Baby oil nightmare!

mightyjoeyounglvMarch 21, 2008

Ladies of the world, I desperatly need your help! My ex-girl friend made a copy of my house key during our bitter break up and she has now used said key a month later. She didn't like what she found and has retaliated.

She squirted BABY OIL all over the house. How do I get it off of my hard wood flooring and living room marble floors? Will It come out of my cloths?

Please citizens, please! Make haste, I really need your help on this!


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Have you posted this question on the Flooring Forum? You might have better luck over there.

Personally, I'd call a professional and ask for a hands-on evaluation of the problems.

I hope you've called the police and are charging this woman with destruction of your property.

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As far as clothing goes, use liquid dish soap (like Dawn or Palmolive). Those are made to cut grease, so they may get it out of your clothes. A long, warm wash cycle should help. Try not to use too much or your washer will be forever rinsing. Then again...

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Man, what did you do to this woman!!??? I am guessing she found evidence of another woman...
First, change the locks. Next, rent Fatal Attraction. Then read the following:
Greased Lightening is a cleaner and also a great stain remover for clothing or washable items. Very effective on grease stains. Dawn, is excellent, better than any other liquid sink soap. I caution you on using Greased Lightening on your wood floors. I had a bottle with a tiny hole that leaked onto my wood floors and left an ugly permanent stain. But it is great on washable surfaces. I know nothing about how to treat marble; best to consult an expert on that. Try posting this on the cleaning forum as well; there are some great cleaning and stain removal suggestions on there.

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Environmentalists use Dawn liquid dishwashing detergent to clean oil spills from birds, so that is my best suggestion. Well, I do think that idea of renting Fatal Attraction was also pretty is she done or is more coming?

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If a man did this to a woman, there would be no doubt as to what to do.

Call the police first, and then worry about clean-up.

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Dawn dish soap may be hard to rinse in the washer. Too many bubbles. My mom always used Lestoil to clean grease and oil from my dad's clothes. He worked in a steel mill and it worked. Your clothes may have a strong smell after you clean them, you'll need to wash them again with your normal detergent. Let them air dry so you can be sure the oil has been removed. If you put them in the dryer, you'll set the stain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lestoil

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