mrscJanuary 2, 2008

I got my 1st HDTV for xmas. (Samsung 32" LCD 3253)

The picture is very nice from watching distance. But looks blurry up close. There's also some blur in motion.

Is this the norm?

Or do I need to tweak settings?

Was this a decent or poor choice?

Maybe I'm just used to analog?

Mrs. C.

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Is this on a HD program ?
The picture won't look any better (may be worse) if watching a non HD program.

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The blur is on regular programming (only up-close). From viewing distance it looks great. HD programs look fantastic! But the motion scenes are sometimes jerky.

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That's normal.
Regular programing is relatively low resolution.

They transmit only so many dots to screen, when you increase the screen size, you increase the dot size.

You may not have to worry about that after Feb. 2009 as all TV stations will be digital.

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Motion blur is a known issue with lcd TV's. I'm sure some are better than others and the non HD channels isn't helping you.

I think the new TV's with the 120 vs the 60 refresh rate(?) is supposed to be better at this effect.

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Digital is not directly related to picture resolution.

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