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jen823February 4, 2008

Good Morning Everyone! It's been a long time since I started this thread off. Hope everyone has a successful week.


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Good MONDAY morning!

Jen, so happy to see you so early in the week! Hope you are having a good time of it. Give the girls a big hug for me.

With apologies to the NE fans---I am so happy that the Pats lost the game. Also very disappointed in their coach...leaving them on the field alone for the final play? That said, no one should think I'm a Giants fan (I wore my Jets Namath 12 jersey to the party!). I wanted someone to beat NE. lol!

Eating was off yesterday, but I've recovered and looking forward to a good week. Bought loads of caffeine-free chai tea for the office. I love it, and it helps with cravings during the day.

I met 2 other women (at the Christianing) who said they had the same stomach virus/pain as I did. How odd is that? At least I now know for sure that I was not crazy!

Guess Raeanne is now enjoying the sun. We'll miss you kid!

Need to go and work on a project that is 75% completed, so that I can cross it off my list for the week.

We had snow showers here this morning, so the commute was just enough to make it annoying. Looks as though the temps will rise throughout the day and it will melt.

Make today count!

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Jen - Thanks for getting us started today.

DeeMarie - I am home today with a stomach virus! I ran a fever yesterday and today I am left with just stomach pains and an overall tiredness. Toast and tea are on the menu for today.
And did you know that Joe Namath was born in Beaver Falls, PA? Which is just up river from me. I was a big Jets fan when he played and always thought he was so charismatic. I (sorry NHSuzanne) was also happy to see NE lose. When I don't have a favorite team, I root for the underdog.

I slept most of yesterday and didn't think I would get to sleep last night, but I slept in until 7:30. Hopefully I will be back at school tomorrow.


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Good morning. It's 70 and rain is expected today. Last week, it was cold. Weird weather!

I took a week off because I was having a bad week and didn't want to inflict my mood on y'all. I'm better today. I've decided that I need to rejoin Weight Watchers and will try the Core plan this time. I've bounced between every kind of eating plan known to man since November, and I've only lost 18 pounds. There's a church about a mile from here that has the meeting on Monday evenings, so I'm starting tonight. Last time I tried WW, I did the Flex points because I'd never done it, but I took advantage and ran amok. Maybe I'll be better with the Core plan.

Any opinions on which WW plan is more user-friendly?

Marci, I hope your aches and pains ease up quickly today.

Dee, I didn't care who won or lost the game. I was just in it for the commercials and half-time show! LOL

Jen, hope you're having a good Monday. Thanks for starting the thread!

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Hello all,

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Marci, I am delighted you are happy about the super bowl........personally, I couldn't care less about it. I think the Giants deserved to win and what a coup!

Milk Dud, 18 lbs since November is FABULOUS. Don't give up and to quote you - remember how much you have accomplished.

My heart is very heavy today. I had to put my dear Blue down on Saturday evening. I knew he would let me know when it was time and he did. I arranged to have the vet come to my house so it was the best possible situation for him. It was very peaceful for him. I cannot tell you how much I miss him. He was no ordinary cat. He was more like a dog in the way he always was with me whether I was out in the pasture working or putting make-up on in the morning or sitting outside the shower. He was always there and he is terribly missed. Still he was well loved and had a good life and I am grateful that I could help his passing be peaceful. The other cats are upset, especially my other Siamese, Garnet who was very close to Blue.

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Suzanne, I am so sorry about Blue. It's painful to lose a pet that you were especially close to. I hope that your memories of Blue will eventually override the pain of your loss.

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Hi Guys!

FINALLY, I am able to get on here. There is a red line most of the time when I try to get on and it won't let me on! They are trying to fix the links, I guess, but SHEESH!

Now that I have access for now, I will print and read and TRY to get back on to post later.

(((((((NHSUZANNE)))))))) How sad. But you have the TOTALLY correct attitude about the how life works and the rewards of being blessed to have shared this wonderful animal's life. I am really impressed with your take on this. (((((HUGGLES, my sis.)))))))

Just a quick run-down of news from the Northwest:
A shortened version of the BAD news is:

-My 17y.o. DDÂs car got totaledÂa lady side-bashed her at an uncontrolled intersection. DDÂs and other driver are okay, but the car was lost. We believe it was a dual fault accident.

-A dear GFÂs mom passed away last week, so she is so sad. Makes me think about how old my own parents are and how fragile life is...

-DHÂs and my sister-in-law (Dh's brother's wife) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has had an emergency hysterectomy and will have to have a portion of her cancer-infested leg removed next week. She is a fine athlete, so this is quite a blow.

-The house selling market here is terrible! And I want to sell my house in spring. I'm hoping for an upturn by April, when I list the place.

-We STILL donÂt have our foster license---132 days since we applied and countingÂarg. And they say there is a need for foster homes...our state is pathetic about getting licensing completed in a timely manner.

The sort version on the GOOD news is:

-We are getting closer to moving our family to all-in-one-place! (WeÂll move at the end of June)

-DD #3Âs doing great on swim team and has made some of her best times this year!

-DD#2 got accepted into her 2nd choice college and is waiting to hear from her 1st choice-they decide in March.

-WeÂre headed to Central America next week until the 26th---AND WE NEED A VACATION TOGETHER AS A FAMILY!

-I quit drinking coffee as a New YearÂs resolution, and am holding steady, so itÂs only decaf for me.

-Still juicing and have lost 5.8 pounds since the New Year. Slow, but steady.

All for now----

Good to be able to log on---but how long will it last? :-)

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Milkdud---CONGRATS on the 18 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!
So, are you walking to the WW meeting tonight???????

Jen- Thanks for starting the thread---and congrats on your weight loss, too. WTG, girlfriend. You're WAY ahead of me!

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BJ~Congrats on the weight loss. [[[[ H U G S ]]]]

NH Suzanne~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] I had the most wonderful surprise this Saturday. Dave got some film developed from over 7 years ago & there were pics of my "Bubba Kitty"-Starsky! He would come to his name just like a dog. I'm very sorry about your loss.

Milkdud~Sorry that you had a bad week. Congrats on the weight loss. You go girl~kick it with the WW. It was 84 here today. Ugh!

Marci~So sorry that you have had a bout with the flu. I imagine that it is very difficult to be around all of those children & not get something every once in a while.

DeeMarie~The coach did misbehave. It was disgraceful. We were hoping that the Pats won just so the Dolphins would quiet down some. I'm glad that you are pleased though. It was a good, close game.

Jen~Thanks for getting us started.

Hi everyone else. I hope that you have the opportunity to post this week.

I got our DGS#1 a scrapbook done this weekend. He will be 7 on Valentine's. I finished one for our DGD today. I had been collecting things for her so I did one with her Halloween pics & her 1st time to The Pumpkin Patch that turned out really cute. I'm learning a little art in the process~Raeanne. I used to not be able to draw a straight line. Got the taxes done today so I'm staying busy. It keeps my mind off of not feeling 100%.

Give yourself permission to do your nails or better yet to go get a manicure & let someone else do it for you! LOL Patti :)

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Hi Everyone,

Suzanne, (((hugs)) on your loss of Blue. You and he were both lucky to share a piece of each other's lives. I know how much you will miss him. Often we forget the other animals in our lives and how much a loss of one will affect them - you acknowledge and understand it.

Marci, hope you feel better soon.

Dee, glad you are feeling better. Saratoga sounds like a plan to me for sure!

Jen, glad to see you posting.

Milkdud, ((hugs)) and hope this week is better for you.

Patti, that is so sweet that you are doing this scrapbook. Your grandkids are lucky to have you! How is Dave feeling?

BJ - congrats on the weight loss. You have had your share of problems but glad to hear the report on the the good stuff too. Enjoy the vacation!

Raeanne is no doubt having a perfectly marvelous time.

Not much new here, which is good. My mom has signed up for grief counseling which starts tomorrow night through the hospice at our local hospital. I am so glad she is going as I think this is exactly what she needs. They meet weekly for 6 weeks. When she called today to register the woman told her they are a group of 10 - their max - so that each person can contribute as they wish (or not) and listen to all the others.

My sister's job is not going well and the drinking escalates because of that. I suggested rehab or therapy again and was told it wasn't needed, she knows that to do. Then do it!! Even though I know better than to argue with someone who is drunk sometimes it's hard not to. She is such a wonderful and caring person when she is sober (which she was for 11 years). Living with this daily is very difficult. Sometimes between this and my mom's total dependence on me I wish I could run away - I am a terrible person. Sorry to vent.

Oh well, better days ahead!! Will try and check in more this week. My eating has been so/so -- started trying again today, up 1 lb from last week and that's no good.

Super Bowl - almost forgot - not a fan of either team but did want to see NE win for a perfect record, nothing else. Well, maybe cause South Jersey hates the NY Giants but mostly for the record thing. It was a good game as Super Bowls go and I did think it was pretty lousy of the coach to just leave them there.

Take care and thank all of you for being there for me and listening.


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Good Tuesday morning,

It's snowing AGAIN - actually it's kind of sleet and it's heavy and not easy to move. I think I have shoveled and moved at least 20 miles of snow so far this winter. I should take photos of the paths I have to clear to get to everyone! I am so ready for winter to end and it will soon I am sure.

BJ, I am glad you are kicking the caffeine and giving your renal system and liver a break! Where in SA are you going to vacation?
Donna ((((HUGS)))) I do feel your pain with your family problems. It's very hard to have the broad shoulders sometimes I know. Hang in there and remember that God never gives you more than you can handle...........hummmmm.....I always say the willing horse gets the work and I know that's true! You are NOT a terrible person and I will run away with you! I don't know why life has to be so hard for some. I don't know why unhappy people can't look around them and try to find some joy in this world. It's not that hard. I wish you peace and I am glad your mother is going to grief counseling - she will be able to learn that she is not alone there and hopefully here dependence on you will ease some. Dee, Raeanne and I (and any one else that cares to join) will be meeting in Saratoga in April I think..........maybe if we have an early spring we can do March. I hope you would be able to join us for a group hug!!!

My weight has completely stalled and I contribute it more to stress than to eating. I continue to eat pretty well but since the the beginning of the year it won't budge and that includes the 3 lbs I gained over the holidays............arghhhhh.

Hang in there everyone. As Donna said "better days are coming"

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Good Morning Everyone,

(((((SUZANNE))))) It's always so heartbreaking to lose a pet. They are a big part of us.

BJ, Glad to see ya back. I was losing weight very good, had lost almost 25 pounds, then I started back to exercising with my firm dvd's and the weight loss has stopped. I am hoping it will start back again soon. I am still eating the same, maybe just putting on some muscle?????

I was in Nashville TN, last weekend for the VBS preview. It was so awesome. It was a much needed lift for me.

It's supposed to be 68 degrees today. Then some storms tonite. We can use some prayers that we don't get anything bad. Last Tuesday the same thing happened and a tornado went through about 45 min. from here and killed 2 people. Hopefully we don't see that tonite.

Better get to payroll tax. Sounds like fun huh? Have a wonderful day.


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Good Tuesday morning. It's warm here, 73, with rain expected any time now. It's been warm and humid here for several days now. It's only February, for cripe's sake!

Donna, it's hard for you to find peace in the midst of the turmoil around you, but try to rise above it. Glad to hear that your mom is getting some help.

BJ, I underexaggerated the distance to the WW meeting by a few miles! It's 2 miles just to the highway at the end of our community, then a busy highway before turning off to the church where the meeting is held. So, no, I didn't walk it! LOL I did enjoy the meeting though. They had a huge turnout of people who have obviously been going for a while now. I opted for the Core plan for at least the next 2 weeks. H has no choice (at home) but to follow it with me. I already had all the right food choices here, so we'll be fine for this week.

Patti, I'm so impressed with your scrapbooking ability! One of these days soon, I need to get serious about it again.

Suzanne, I don't know how you aren't full of muscles with all the snow shovelling you've had to do this winter. You must be in fantastic shape!

Jen, I hope the storms aren't rough for y'all.

BJ, I'm impressed that you've kicked the caffeine habit. Way to go!

I hope Marci's all better today and back at school.

Well, housework is calling my name. Have a great day!

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Last evening I got caught up in a project and looked at the clock...only 10 minutes until my pilates/toning class....should I go home? should I work some more? or should I run to the fitness center and change in time? hmmmmmm I decided to run like crazy to the locker room and change. So glad I went...worked out for over an hour and felt great! yahoooooo!

Marci, I also hope that you are feeling better today. It's a real bummer when you have so much on your calender and then you get so sick that you can't leave the house. Relax and get back on track when you can.

Suzanne, hope today is a bit better for you. Looking forward to our next Saratoga trip (April is actually better for me).

[[[[[[Donna]]]]] I can't imagine how hard this must be for you to deal with such problems on a daily basis. When you talk to someone under the influence you are speaking to the booze or the drug...not the person you know is inside there. Addiction is such an incredible disease that sometimes won't let go....no matter how much you want to shake them! I wish your mom well; hopefully she will meet some new friends there who share interests as well as grief.

BJ, I'm glad you stopped by and look forward to your venting/sharing with us. We are here!

Raeanne, you may be lurking out there with a mojito in your hand...I am officially jealous!

OK, need to get back to work so I can get out of here by 3pm. This afternoon is my annual visit to the GYN....yes, I know how all of you envy me (blech!).

Hello to Patti, Milkdud, Jen, Joanne, Gretchen, Besh (where are you?), John (ditto!), Amy, Maddie, the everyone else who is reading this!

Make today count!

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Heh! Heh! I accomplished something today too! If I keep it up, it could become a habit. Oh, no! LOL I made 2 shirts for DGD. I painted a heart on one & a couple of ladybugs on the other. Of course, I made 2 for me to match hers. Mine are a different color though. They turned out pretty cute. (Made from potatoes.)

DeeMarie~You know how jealous we all are. Ugh...I hate that trip with a passion. I just had to change from a woman to a man. That didn't make me very happy. Glad that you got to work out last night.

Milkdud~I'm proud of you for sticking to it like you have. Were you able to meet anyone last night? It is good that the right choices were already available.

Jen~Praying that your weather doesn't repeat itself. Remember that muscle does weigh more than fat. But, the up side of that is that it will burn fat faster too so when you start seeing a change again it should start to go faster? Are you getting close to your goal?

NH Suzanne~I would trade with you for about 5 seconds or so. ROFL It is 83 here. We are getting where we don't even have but one season anymore. HOT. I cannot imagine what summer will be if it won't even cool off any.

Donna~I wish that I could report that Dave was doing great. For some reason he is fighting his PTSD. This isn't the time of year that he usually has it the worst. So, we aren't sure why it is so bad. Also, with the weather the way that it is, his arthritis is screaming. They told him earlier this year that they would not do surgery until it hurt him all of the time & I think that it reached that point soon after that. He goes back on the 14th. Honestly, it might have felt like a vent but it didn't sound bad at all. Most of us probably know a lot of what you are dealing with. Stay with us.

BJ~I thought about the caffeine last night after I posted too. I'm really proud that you have been able to keep it up like you have. I know that you will be happy to have your family back in one place again.

Have a great day everyone & hi to those that might be lurking but not posting. You definitely are not forgotten. Patti :)

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Good Morning!

Made it though the storms last nite. There were some some tonados about 90 minutes from us and they said that 3 people were killed. Hate this weather!

Patti, I am half way there. Right now, I am stalled at 150, I am hoping to get to 125 lbs by summer. Give Dave a big hug for me!

Well, we are getting a few claims in, so I better run. Have a great day.


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Hi Guys!

I'm still going through the back door to get here. I'll be glad when they get the links fixed---upgrading software has its down side!

NHSuzanne~I'm heading to Nicaragua. Should be interesting and hot. I've been reading my head off about it and learning a lot.

Milkdud: Good for you for going to that WW meeting!
DeeMarie: Gold star for you for making it to Pilates class!

Jen: I started working with a personal trainer last week. Today is my 4th session and my weight loss has stalled. My ole bod is saying, "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" - lol- but I feel about 100 times more upbeat and am WAY more aware of what I eat! I signed up for 8 sessions before I go to Nicaragua. I want to feel energetic when I'm on vay-cay!

(Sorry to hear about the weather---it been bad in a lot of places. Here we have had avalanche after avalanche and in Hawaii, Hilo is flooding and evacuating. And NHSuzanne has been shoveling her arms off! Strange, this global warming)

DonnaSNJ: So sorry to hear about your sis. My older sis is a functioning alcoholic with her own business. When she visits, she gets smashed on wine. I don't drink with her, but she buys and drinks wine by herself. She's my big sis and I love her but her drinking is going to kill her. She NEVER drives when she's drinking, thank heaven--one blessing. But she is moody and sometimes, for long periods of time, doesn't call or if I email, she gives me one-word answers. Last year on her birthday, I sent her flowers and she called and left a terse voice mail, giving her business name and said "thank you for the flowers." It was strange, with a capital "S." But I can feel for you. It's not fun and it is a heavy subject. Hang in there.

Patti-I admire your keeping current on the scrapbooking. I have boxes and boxes of photos of my kids and very few are in books. I am thinking of just making photo DVDs for my kids and keeping a few really favorite pics in frames.

Well, I have to get the kiddies off to school....laters!

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BJ, it was good to see you posting. Sending out prayers and special thoughts to you and your sister. My brother is also a functioning alcoholic but he does not admit it, so it is very hurtful when he goes into hiding for long periods and does not communicate. We are in the midst of one now.

Well, my gyn appointment was 50/50. He wants a biopsy for a slight problem. Right now, I'm OK with it, but I did decide to take next Friday off to do something special for myself after the procedure...like maybe shopping? ;-)

Work is starting to heat up; they are throwing out projects like they have twice the amount of staff, so it makes it hard for me to manage all of it. I will survive, however.

Missing Raeanne and hoping that she is having a blast.

Marci, are you feeling better?

Suzanne, how is your stepson? I've been thinking about him all week.

Maddie, hope your mom is comfortable and that work is an improvement. When things get bad, take out a pad and make out your packing list for Vegas! It works for me. lol!

Patti/Dave, continued good thoughts and prayers going your way.

Jen, it's really good to see you posting here. Congrats on the weight loss.

Milkdud, you are an inspiration in your determination to keep on track.

Donna, hope you are having a good day.

That's it for now. Must get back to work.

Please check in if you are lurking!


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Hi all,

Jen, I am glad you weren't involved in those storms! I hear you are supposed to get another round. Stay safe.

BJ, I need a personal trainer for a while. I think that will really kick start my current stall.

Does anyone have Donna's mailing address? If so can you email me?

Dee, SS is in a rehab still. This new place is a 12 step program and his basic agenda is meetings and working on the 12 steps. He should be in for 3 more weeks - then I don't know what.

Hope everyone is having a good day. The weather here is atrocious. It's an old fashioned winter here.........no global warming........it's the way it used to be. Now almost 6 feet of snow has fallen! Expecting another 6" tonight........another 5 miles to shovel!!

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Good Afternoon All!

Jen~I have prayed & thought about you & your darling family all night & day. Glad that you were safe & hope that you continue to be.

BJ~So glad to see you post. I definitely didn't get anything done while the kiddos were at home. I'm thrilled that I'm able to do it now. :) When you have time, please consider putting the photos in a book where you can write down things about yourself & perhaps things that each of the children said that they might tend not to remember in the future. That is the advantage of scrapbooking, IMHO~it tells a story that you might otherwise forget.

DeeMarie~You've got me ready for all of us to take a vacation. I know you all probably would like to go where the weather is warm but could we go where it is "mild"? I don't mind it being warm but just not so HOT. LOL

NH Suzanne~We've been seeing the snow in Chicago. I guess that I imagine that your place must look a little like that. (Not the city particularly, but with all of the snow.)

Here's to better days for all of us~tally ho! Patti :)

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Good afternoon! It got cold here last night, down in the high 30's. Today, the sun is shining, and it's 55 degrees.

Jen, glad y'all were safe!

Patti, keep talking about scrapbooking, and maybe I'll catch that bug!

Dee, by all means get out and treat yourself because of that biopsy!

Suzanne, I hope your SS finds the help he needs. Stay safe and warm while shovelling that white stuff!

BJ, I'm so impressed that you have a personal trainer now. If I had one, maybe I'd be up and at 'em for a change.

Day 2 of WW! Yesterday I had a personal crisis, so I didn't even get the chance to eat much at all, but I stayed "legal", so I'll count that as day 1. Today, I'm okay so far. Hubby had his review at work, got a little bonus, and wants to dine out tonight to celebrate. I'm going to check out the 2008 "dining out" book to see where and what I can eat. The Core plan is freeing and restricting all at the same time about dining out. Ugh!

Hope everyone's staying safe and successful!

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Please check in and tell us how you are doing!


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Happy Thursday all,

Milkdud, a piece of fish and a salad should be okay for your dinner! Just don't eat all the fish and you will have a lunch for the next day. Go out and celebrate - you can do it!!

My thoughts and prayers are going out to the victims of those horrible tornadoes. Wow, I have been so consumed with my own grief and work load that I did not realize just how severe and widespread it was. I heard about it in the distance but this morning I paid attention to the news. It makes my problems seem small and like I should never complain again!

Donna, I am thinking of you. Hang in there. Check in and vent...........don't run away from us! XXXX0000

I think Raeanne is the only one of us on the east coast that's seen sun in at least a week! LOL I hope she is enjoying herself.

QOD: What are doing this weekend? Do you have a plan to stay on track with your WOE?

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I missed Ground Hogs Day because I was busy with my beloved Blue. Someone sent this to me that she found in an old Farmer's Almanac which I think is neat:

If Candlemas [February 2] be mild and gay,

Go saddle your horses and buy them hay;

But if Candlemas be stormy and black,

It carries the winter away on its back.


Middle English candelmasse, from Old English candelmæsse, from candel + mæsse mass, feast; from the candles blessed and carried in celebration of the feast

Date: before 12th century

February 2 observed as a church festival in commemoration of the presentation of Christ in the temple and the purification of the Virgin Mary

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QOD: I'm visiting my sister from Friday evening to attend the Boat Show in Atlantic City. We travel back up towards home on Sunday morning to attend our dept56 Snow Village club meeting. I hope to stay on track with healthy choices, and we will be doing lots of walking on Saturday.

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Good morning! It's sunny and 59 here this morning. We're due for highs in the mid-70's through the weekend! I'd love to share this great weather with those of y'all who are being socked with snow.

We ended up dining at Outback last night. They had new specials, started last Saturday, so I had the grilled seafood - a small piece of Mahi-mahi, 2 shrimp, and 2 scallops (none over-sized!), wild rice (which is on the Core plan for WW), and green beans. It was a yummy, satisfying meal.

I'm going over to my son's house today instead of in the morning so that we can go out for dinner tonight together.

QOD: What are doing this weekend? Going to my son's to help my DDIL because of her lasik surgery tomorrow. Do you have a plan to stay on track with your WOE? I'm taking all my Weight Watchers material with me so that I can figure out what I can safely eat to stay on the plan. I'll involve my son and DDIL, and I'll be well taken care of!

I'll be checking in again on Saturday afternoon. Hope everyone has a safe and successful couple of days.

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This has been the DeeMarie, NH Suzanne, Milkdud, & Patti show coming to you from the east coast & TX. LOL

It is in the mid-80s here again today. They were afraid that the weather would keep the space shuttle from going up but away it went. There were clouds that kept us from getting the view that we usually get~which is pretty good considering how far away we truly are~but we did get to see part of it.

This weekend~our 13th anniversary is Monday. We are waiting from income taxes so that we can go do something special. ;) Don't know for certain what we'll do in the meantime. As far as WOE~I haven't had one per se~I've just cut way back on portion & it seems to be working. I've kept myself much busier than I used to & between the two something has moved the scales a little.

Milkdud~I hope that DDIL's lasik is as successful as DS#1 & DDIL's were. They are both very pleased with theirs. DS#1 cannot see very well at night~I think that he sees halos but otherwise things are great.

Hope everyone can check in! Hi to all. Patti :)

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Hi Guys!

Friday, I'm going to hit a high school b-ball game that my DD's cheering at.

Then, Saturday, I'm going to taxi my kids around to some parties. Then taking 2 middle DDs and myself to get the new HPV shot. I've heard it feels like they're injecting ROCKS into your arm! YOW! Some gals have fainted getting it... My daughters are freaked out about getting it, so I said, oh well, I'll get one and they can watch and then get theirs. I've really gotta make sure I don't flinch! My older DD has to get the meningococcal vaccination as well since she's headed off to college in the fall.

Sunday, it's going to be sorting, tossing, and packing.

As far as the WOE goes, I'm going to stick with juicing, and watching the size of my meal portions! Every weekend when DH comes home, I backslide and much down with him. This weekend I just can't do it...too depressing to look at the Monday morning scale! (Send me some will power!--lol) I'm going to try to eat my seafood and eggs and curb the carbs.

It's been SO windy here at night. I live in a bridle park with lots of VERY tall evergreens and they make cracking sounds when the wind gusts. Every once in a while, there is a thunderous pounding noise when one falls. Scary, but it's a beautiful greenbelt, so no cutting allowed. Anyway, last night, I had to get the kids out of bed and bring them downstairs to sleep in the front room; the wind gusts were SO bad! I am too old to sleep on the floor, I found! Tonight the wind is here again...blowing the trees back and forth like they are grass reeds. Arg.

Jen, STAY SAFE. The weather in KY sounds like it's crazy. I have relatives in Parksville and Harrodsburg and am thinking about YOU and THEM constantly.

What is it this winter with the EXTREME weather? Seems like it's just whacky.

NHSuzanne~ I love the Farmer's Almanac...pick one up every New Years.

Nighty night!

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It's Friday! Did everyone take the day off?

Milkdud, good for you for eating well while out!! Pre-planning is a good strategy.

BJ, I don't like the wind at all but I do like being in the woods on horseback when it's windy because we are protected by the trees. If I look straight up I can see the trees bending and swaying and I love to hear them sighing. I have been in the woods when we have had tree limbs crashing and it's more that disconcerting to the horses!

Patti, you will think of a way to make your anniversary special!

We are not expecting any sunshine until Monday! It will be snowing on and off all weekend.......this is getting old!

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I'm here and looking forward to the weekend. Been caught up in 2 long meetings already this morning, so I need a break. Gonna catch a quick lunch and get back to work so I can leave by 2pm for my hair appointment. Then it's off to South Jersey!

Make today count!

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It sounds like everyone is going to be busy, busy this weekend. Loads of fun! Have a great time & be safe. Look forward to reading the posts.

It actually rained here last night & this a.m. The rain woke me up last night. I woke Dave up b/c I was afraid that he would miss it. LOL We haven't had any in so long. Silly, I know but it certainly was nice to finally have a little anyway. I finally had my blood tests run this morning. Hopefully I'll get a call so I can go to the Dr. & find out what has been going on.

I guess that being from the panhandle in TX & then West TX, I really miss the wind here. There isn't much in FL & when we do have some, I love having the breeze. I know that you are talking about much more than that though. I don't like it when it is hurricane gale. But, we both have delivered mail many a day in wind 30 plus mile an hour winds. tee hee

Lynn~Are you still around? We've got to make plans to get together.

DeeMarie~Are you going to try to watch any football this weekend? I just might on principle that there won't be anymore for a long while. I just don't understand arena ball. :(

BJ~Glad to see you posting.

NH Suzanne~The day is always special as long as Dave & I are together. My saying is that I'm not perfect but that we are "perfect" together. :)

Hi to all. Have a marvelous weekend. Patti :)

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Hi Patti. I'm not a big fan of lots of wind. Since most people don't own lots of property here in NJ, all the trees are way too close to the house. Anything that falls is going to do lots of damage. Football this Sunday? hmmm, I'll probably watch the ProBowl if it's later than 5pm. We won't be home until then, but I'm sure Ed will take a peek before he goes into withdrawal. LOL

Donna, please check in with us. Hope you have a good weekend.

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Just checking in, I have not been sociable in this way.
I have not lost any weight or done any exercise. But, I think we have our house sold which was #1 stressor in my life so I'm crossing my fingers it will be a done deal soon (waiting on radon test & inspection).

Need to get motivated, thinking about going to WW-at-work meetings but I hate to shell out the cash for more materials when I've already done that twice. Cripes it's only 15 pounds, what the heck is my problem!!?!?!

Hey - I got the book "Eat this Not That" for DH for his birthday. Anyone else read/look at it? Reading about someone above going to Outback made me think of that...but I ate at "On the Border" last night and I chose a very healthy selection and limited the chips & salsa before. Hooray, scale did not show but I'm really trying to get more motivated or I will look like a big pile of flab in a swimsuit this summer. Yuk. And I am going to Hawaii in December so another reason to get motivated now - slow & steady, right?

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Good day all,

It's yet another gray day here in NH and we are expecting..............more snow! This is like ground hog day!!

DH is home with a very bad cold. He's a good patient though and just goes to his room and stays there. He slept from 6pm yesterday to 7;30am this morning. I fed him breakfast and he's back to sleep. Sleep is the best thing for illness.

Whenicit, whatever you are currently doing needs to change a little. Try some new (good for you foods) to see if you can jumpstart your diet. I know how hard it is - I think we all do here. Stop thinking about how far you have to go and focus on what you have already accomplished. Break it down by the day or hour if you have to. Thinking about what you will be doing next December is not productive right now. We all know "what we need to do" but can't seem to get there sometimes.........Stay positive and eat well.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Good Saturday Morning!

No snow here, just cold temps and dreary skies. We actually saw the sun yesterday! Wondered what that foreign object was in the sky! LOL

NHSuzanne - I don't think I got to express my condolences about your beloved Blue. So sorry that he is gone, but I am glad that you got to be there with him. Our 16 yr. old cat passed away this fall and I have just now realized that I don't look for her everyday.

whenicit - I lost my weight this summer by not obsessing about it. I just quietly started saying no to things that I knew were bad for me. I basically gave up sweets, cut my wine down to one or two glasses on the weekends, started cutting carbs at one meal a day, and limited my afterwork snacks. On the weekdays, I don't eat after 7:30. I allow myself leeway on Fridays and Saturdays, but don't go overboard. Little by little the weight came off, 22 lbs. in all, and I have maintained an 18 lb. loss. I stayed off the scale until I noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit. By then, I had lost 11 lbs. Now I weigh myself every Monday and make small changes if necessary. Little changes can make a difference, but I think you have to be consistent with those changes. Little tastes and cheats here and there can also make a difference, a negative one.

The other day, one of the church sewing ladies came into school with some M&M cookies and offered us one. There were 4 of us in the room at the time. I was the only one who said "no thank you". One other girl only ate 1/2 hers and said it tasted funny (not in front of the woman who made them). One girl chastised herself for wasting calories on a cookie that didn't even taste good. The other girl said "that was my Fat Tuesday treat" and didn't care. In different times, I would have tasted one and regretted it. Saying "NO" has become a habit and it has paid off.

Hope you can find something helpful in all that! LOL

Now I had better get crackin on some housework. I didn't do anything last weekend when I had the flu and it shows.


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Hi All,

My saga continues.....my sister's job comes to an end on Friday. She continues to look for another in the organization and HR is working very hard to get something for her. She will remain "on the books" thru the end of the month. She is very, very depressed and while I can't blame her I don't support the way she handles it. My mom on the other hand found the grief counseling group very helpful and plans to attend the next five sessions - yay!!

Thank you all so much for the thoughts, love, prayers, hugs and emails - they help me tremendously.

Now, on to better things....wind, I love it, I love listening to it in the way too many trees that are near my house but I worry about damage too. Sometimes excessive wind freaks my dogs out and they bark at it and hide in the dining room or the bathroom.

Jen, I'm glad you didn't have effects of those storms.

Suzanne, how are you doing? I think of you and how you miss your beloved Blue. I hope your DH feels better soon.

Dee, enjoy south jersey this weekend! Didn't you say you were going to the boat show in AC?

Marci, congrats on saying no and on keeping that weight off. I was using WW online but am now only using it for receipes and my weekly weigh in. The WOE I'm following is based on WW flex but I am not actively counting points, just watching what I eat and portion control. It seems to be working and I'm averaging about 1 to 2 lbs per week when I am being good. Even though I'm not a big drinker I have given up my wine for Lent.

Gotta run - will check in more often - everyone take care!!

Where's Besh? I haven't seen her lately or did I just miss her? I wonder how the new job is going.


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I am back and fully rested and tan. We had the most gorgeous weather. I actually read 3+ books - I finished Eat Pray Love, I read a book by Ellen DeGeneres (it was like her monologues), Water for Elephants which I totally loved, and The Red Tent - which I also totally loved.

I quickly went through the posts and want to send (((((HUGS))))) to all.

((((((SUZANNE)))))) I am so sorry to hear about Blue - I had hopes of him hanging in there longer. I know how much all your animals mean to you, but there seemed to be a real bond with you and Blue.

(((((DONNA)))) I am so sorry about your sister, but happy to hear your mom is getting some help. I know it is very frustrating for you to be supportive under these circumstances. You deserve to be able to live your own life and don't ever feel like you are a bad person - we all know you aren't.

Patti - ((((HUGS to you and Dave)))) - I am so sad that he still has to struggle with his past.

Marci - cute Ground Hogs Day story. I got to see Joe Namath when I was about 18. He was going to visit an orphanage near where I lived and his limo pulled into town - a very odd site back in those days. He had the window opened and waved to me. I used to love him, so he totally made my summer. I just read the magazine New York and found out he was from PA.

Besh/BJ - I just heard about a book called "Does This Clutter Make my @ss Look Big" - LOL - I have to get it.

BJ - when do you leave? I hope I didn't miss you. Glad to see you posted - I know your plate was running over.

Whenicit - I will keep my fingers crossed that the house is sold. This vacation was my motivation - I hated looking at myself in my bathing suit each morning!

Dee - Saratoga in the Spring sounds wonderful to me! I can't wait. My DD introducted me to a drink called Caparenia - very much like a mojito and very much my new favorite drink. I got a kick out of your emails - thanks.

Here is the List so far - if you are not included and want to be, please let me know. I will match up the names on Tuesday:

Unbirthday List

Hello to all that I missed - but my laundry is calling me and it is Sunday.

Missed you.

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Just want to post a quick hi to everyone!

Welcome back Raeanne! It sounds like you had a great vacation & got a much deserved rest. Glad that you got some reading done too.

I got our DD#1's scrapbook done for graduation today. Now all she will have to do is to have the pictures taken & put in it. Other than that, Dave got the laundry done & we watched the pro bowl. That was our weekend in a "nut shell". LOL

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Patti :)

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