Box Elder bugs inside house

fernhillhallMarch 21, 2006

Last summer we had a swarm of Box Elders on the west side of the house. I read that it's pointless to try to eradicate them with sprays because more will come along from the same tree site anyway. The best remedy was to seal any cracks around that general area so they can't get into the walls to spend the winter. Well they did anyway, and now that the weather is warming about two dozen a day have made their way into my family room for the last two weeks. It's getting worse every day. I've looked for their source of entry without success. Can I assume that they will eventually all come in to be caught or fly away outside? Or will they breed in my walls? Oh my. Any suggestions?

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I hate those things. I have them to. They seem to be attracted to white. They like to hank out on my front door because it is white and gets a lot of sun. They also like my other white doors but my front door is the worst. They love to sneak in when I open the door. I spoted them 2 weeks ago when it was almost 60 degrees. I have in the past sprayed them with some Raid when there was a lot of them. I wish I had a permanent solution to the problem. Dont they come from some Box elder tree ot somthing like that? All I have is Maple trees.

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I just did a google to find out what are "box elders" I think I am thinking of the same bug but google confirmed it. In my search, I also found out a few links, here's one. I suggest you try a google, cause you can come across prevention and cures.. Seems like prevention is the best way to deal with these pests.


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Box elder bugs die like flies (????) when you spray them with soapy water. The best preventive I have found is to spray the house and door where they congregate in the fall with a soap water solution.
Linda C

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Yes, box elder bugs come from box elder trees, and you can kill them by spraying with soapy water. We had them years ago and the remedy was to convince the neighbor to cut down the box elder tree. That will get rid of them. Steve

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