Small Animal in Attic

wallace58March 31, 2006

There is some type of small animal, possibly a squirrel in my attic. I have been up there several times but cannot see it. Just noticed a hole (maybe 2-2 1/2" diameter) under a wood shingle where roof comes to a point above a gutter. Can see where wood is chewed. Can hear it running at times above one bedroom.

Any ideas how to get rid of? If I simply close off the hole and it is inside, I am sure the smell in a few days would tell me it is dead, but rather not do it that way. How to lure out and close hole? Have set up a vigil by the hole for hours with no sighting.


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Set a live trap in your attic. We do this with coons in the barn.
You can then release outside or do what you want with it.
If its a squirrel you should not have any trouble getting it...not sure what to use in the trap for bate though...coons like grape jelly or sardines!
Karen L

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Yes, use the live trap. Havaheart, I think is a brand name. Get the correct size trap. CAll the Extension Service in your are and ask what to bait it with, although you can try peanut butter. I squirrel that frequents out back porch raids the grill after wee cook steaks, so lard may be a favorite too.

AND fix the hole after you trap and remove the animal. My mother had a mouse problem and caught them and reased them out the front door, only to have them return and kept seeing the same mouse in the trap on consecutive trappings, even market it with a felt tip pen to verify.


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