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nhsuzanneFebruary 1, 2010

Good Monday,

Rabbit, Rabbit!!

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Good morning Suzanne, and Rabbit, Rabbit to you!
(Ya' beat me to it, as usual!)

What's up for this week? Don't forget to wear red someday this week, especially Friday. Take care of your heart; physically and emotionally.


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Rabbit, Rabbit right back at ya!
Welcome to February!

Thanks for the reminder, Dee.

Payroll deadlines today, UGH!!

Have a GREAT Today!!


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Rabbit,Rabbit, y'all! It's only 43 and very overcast with spitting rain here this morning. It's been miserably cold like this for the last 3 days, too, and with lower temps. Gives me real empathy for what so many of y'all suffer through all winter.

Our sorority Rush tea was very successful yesterday. Lots of lovely guests and fantastic food. My sorority sisters really can cook!

My newest DDIL had her OB appointment today, and things are looking good! The dr. did disappoint her by saying that she should wait until next month to find out the sex of the baby. Oh well. To think that many of us had to wait until the little one was out in the world to find out. We'll live, but we seem to expect so much more in this electronics world we now live in.

Dinner tonight will be warmed up brisket, faux-creamed spinach, and baked sweet potatoes. Sounds nice and winter-warm! Wishing everyone a wonderful start to their week.

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Good afternoon.

Having my morning coffee late, since I finally went to my Weight Watchers meeting, after missing the last few weeks. Maintained my 56 pounds loss, but I need to get back on track and get to losing more - have really done some mindless eating, especially on the weekends.

Milkdud, we are 50% chance rain, but it's sunny and 56 degrees, so it must be coming in later on this evening. Your dinner sounds delicious. Don't you love sweet potatoes? To think the only way I ever had them before, growing up, was when they were candied yams, with loads and loads of sugar.

Looking forward to the Super Bowl commercials - the E-trade ones make us laugh, no matter how many times we see them.

Have a great day and week as we start February!

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happy rabbit, rabbit

Jan - I love the E-trade commercials too. I can watch them over and over again. WTG with maintaining.

Milkdud - glad DDIL got a good report from the OB.

Dee - I will pull out the red this week - not a color I wear too often.

Suzanne - thanks for getting us started.

Nothing new or exciting to report. Still nursing my injuries but very much improved. I have a 5 hour meeting tomorrow and hope I can last through that (or maybe not).

Enjoy your day.

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Rabbit Rabbit!!

One day I will be first.

I have finally got some pics posted to Photobucket but don't know how to post here. It's great as a slide show - I picked and chose about 20 pics. Suzanne, I know you told me before how to do this but I'm not sure. I did figure out how to cut and past the link in an email which I did send to some out of town friends.

Milkdud, we had a high of about 16 yesterday and went up to about 25 today - got 8 inches of snow Saturday, was only supposed to get a dusting. Snow is in the forecast again tomorrow and this coming weekend. Glad things are looking good for DDIL.

Jan, WTG on maintaining that weight! I know you and I will be cheering on the same team on Sunday - GO SAINTS!!

Raeanne, glad you are feeling better. It takes a while to get over things like that.

Dee, I love red and enjoy wearing it for a great cause.

Tikanis - hi!! Today was payroll day for me too, yuck.

Suzanne, I am thoroughly enjoying that fabulous dried garlic you sent me. Just used some again in last night's dinner (stuffed shells).

Hi to everyone else out there I missed!!

Be safe, be good and stay warm!


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Help! I had my doctor's visit today to discuss lab results. Everything was okay. I then had to go and open my big mouth. Occasionally, I have shortness of breath, not often, usually when I'm walking or right after. I talk alot, and also drink a lot of coffee. sometimes before walking. He had me do a breathing test, and that seemed to go okay. Then he scheduled a "Thallium Stress Test" to be conducted next week. They told me to be prepared to come and spend 3-4 hours, even more. When I got home and read what all they did, I began to get cold feet. Part of the test is they inject you with stuff that can actually cause shortness of breath?!!! Yikes.

I'm thinking about cancelling the test, maybe monitor more closely when it happens and then go from there. It's not severe shortness, it's like I run out of air, but I just stop and take a deep breath or two and I'm back to normal. Heck, it might be anxiety. I've been known to be a nervous nelly from time to time.

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Jan - did your Dr. give you a reason for not just giving you a regular stress test without injecting you. That is normally reserved for people that can't do the treadmill - which I would think you could. I would question him further. I had one recently and a Dr. stays with you during the entire test, so even if you have a problem with the treadmill you are being monitored and the Dr. would stop the test.

Donna - it sounds like you have more snow than me right now LOL. We are getting closer to seeing pics YIPEE.

I just got in from 6 hours worth of meetings. I am going to enjoy a bowl of white bean and spinach soup and then relax a few moments.

Hugs to all.

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Happy Tuesday night!

Jan, I had a thallium stress test and it was not a big deal, really. They put me on a treadmill and I went through a real work out. At a certain point the doc injected me with the thallium and kept me on the treadmill. I had no weird side effects or anything. I was there a couple of hours but I also had some other tests done as well. I am very short of breath too and have been since I was very young. I just attributed it to being a smoker but since I quit 16 years ago I can't use that one any more. Heart problems run in my family and I have a few glitches myself that in no way keep me down. Don't stress about the stress test - really. I do think Raeanne is right and ask him why he feels it's necessary and why a thallium test.

Raeanne, once I figure out how to post yes, you will see pictures!!! Six hours of meetings is six hour too many! Your soup sounds delicious - did you make it? I do believe we are winning the snow race this winter...we are expecting 3-4 inches overnight and a "significant" amount Friday night into Saturday. We heard about 24 inches are expected which is what we got just before Christmas. More snow expected next week - local weather said be prepared for a snowy February. I hope it doesn't snow on Saturday, at least not significantly because I want my new fridge delivered!!! My furniture came the day we got the pre-Christmas snow, also 2 ft, so maybe they will deliver anyway.

I booked a facial for Friday night after work but may reschedule that to next Friday. Got to go food shopping Thursday night - usual night, not snow fever and I hope those nuts who think they have to buy out the store every time a flake falls don't go until Friday.

Early start tomorrow - hugs to all. Be safe and be good!


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Hello all,

It is with much sadness that I tell you that my beloved Sweet Pea is very ill with a metabolic disorder - laminitis/founder I thought she was having an abcess which happens from time to time. When I got home from work this evening I realized it was much more - called the vet - an confirmed the diagnosis. She can barely stand on her own two front feet and I am praying that the drugs, etc will bring her relief thru the night. I am standing vigilant thru the night to see her thru. God bless her - she is so stoic. Prayers and healing thoughts please. My girl is in trouble.

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((NHSuzanne)) - Hugs to you and Sweet Pea. I will say a little prayer that she gets some relief and is soon back to her "sweet" self.

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Good morning all,

Well she made it through the night and is standing more this morning. I never left her side and I think we were both comforted a great deal with that. Poor Casey was very concerned and so were the donkeys. She is by no means out of the woods but she "seems" better. She is on a pain killer which helps and I hope to have her off that soon as it really is not good for her.

Waiting for the vet to call to tell me what she sees in the xrays. I am praying for good news there.

I have to say that I have never seen her in so much pain and I am amazed at her good nature. She has a heart of pure gold and I know she is going to pull through this soon.

Keep sending positive thoughts and prayers for her full recovery.

Raeanne, some healing reiki thoughts would be much appreciated. Once I get the results of her blood work and xrays I am calling a holistic vet who does acupuncture. I have read good things about treating this condition with acupuncture.

Sigh...my head is spinning I am so tired.

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Suzanne - (((((HUGS)))) and prayers coming to you and Sweet Pea. I will be thinking only positive thoughts.

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Suzanne, I hope today is a better day for Sweet Pea and she is back to normal soon. Try to get some rest - you must be exhausted.

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[[[[[[Suzanne & Sweet Pea]]]]]] Sending out positive thoughts and prayers for you both (and her vet)!

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(((((((((((Suzanne & Sweet Pea)))))))))))))) Prayers and positive thoughts for your sweet horse and comforting thoughts for you through this ordeal.

Hi to all! Later!

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((((((Suzanne and Sweet Pea)))))) Prayers and good vibes to you both!

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(((((Suzanne and Sweet Pea)))))

Much love, light and prayers to you both!!

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NHSuzanne - How is Sweet Pea doing this morning? I can't stop thinking about her and hoping things have improved.

Maddie - I sent you an email. Did you get it? I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your kind gesture!!!!

Patti - I sent you an email too. Hope you know that I loved the surprise package!!!

Hi bubbans! Did you get my email? Come join us.

I'll check in later to see how Sweet Pea is doing.


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Good Thursday all,

Well, we made it through another night. This morning SP seems a bit brighter but not herself yet. She was resting her back foot which is a good sign. Don't have blood work results yet. Her hoof trimmer is coming out to do a special trim which will give her relief. I have a call into an equine acupuncturist to come out and help too.

Thank you all for hugs and prayers. I really believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking. Keep sending them.

I am so tired I can hardly hold my head up. I had to come to work for a meeting but I am not sure I will last all day. I really want to be with Sweet Pea.

Marci, who is bubbans?

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Suzanne!! Sending prayers and positive thoughts for Sweet Pea!! Please rest whenever you get the chance as this is exhausting for you and Sweet Pea needs you at your best.

(((((Suzanne & Sweet Pea)))))


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Suzanne, please take care of yourself. Hope Sweet Pea is feeling better this morning. Sleep in tomorrow.

Well, we are expecting another snowstorm, though not as much as our Donna down in South Jersey. Not happy about this, as I had planned to run lots of errands, but there are always plenty of projects around this house.

Marci, so good to see you around here regularly again.

Even tho I really like Peyton Manning and I was a big fan of his dad....I'm going for the SAINTS simply because they are the underdogs. Love to cheer for the underdog (not a stretch there...I'm a JETS fan afterall. LOL!


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Good Friday all,

I must say that I am absolutely delighted that we are not getting that snow! It would make life for me and P so much harder.

The hoof trimmer came, trimmed her feet and fitted her for some boots with padding. It made her comfy enough to walk a little bit. I walked her two laps around the paddock last night and three laps this morning. It's important for her to walk even though she does not want to because it gets the blood moving a circulating in the hoof which is most important. I am feeling encouraged but still very cautious. Keep sending positive thoughts and prayers and thank you for them.

You can probably guess what I am doing this weekend! LOL

Marci, I agree with Dee - it's so nice to have you back here again. xxx...ooo

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Good morning!

Suzanne, Sweet Pea and I have a lot in common - it's important for me to walk, too, even though I don't want to - ha! Seriously, it sounds like yesterday was a good day for y'all. She's so lucky to be in your good hands. Hope this weekend is a great one for you.

For those of you in the snowstorm's target, stay safe and warm and hopefully, it won't be as bad as predicted. We had another monsoon, tons of rain all day yesterday and will continue for at least the morning. My exercise will consist of housework, I guess.

Dee, glad you are pulling for the Saints, they are going to need all of the support they can get! I love Peyton, too. I hope the Saints play good and clean (I know football is tough, but I still didn't care for the way they treated Brett Favre.) Hopefully, the Colts will protect Peyton, but not enough for them to win - ha.

Speaking of Brett Favre, Hyundai has a funny ad that will run - showing him as the MVP player of 2020, all wrinkled and even more gray-haired!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Hi all!

Who dat?! True dat!! Go Saints! I'm with Dee; I hope they win b/c they've never made it this far. I'd love to be in NOLA if they do win--oh, excuse me, *when* they win! :) (And if the Colts were playing any other team beside the Saints and the Giants (sorry, Dee!), I'd pull for them, but gotta go with the underdogs-) We're having a party with gumbo, red beans n rice, crawfish etouffee, jambalaya, and bananas foster bread pudding. And we have Abita beer, and some good chicory coffee.

Suzanne--I'm so glad to hear that Sweet Pea is feeling better!!! Still sending love and good vibes!

Just checking in to say hi--gotta go and finish cleaning, and then study.



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Just a quick check in to see about Sweet Pea. So glad to hear that she is doing a bit better! Hang in there Suzanne!

Back later,


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Good to hear that Sweet Pea is walking and getting better.

We are getting a heavy wet snowfall that is accumulating about an inch an hour. Hubby has shoveled three times already since it started. It's just too heavy to wait until this is all over. At least it's the weekend and I don't have to go anywhere. I planned ahead and ran my errands after school yesterday. Today I made some hearty vegetable/bean soup and tomorrow I am making Manicotti. Maybe I'll even get some time to finish a book that I started in the middle of January!

Hope everyone else who is experiencing this snowstorm is able to stay in. My kids flew to DC today to visit my niece. I hope they took their winter gear!! This should satisfy my DD's urge to see some snow! She will be glad to get back to the beach.

I will pick the partners for the birthday exchange this weekend and post them on Monday. Last chance to sign up.

DeeMarie and NHSuzanne - I have come to terms with a lot of "stuff" over the last few years and I have come out the other side ok. I hope 2010 will be a good year. I have come to terms with the changes at preschool and even come to embrace some of them. Thanks for "welcoming" me back to the fold. LOL

Have a great weekend.

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Good Friday evening!

Today we had lovely spring-like weather for a change and SUNSHINE!!! High in the mid-60's and very windy, but it was still wonderful.

Suzanne, I think about you and Sweet Pea often during the day and send up a good thought and prayer for both of y'all. I hope this weekend brings her great healing and that you get some sleep at long last!

I'm going over to Beaumont tomorrow afternoon to babysit my DGDs overnight, but I'll be back home in time Sunday afternoon to attend a Super Bowl party. Geaux, Saints!!!

Lots of volunteer work this week that left me tired every evening. And this was supposed to be a slow week, too! LOL

It's nice to come here and see so many posting. Wishing all with bad weather warm thoughts and good heating! Everybody take care and stay in if you can!

Happy weekend!

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Suzanne, glad to hear Sweet Pea is doing better.

Dee, you are right about the snow - we have lots of it, probably right now about 16 inches on top of what we already had and it's still snowing and blowing. Blizzard conditions in effect until 7:00 tonight. I am so over winter. As long as we don't lose power we are good.

Milkdud, I am very jealous of your weather.

I am with everyone else about tomorrow's game and am definitely rooting for the SAINTS. Not only are they the underdog and have never gotten this far before but my sister lived in NO for quite a while and says for many years they used to call them the AINTS. She's been to many a game at the Super Dome so needless to say we are pulling for them.

Stay safe and warm - will check in later.


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Suzanne - I hope that SP is showing even more improvement by now. Thinking of her all the time.

Donna - I saw Tom's River on the news this morning and thought of you. I will pray that your power remains on - I know that feelig all too well.

I'm with everyone else on the Saints too. If my team isn't in it I have to root for the underdog.

Marci - Sending positive vibes to you too. Manicotti and a book sound so comforting to me right now.

Enjoy your day whether it's inside or out.

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Good afternoon all,

Thank you SO much for the continued thoughts and prayers for SP. The hoof trimmer was out again this morning and we got SP and the rest of the herd out into the pasture. Casey was kicking up her heels in a big way (maybe to encourage SP) and SP did not do that but she went and stayed out until 2:00 pm. She has not layed down once yet today but she must be tired. She is in her stall now so I imagine a nap is in order.

It is chilly (21) but sunny here today. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that this snow is way south of us. It would be great hardship for both P and me if we were to get clobbered with snow right now.

DH left yesterday morning to deliver in Virginia! I could not believe he was going. He got to NJ last night and then into Maryland today before he decided to pull it over and stop. I just hope he is at a good truck stop with the anmenities....like hook up for tv for the super bowl....good lord that would upset him!

I am feeling encouraged still. SP is very, very lame and it's painful to watch her walk but it's the only way for her to get better. She takes baby step when she needs to but the thing is that she is doing it and has not given up. The vet has likened her pain to having all of your fingers slammed or crushed with a vise or in a big door. We all know how that feels - that throbbing endless pain. She says it ten times worse in the feet. The hoof is very much like a fingernail. My sweet brave girl.

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Here are my own snow pictures! First one is back yard. Second is the driveway that DH and I shoveled for two hours. Sun is out now and the driveway is actually clear and dry!

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I am jealous!! It JUST stopped snowing here. We are dug out and ready to roll when we need to. We ended up with about 24 or more inches - yuck. On top of what we already had we are about 32 inches.

Our township had to use front loaders to clear the snow, that's how much we have. Marci, we have mountains like you after shoveling - I wish I knew how to post a picture!!

Stay safe and stay warm everyone in the northeast/mid atlantic!!


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Donna - Email me your pictures and I will post them for you. 24"! Yikes! We are expecting more snow on Monday. I don't know where we'll put it. I need to soak in the hot tub tonight, that's for sure.

Manicotti turned out good. But I have such a hard time filling them. I tried using a pastry bag and my largest tip, but because I used spinach, it kept clogging. I swear I have spinach/ricotta mixture on my ceiling. LOL

Will probably put some chili in the crockpot for the game tomorrow. I will watch, but will probably do other things while the game is on. If I have to pick a team, I'll root for the Saints too.

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Oh my gosh - the Saints did it!!! I have cried and cheered and so happy they won! How exciting!!!Yea, yea, yea!!!

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