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marci_paFebruary 5, 2007

Good Morning!

Holy Smokes! It is -6º here right now and that is without the wind chill factor! School was cancelled this morning and I have the day off.

I was a cooking fool yesterday. I made sauce and then froze 2 quarts, made lasagna and froze half, made meatballs, and froze 2 packages of 15 each. I also made potato soup. Since I don't have to cook today, I will be forced to lay around and read!! LOL

((NHSuzanne)) - I couldn't stop thinking about you this weekend. I hope you are alright.

Patti - Have a wonderful and safe trip.

Lynn - Hope DH is feeling better.

Tikanas - I think you are the only one who still needs to answer the questionnaire from last week. I will email it to you so you can answer when you get a free minute.

Hope everyone is staying warm if you are on the chilly east coast!


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Checking in really quick. I will be back later to answer the questionaire and catch up with everybody!


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2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? The instant when everything is perfect
3. FAVORITE BOARD GAME? scrabble and bacgammon
4. FAVORITE MAGAZINE? I am not subscribing to or buying any just now
5. FAVORITE SMELLS? fresh baked bread, a sea breeze, a wood fire
6. COMFORT FOOD? homemade soup, stew, pasta
7. FAVORITE SOUNDS church bells, laughter, crashing waves and my cat's meow
8. WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD? Death of a loved one

  1. FAVORITE THING TO DO ON YOUR DAY OFF? Catch up with friends and family, curl up with a good book or movie
  2. FINISH THIS STATEMENT, "IF I HAD A LOT OF MONEY, I WOULD...? Travel the world, design and build a house.. but I pretty much have everything I want now (that money can buy)
  3. DO YOU DRIVE FAST? I have a lead foot.
  4. STORMS-COOL OR SCARY? Cool here in California.
  5. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? 1960 VW with a sun roof. Had to hold the doors closed with bungee cords.... I loved that car!
  6. FAVORITE DRINK? seltzer
  7. FINISH THIS STATEMENT, "IF I HAD THE TIME, I WOULD... I now make time for everything that I REALLY want to do. Life is too short!
  9. GLASS HALF EMPTY OR FULL? 3/4 full but I work at it :)
  10. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH? Dodger Baseball
  12. SHOE SIZE? 7 or 8 depending on the shoe. Must be wide too
  13. YOUR BEST FEATURE? Loyalty
  14. EARLY BIRD OR NIGHT OWL? early bird
  15. I ABSOLUTELY DISLIKEÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ.? Cruelty to others, human or animal, back stabbers, mean spirited and chronically unhappy people, broken electronics and sardines.


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Good TUESDAY everyone!

I really get annoyed when I have to log in each and every time I visit. since I check this place when I'm in the office, it becomes a real issue for me.

Still fighting bronchitis, but I think I feel better. It's so hard to tell and I'm praying that I do not get the dreaded pneumonia like many of my colleagues here.

Have not downloaded vacation pictures from DH's camera (he's such a baby......absolutely zero computer skills so HIS camera becomes MY responsibility). When he releases the precious photos, I'll send one or two to Marci. Don't want our album to become the DeeMarie story....haha!

Gotta run; I'm so run down that it takes me 3x as long to do anything. Very far behind in my work which leads to anxiety which leads to shortness of breath which leads to yada, yada, yada. All I want is a nap...ya think they'd pay me for that? Maybe I'd better stop off for a lottery ticket. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Make today count!

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Hugs all around for thoes that need em :(

Check in! if I can so can yoooooooou!


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Hi Everyone,

John is right, I can check in. I just don't have alot of fun things to say. I am trying to heal my broken heart and take care of my two little bird survivors. They are doing well so far but Sam Wise is not out of the woods because of his frostbite.

The bitter sub-zero cold is complicating my life in the barn in general. Everything takes twice as long and it's just zaps my energy. Suddenly winter seems endless!!

I am okay just not feeling up to par yet. On top of everything else I got a nasty dog bite which is still quite painful. Arghhhhh no end to the bad stuff!

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[[[[[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]]]]]] I'm so sorry you're having such a bad time. Hope your week improves for you, though I'm not sure any of us is getting warmer temps.

NEWS FLASH: Anyone hear the news about the FDA approval of the OTC diet pill?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pronounced AL'-eye (like your friend)

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(((((Suzanne))))) I wish I could do something to make you feel better.

Dee - I heard about the pill last night, but then they said that you had to diet and exercise with it - so why the heck am I going to take a pill? LOL. I will have to read your link - thanks.

I heard from BJ and she wanted everyone here to know that she is dealing with a lot of things right now and won't be posting for a while - but she thinks of us and will miss us. Send her some positive thoughts and maybe she will be back quicker than she thinks. We love you BJ

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[[[[HUGS]]]] to all that need them!

NH Suzanne~My heart breaks for you. Please keep us posted on what is going on.

Raeanne~Thanks for keeping us updated with BJ. It helps to know that we need to get in there & be there for her.

John~If you can post, then so can I! LOL

DeeMarie~I'm taking lots of cute pics & we will see who can download them when we get home so that we can share them.

Tikanis~Glad to see you posting. I've missed you!

Marci~It has been a pretty great trip so far. I think/know (LOL) that my DGD is the cutest & smartest baby in the whole wide world. tee hee Well, that is my story & I'm sticking to it.

My sister had her surgery today & she seemed to come out all right. We really didn't know for certain. They had to take out an extra ? something. Her voice was good. She had steak & a baked potato tonight to eat. That is what the hospital brought to her. She even asked the nurse if that is what she was supposed to eat b/c they had told her she would have a liquid diet tonight. They assured her she had the right tray. We leave tomorrow for my parents' house to spend the night then the next morning to NM to celebrate our anniversary for 3 or 4 wonderful, fun-filled days. :) Patti

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I stupidly just deleted all my cookies. Now, I have a mess since I never write down passwords. urghhhhh! Oh well.......

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Raeanne, Thanks for the BJ update. I was just thinking about her today.

Patti, I am glad that your Sis came thru alright. We'll talk when you get home, "K?

DeeMarie, are you feeling anybetter? I don't like having to constantly log in whenever I want on here. I, too, will pass on that pill....

Hi John!! How's it going?

Jen, I FEEL your computer related pain!!

Suzanne, You poor baby. How awful to lose your feathered babies this way. How did you manage to get a dog bite??

It has been a LONG week! 3 nurse quit (or were fired ,depending on who you ask) at one of the agencies that I contract with. I have been trying to fill in the gap by covering their work load for the past 2 1/2 weeks till replacements can be found. I have done NOTHING but see patients and do related paperwork this whole time! UGH!! I have about 6 hours of paperwork to do over the weekend and then I'll be all caught up.

Tomorrow is the going away party for my dear friend and her DH who are moving to Iowa next week. If you remember, my other best friend moved last year and now here goes the other one : (
The party should be fun though... Sunday I am having a family birthday party for my DD. My DS is coming over on Saturday to help me with housework. I hired him to do some things that I have not had time to do. He needs $ and refuses to let me give him any, so we worked out this arrangement. He is SO stubborn (but I am so proud of him).

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print :)

What is everyone else doing this weekend?



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