LA Weight Loss??

josigirl_wiFebruary 8, 2005

Anyone know anything about it? Any comments are welcome. I looked on their website and they really don't have any info on what exactly the program is all about or the cost of it. Thanks!

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I searched around too and the sites I found said it is very expensive up front BUT most sites that rate diet programs are selling something of their own. I only knew one person who was on it - my cousin - who lost weight fast but has it all back on plus more now. Like anything else you get out what you put into it for the long term.

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They won't tell you unless you come in for an appointment. They are very aggressive about getting you in there and getting your phone, name, address, etc. I assume for further contact, mailings, etc. I called once and the person was so aggressive I didn't keep my appointment, nor did I give them any contact info. They say the program is tailored to the individual so the cost varies. I think they probably see how much they can fleece each person.


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Kind of what I thought. If they don't publish their prices there usually is a gimick. Like we need anymore stress in our lives!

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