Sump Pump Running constantly

minnesotagolfnutMarch 17, 2013

My neighbors sump pump started to run about a month ago. Living in Minnesota, the temps have been well below 32F and his hose froze be expected. He now has a new hose and his sump is running constantly!! So much that it has traveled over the ice and under the snow, to the side of my house. There is a LARGE pool of, what was once, solid ice. They are gone for a week and I moved his hose to drain into the front yard...away from my foundation. HERE IS MY QUESTION: Why would his sump be going ALL the time? Its below freezing and has been for some time. I stood and watched this pump out and its going once every 2-3 minutes!! It has never done this in the previous years...and to add, MINE never runs in the winter!! *****HELP ME PLEASE*****

Thanks for your time,
Scott, with an ice-rink in his side yard

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I could be that the slope of his property is forcing any runoff down his foundation, making his sump come on. Also the water coming out the hose may be going right back into his basement, again causing the sump to come on.

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Does the water being expelled look dirty or clean? If it is clean then your neighbor may have a broken water pipe with the runoff being collected in the sump pump.

Was the sump running before the neighbor left for a week? If so did you talk to him about it? If so, what did he say about it?

You stated that this âÂÂIt has never done this in the previous years...and to add, MINE never runs in the winterâÂÂ
Have you had above average rain this winter?

It sounds like its either water entering from the foundation or a domestic water line break. I would try to contact the neighbor or a relative as soon as you can and not wait until he returns. (Even the water Co. they may be able to detect abnormal consumption)
If itâÂÂs a broken water line the damage will only get worse and your âÂÂice rinkâ will get bigger.
Good luck

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You are not allowed to pump water into someone else's land.

Time for a nice talk.
t the hose rerouting worked than you just have to wat.

The frost depth is not infinite.
Below a certain depth (many feet in MN) the earth does not freeze and there is free water.

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Scott, did you get to the bottom of the problem or at least get the flooding in your yard stopped?

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