not know wha the part#/value of these items are as we do not have a schemetic for the unit, I contact and they are looking for one for me. But as for now, does anyone know what I need to do to replace it? Also any other information would be greatly appreciated.



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PEE WEE, Please help me. I have posted my problem in my previous post..

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