Oh my! Creepy.

emkncMarch 1, 2011

So I'm pretty sure we had a ghost or two, or a poltergeist, in our old home in Rhode Island. All kinds of weird and inexplicable things happened. Nothing harmful to me or my wife, mind you, but creepy stuff nonetheless.

Any suggestions? Anybody want to try to prove otherwise?

FYI, we sold the house for a robust six-figure profit almost five years ago.

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I've told something of this story before. Our last home in Ohio (1965) was a large rangy brick with a large attached garage and a full basement. It was 55 years old when we bought the home.

Maybe 25 years later, the kids are grown and have famalies of their own. We are all sitting at the table for a family get together. Out of the blue, our oldest son tells a very detailed and vivid story about a spector that he met playing in the garage. Our daughter then mentioned that she had seen the same spector in her bedroom. Evidently, neither felt threatened but did not say anything for what ever reason.

Why the story came out so much later (in Texas) is a mystery to us. When we tried to question them, the subject was changed. It was never brought up again to this day.

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In my opinion, this type of stuff always has less fantastical explanations than supernatural creatures.

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