I need a pattern for toys for little boys....

PtunyDecember 10, 2003

For things like a tractor etc that are made of fabric, and stuffed. Anyone know where I can get any patterns?


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Have you checked the pattern books on-line? Maybe you'll find something there.

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Hi -
I'm thinking you could easily make simple outline of a truck or car - like a shaped pillow....?

W/ appliqued details like wheels, etc.

FWIW, little boys love stuffed animals & I've seen some cute stuffed monster dolls around too = )


Here is a link that might be useful: Doll Patterns online

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you know... there's nothing saying that a little boy wouldn't like a little boy doll... my son has his own dolls.. about 5 of them.. all boys.. and I sew them matching clothes. he thinks it's great :)

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When my son was little he is 26 now. I made him a pickup that was all soft sculptured so were the tires. I got rid of the pattern later. Now I wish I had kept it but when we moved I had to downsize. I have no idea where I got it. Maybe from a magazine offer or in a magazine. It was before computer and internet.

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Footbags for kicking around

Sumo wrestler doll

Free Penguin

Can't find any patterns for tractors, cars or trucks at all.

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