We've been robbed, dog harrassed, and mail stolen

carolssisMarch 5, 2004

We bought our house a year and a half ago. We were broken into in Nov. and all jewelry stolen. The dog can't go out in the yard and stay, someone has been throwing rocks, balls etc, at her and she won't stay out like she used to. Now our mail has been stolen. We have an insurance claim in, new security, new dog door, and locking mailbox. I tried to talk to neighbors, they are scared to even talk outside where they may be overheard by someone behind a wall, who can't be seen. It seems that our neighbors are willing to put up with being terrorized by the kids here. I don't understand why. Haven't we all worked to have the things we have? Aren't we entitled to enjoy our homes without fear of being terrorized? These are children! They are apparently willing to let the kids do whatever they can get away with! I don't understand it. I was told that two families have sold out and moved on because of being terrorized like we have been. Another family sold out and moved because they made accusations against the neighbors son, next door, who was prosecuted and jailed. They were not allowed to live in peace after the trial and moved. How sad that the victim is the one to leave. Has anyone else ever been in such a situation? I was thinking we could re-vive the neighborhood watch group, but I see now that it's not going to happen if the people here are too afraid to speak to one another openly. The police tell me that I'm on my own as far as catching them, I don't know who they are, where they live and have no proof of what crimes they are guilty of. I know that my house was broken into, have a suspect in mind, no proof. I know that my dog has been abused, have no suspects, and no proof. I know my mail was stolen, no suspects, no proof. And no way to get any information. I was at work when all these things happened, and no idea who did them, except for the break in. Any ideas from anyone? Any law enforcement people out there?

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How awful! I'd be afraid for the dog's safety. Does he come and go during the day through the doggy door? These kids sound like they're ready to do anything for a thrill. Do all of the homeowners work? Could you have an arrangement where you make it a point to be nosy neighbors and notice unusual happenings? How old are the kids you think are responsible? If neighbors are afraid to be seen talking outside, invite a few of them over for dinner or coffee and dessert so you can speak freely inside your home.
Please let us know if the situation changes.

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Thanks MonaBlair. I don't know the ages of the kids, although I do know that the one next door isn't a kid, he's 22, almost 23. Still living at home, no job, stays home! I know there are kids around here, not sure where all of them live or their ages. I see them when they ride by on their bikes, going to the wash right next to me. My dog has decided that she doesn't want to stay out very long, she used to stay out all day. We are putting a dog door in shortly. She goes out before we go to work and as soon as we get home. Fortunately we have different days off and she isn't inside all day very often. I'm determined to catch them, find our who they are and where they live. Should be an interesting war. I'm not as dumb as I look. I have a few tricks up the old sleeves, yet! I give up on the neighbors, they are all too scared, I'm on my own.

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I would ask the police where you could get a camera and videotape your yard. You need proof that you can show them. Good luck. It makes me angry and I am not the one getting targeted. Kathy

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Thanks Kathy, I'm in the process of beefing up security, and trying to find cameras, and microphones. It isn't easy, most of that kind of stuff is online and I'd rather not buy something unless I can see how well it works first. I'll persevere, however, it's important to the whole neighborhood that I identify who they are. I'm also trying to get in touch with a former neighbor, who may have some information for me about the crimes they have committed on him. Cross your fingers for me.

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If there's a wall they might be climbing over to get into your yard, could you put itching powder on the outside so they'll come in contact with it? Just make sure you or the dog doesn't touch it.

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Notify the postl inspectors about the mail. They are typically very responsive and will investigate thoroughly. Stealing mail is a federal level offense that is not taken lightly.

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Take a peek at palmvid.com - the SYS-MULTICAM system, I installed one of their wired 4 camera kits for about $420. I know it's a lot of money, but it includes 4 cameras, the wiring, and a unit that will control a conventional VCR when the cameras detect motion. The next time someone tries to break into one of our cars, we'll have something to show the Police.

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JMHO but I would do some very drastic things. I would also set up a camera, maybe a home recorder inside. I would also be VERY CAREFUL with your pooch. I knew someone once at work had 2 Rotts poisoned by meat throw over their fence laced with rat poison. Also, if my work schedule allowed it I would leave and come home at odd times during the work day maybe in an effort to "surprise" someone.
Do you have ANY neighbor you're close with that might watch your place while your at work? Like the neighborhood watch but on a smaller scale.
Since you have an insurance claim, plus a police report (?) is there anything the insurance company can do to put some heat on the local police department to investigate?
I have a teenager and a young adult son. You have to be one step ahead of them. Prepare yourself for anything. Maybe you can outsmart them and catch them red handed. I'm with Kathy, it makes me angry. I wish you luck.

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I'm wondering if the previous owner should have disclosed this terrorizing in the neighborhood? I'm not a real estate agent and I don't know the law but I was wondering if they had a legal responsibility to tell you.
I'm so sorry you've had to face this in your new home.

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Are the police patrolling your neighborhood ?
If not, why ? Much of this boils down to politics, and we can always use new blood in politics. Often the incumbents in politics, the county supervisor, the mayor, etc, simply do not even care, and they must be booted out..

You are to be very much applauded for your efforts, but ,IMO, people who live in fear deserve what they end up with.. This may not be right, but that is the way it is.

I advocate trying again to stir up the interest of the people, there is nothing like unified action..

And forget about the safety thing, at times blood must be shred in order for people to live in peace
Just think of how it is in Israel, all the time..

In our area in York Haven, PA "borderline crime" is real and close - tolerance is continuously tested.. And we do have police protection...

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