attaching a porcelain head and hands

cateyanneDecember 18, 2008

Hi everyone, I had a great idea to make one of those Santa dolls. I can sew and have made cloth dolls before. I went to the local craft store and bought a set which included a 4 3/4" santa head and hands in porcelain. I cannot figure out how to attach these to a cloth body. there are no holes in the breastplate to attach by sewing. What is the way to attach? or if this is for a santa doll that is standing on a base with some sort of armature underneath, how is it attached to that? Can an armature be made out of wood or wire. I'm thinking of the dolls you see in stores standing upright in a fur lined santa suit and carrying a sack of toys.

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The head and hands are probably meant to be glued on. Many of the dolls yo mention seeing in stores are constructed around a wooden dowl inserted into a wood base. you make a sack like body around it, glue on the head, and add clothes. The hands can be attiched to the end of the sleeves or on a tube of fabric attached to the sack like body to act like arms.

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