Daily Support, Monday, February 9 to Sunday, February 15

aka_raeanneFebruary 9, 2009

Let's get this rolling.

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Happy Birthday Gretchen - it is so good to have you back with us! Hope your day was a good one filled with happiness.

Speaking of birthdays - I did post a few weeks ago about what we wanted to do to celebrate birthdays this year. Please share your thoughts. I took over for Marci last year and I don't feel like I filled her shoes very well. I just took on 2 other volunteer projects that will be keeping me very busy through the summer. Patti if you are still interested in taking over I will gladly pass the torch on to you LOL.

Jan - I hope you had a wonderful visit with your friends. Sending prayers to your family.

Marci - still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

I need to get busy, but will try to check in later.

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Raeanne, I'm OK with doing birthday cards or unbirthday packages. Thanks for offering to set it up.

I've got a busy week ahead of me!

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Good Monday afternoon!

We had rain early this morning, and it was greatly needed as we're in drought conditions now. The temp is 67 F. and it's been cloudy all day so far.

I've been busy making Valentine cards for friends and family today, and it's been a lot of fun and frustrating, all at the same time. LOL

I'm all for doing birthday cards this year. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have more than I need at the moment, but cards are never "more than I need". My friend from BL loaned me so much of her cardmaking equipment, and I'm having a great time learning how to make things.

I wanted to check in with everyone, but now I need to go mail my cards. Since everyone is a little different, I need to stand in line and get them weighed and stamped. *sigh* But, I had fun!

Wishing everyone well today. Hope Jan's NO trip has been successful. Take care, everyone!

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Good afternoon, friends.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and wishes. I don't have much to report on my older nephew. Not a whole lot happened on the weekend. They were to begin more tests and evaluations today, so hopefully, they will have answers soon and he can begin the road back to recovery. I talked to my brother a long time yesterday and he is holding up okay, just anxious to know what has caused all of this. His wife was on her way up yesterday.

We had a nice time with our friends in New Orleans - they are such special people and we always enjoy being with them. The weather could not have been nicer. I wasn't "perfect," as far as sticking to Weight Watchers, but did as best I could, when I could. I enjoyed having a couple of glasses of wine, both nights. Had WW meeting this morning (that helps keep me grounded) and ended up losing another pound, so was happy with that.

Thanks again for listening and being here for me. I pray that everyone's week is a good one. Take care.

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In case you missed it, GRETCHEN celebrated her birthday yesterday!

Let's all check in and wish her the best week ever!!!


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hello? hello? hello?

echo! echo! echo!

Do not make me come after you!

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Happy belated birthday Gretchen, hope it was great!

I'm with Milkdud, cards are fine with me this year. Raeanne, you do a fabulous job.

Jan, glad you enjoyed New Orleans. So what about the diet?? You lost a pound and that's great! ((Hugs)) for your nephew and family.

On tail end of sinus infection, got a cough now, the fun doesn't stop. Weather is gorgeous, nice and warm, must be about 40 but they say that will end and by weekend will be seasonably cold which will be in high 20s/low 30s.

Take care - check in later - Donna

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Just popping in for a quick hello.

I am fine with cards this year too. Raeanne - I will take back the reins if Patti doesn't want to do it.

Weather here is nice too. 50º at 8/am today. I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Catch you later,

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Good Morning...

Happy belated birthday Gretchen. I hope it was merry!

It is going to be a gorgeous day here today also. May try to get outside for a walk. Hubby wants to start using the Total Gym tonight. We have only had it for 4 months and neither one of us has touched it, other than to move it from one room to another!

Went to WW last night...not doing so good. My enthusiasm has waned. I am treating today as day 1 and will take it from there.

My brother Pete started chemo again yesterday...please keep him in your thoughts. Thanks.

Anyone watching American Idol this season? I hope that the girl with the high screeching voice that wears the long flowing "gowns", can't remember her name....the one that got moved into the other room last night....GOES. She can't sing and is very annoying! I like the rest of them though.

Have a great day...enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!


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Besh, she is Tatania I think. What a loon! She needs an institution vacation for about a year with some Paxil! LOL!!!!

My weigh-in showed a 2lb gain. Not surprised as I have not been drinking water (at all!) and I had Chinese food for dinner last night. I'm fully confident that next week will be a marked improvement. Getting lots of exercise in this week, so need to kick up my water consumption.

[[[[[[[[Besh's BROTHER]]]]]]]]]] He's on my prayer list.

Make today count!

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Good morning and happy birthday week to Gretchen!

Donna, thanks for the hugs. Nephew is doing a little better, still waiting on a diagnosis, but unfortunately, they know that drugs were a contributing factor. Sad.

Besh, re: WW. You've got the right attitude, so don't get discouraged. If I think of how much weight I need to lose, I can get a little down, but then I tell myself that sooner or later, I will get there this time. My ex-neighbor called yesterday and we talked about it, because it's not coming off as fast for her, either.

I need to go back and really read some of the handouts. For instance, I didn't realize that we could have some oil without counting points (I love the dipping bread in olive oil that Dr. Oz recommended a while back.) I did that one night but when I counted the fats, I said "whoa!" Only last night did I read that we could have two teaspoons a day without counting points (I think that's what I read?) Are you doing that?

I will definitely keep your brother, Pete, in my prayers.

RE: American Idol. Being from Mississippi, I'm pulling for the pretty 16 year old from Starkville, MS - Jasmine Murray. She is so poised and mature for her age and has a lovely stage presence. Plus, she's not obnoxious like some of those weirdos. I have to flip channels, so miss a lot, because I'm hooked to The Biggest Loser.

Dee, you've lost a lot already, and I agree, Chinese food (and red meat) can make you retain. Our leader mentioned that most of us probably do not drink enough water, since the WW guidelines have relaxed their policy on what defines "liquids." I know I don't, so I'll meet you today at the water fountain - ha.

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Today is our anniversary so I'm just going to say hi real quick.

Happy Belated Birthday Gretchen!

Raeanne & Marci~I'd be happy to do the birthdays if you would like for me to. And I will do cards or whatever the group decides.

Jan~Sorry about your nephew. I'll have to go back & read exactly what is going on but he will be in my prayers.

Besh~Your brother will also be in my prayers. So glad you are having time to post again.

Donna~Glad you have time to drop in too.

Dee~You have a lot of b*tkus to kick it is looking like! LOL

Milkdud~Glad you are enjoying the card making.

Have a good day & I'll check back tomorrow. Patti :-)

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Good afternoon,ladies! It's a beautiful sunshiny day here in SE Texas, with temps in the low 70's.

I've had a busy and fattening week so far, so I need to read that y'all are losing weight and doing great on your eating plans! I had a luncheon yesterday and again today, and a dinner meeting last night. Everybody tries to fix their very best (i.e. fattening) foods for these, and it's rude to turn them down, so.............. LOL

Patti, happy anniversary to you and Dave!

Dee, don't be discouraged. You've already figured out what happened, so guzzle those liquids and you'll be back on track.

Jan, keeping your nephew and your family in my prayers.

Besh, sending healing thoughts for your brother Pete.

Marci, I'm glad that you're having nice weather for a change!

Now, where is Suzanne? I hope she's not snowed in/under!

Happy belated birthday, Gretchen!

My friend is still in the hospital as he has now developed some type of hospital-caused pneumonia (can't forget the exact term that the dr. used) and a staph infection at his port entry. His wife and the drs. are working hard trying to get him admitted to MD Anderson. I'm worried that with his immune system so badly compromised that something else will get him before he gets to the cancer center and gets the miracle he needs. I really do appreciate your good thoughts for Larry.

DDIL is calling to find out if my son has planned anything special for them for Valentine's Day/their anniversary because she wants to plan something. I love when they each come to me trying to figuring out what to do for the other!

Time to figure out what's for dinner. Wishing y'all a Happy Hump Day!

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Just an update on our friend Larry. He was just moved to MD Anderson cancer center. He's waiting in the emergency area right now until they can get him a bed. Thanks for the prayers!

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milkdud - that is great news for Larry. I hope he gets the best of care there! Is the center far from you?

Patti - Happy Belated Anniversary!!! How did you celebrate?
If you want to handle the birthday card sign up, that is fine with me. We should get started soon though, before too many more birthdays pass.

High winds kept me up most of the night. It sounded like a freight train was roaring through the neighborhood. The electricity went out and didn't come on until 7/am. I was afraid I was going to have to go to preschool with bedhead! LOL

We are having our Valentine parties today and tomorrow. I am going to see if DH would like to go out to dinner today, since he will be working on Saturday.

Catch you later,

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Good morning!

Patti, hope you had a very happy anniversary yesterday!

Milkdud - I hope that your friend, Larry, is in his room and resting comfortably and he is soon rid of his staph infection and pneumonia. I've never heard of so many people contracting staph in hospitals - my nephew (the quadraplegic one) did with his recent stay. As if the patient doesn't have enough to battle......

I talked to my brother yesterday. He was at the motel, doing laundry. His wife had just left and this was the first time that he has really been alone since my nephew had the breakdown. He's 14 months younger than me, the only son (poor thing, had five of us sisters to deal with!) We talked forever, and he cried a little bit, which is rare for him. But we laughed, too, and I told him how much I loved him. Later, he called to tell us that the hospital wants to keep his son longer, that he still has a ways to go. Personally, I was relieved, and I think my brother was, too. He was going to visit him last night and then leave this morning. It will be a tough day for him, but no tougher than the last week or two has been.

Sometimes I feel like I'm always writing sad stuff. I can just picture y'all thinking, Oh, great, here comes "Miss Soap Opera." I apologize. I really do laugh a lot and enjoy my life. I guess when you reach my age (I'll be 59 this summer), things like this just happen more often. Still doesn't make it any easier to accept.

I used to say, let this year be a good one, then I would say, let this month be a good one, now all I ask is that this day be a good one! I hope it is for all of you.

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Patti - thank you so much that will be a huge relief to me. Of course there wasn't much more than coordinating the birthday buddies, but it is one less thing. I would gladly forward you the list but my computer is in for repair and unless the erase the hard drive I have all the info on there. I probably have the list Marci originally emailed me, but that may have changed.

Marci - thank you for offering to take the job back. I know you are very busy, so that was very generous of you.

Jan - I am glad that they are keeping your nephew longer too. You brighten this place up all the time, do not ever worry about sharing what is going on in your life. That is why we have "support" in our title. I say live in the NOW and appreciate

Milkdud - I am happy to hear your friend is where he should be.

Gotta run the computer I am using is very tempermental but better than nothing.


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Good day, everyone. Especially you, Jan!((((hugs))))

Ladies, after I wrote the post about our friend Larry getting into MDACC, a friend of mine from BL called to invite me to join the Crosby Meltdown here in town. If you join, you're entitled to go to Curves free until the end of March, so I jumped at the chance to try out the place. We went this morning, I had my trial run-through and really enjoyed myself. The owner of the franchise told me that I could officially start tomorrow through the end of the Meltdown, then switch to a regular membership without the enrollment fees!!! I felt like my old self this whole morning, and I'm still pumped up from the workout!

Jan, sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield. Life doles it out randomly to all of us, and fortunately at different times, so we're here for you when you need us, and I doubt that I'm not alone in NEVER rolling my eyes about your posts. You need shoulders; we have them!

Marci, you'll definitely deserve a night out with your hubby after Valentine parties for little ones. Halloween and Valentine parties were always the "hyper days" in my preschool classroom.

MD Anderson is way far away in downtown Houston, and I'm a chicken about driving there, but I hope to get home early enough on Sunday for hubby and me to go see him if we're nice and healthy. I usually drop off a card and/or a little gifty at their home a couple of times a week instead. Larry has just caught so many things besides all the internal problems he's had with blood clots and renal failure that I haven't wanted to expose him to anything.

Where is everyone lately? I know that Donna isn't feeling well and that Gretchen is busy, but where is Suzanne, BJ, Peggy, and Maddie? Check in, ladies!

Got to get busy making my "Hugs" cards to accompany the "hugs" bags for my friends tomorrow and my Valentine cards for my son and his family to take on Saturday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Here is a link that might be useful: Crosby Meltdown

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Hi Everyone!

I gotta catch up, read, etc. We've been trying to get DH's biz up and running and it STILL ISN'T OPEN, if you can believe that! (I can't!) The town, signage, getting computers that actually WORK; the list goes on and on. Looks like another week...DH is driving me CRAZY being at home--it's like living with a retired guy.

I'm very happy my scale is in the garage. I would be stress eating like crazy if I was weighing in, I'm sure!

HUGGLES to all who need them. I think about you guys EVERY DAY. I'll check in later to catch up.

What's everyone got planned for V-day?

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I have about 4 meetings today and then I'm out of here.

Our main bathroom is almost completed; they seal the grout and put in the toilet, sink, and med cabinet today. This Sunday, DH has promised to paint the ceiling and walls. I'm very excited about the fact that both my bathrooms
will finally be completed. It's been 6 1/2 years!

QOD: Anyone have special plans this weekend? DH and I are going to spend a quiet evening in front of the fireplace tomorrow night. Sunday evening we have reservations to Ruth's Chris to celebrate. His oldest DD gave us a gift certificate for Christmas, and I want to use it quickly. These days, you never know who's going out of business!

Hope everyone is feeling OK and decides to check in.

Happy Belated Anniversary Patti & Dave.

[[[[[[[[[[[SPECIAL HUGS TO EVERYONE]]]]]]]]]]]]

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Greetings all!

Happy Friday.

Happy Belated Birthday Gretchen and Happy Belated Anniversay Patty and Dave! Hugs to both.

Besh thinking of you and your brother. Hope all is well.

Raeanne, I thought I addressed the bday question. I am up for whatever everyone decides. Maybe just cards would be nice this year due to the struggle many are having.

Jan, I hope all is going well with your nephew.

Milkdud, thinking of you and your friend and your Crosby meltdown! You go girl.

Marci, we had and continue to have high winds. It was like a vortex last night!

BJ, my DH has been home for several weeks now and I hate to say it but he's driving me nuts too! I dread retirement if he doesn't get himself a hobby to be passionate about! LOL

Dee, glad your bathroom project is nearing completion! Enjoy your weekend.

Donna, hope your sinuses are healing. Ugh.

Whew, I have been so busy both at work and at home. I have attempted to check in here everyday this week and always get sidetracked!

Work is busy which is a very good thing these days!

At home, we have a timber management company coming in on Monday to start harvesting timber on our property. Unfortunately, they must go right through my paddock and fenced field to get some of the largest stuff out which means taking down fences...........ugh. So I have been trying to find a place to bring my horses while this project goes on so they will be safe. SO much fencing has been damaged from the ice storm in December.

I have a safe place but now we have to move many feet of snow to get into the paddock. It's going to be a ton of work but worth it in the end.

QOD: Move snow, move horses and pray the project doesn't get delayed. Tonight hags with nags is having dinner at my house and DH is going out with his best friend. Tomorrow, if we have the energy we will have a quiet dinner at home!

Hugs to all

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Good Valentine's Eve! I've been slaving away on Valentine cards to take to my kids/grandkids in Beaumont tomorrow, and also made "hugs" bags and cards to give to friends here. So, it's breaktime, and I'm checking in.

BJ, great to see you posting! Can't wait to hear the latest.

Suzanne, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to come up there and dig you out of the snow, so it's a good thing that you posted!

Dee, sounds like you're going to have a lovely Valentine's day.

QOD: I'm going over to Beaumont tomorrow afternoon and stay with the little girls so that my son and his wife can celebrate their anniversary without the cost of a sitter. It's also been a month since I last saw them, so I'm happy to do this. Hubby and I celebrated last Sunday, and we'll go out for dinner Sunday evening.

I really enjoyed my 2nd day of working. Today, I did the full 2-1/2 circuits, and I'm not sore tonight - not yet anyway! The 1/2 circuit for those who don't know about Curves is the stretching/cool down equipment. It obviously helps with the aches and pains that normally follow a hard workout. I think I'm going to like this place much better than BL because I seem to get a really comprehensive workout and break a big sweat while doing it. I never perspired at BL! Also, my pulse hovers around 85 when I'm halfway through whereas before, it just stayed nice and low.

I've got a 9:00 meeting of the church women tomorrow, so I need to get my little gifts together to take with me and get my packing done. I'm hoping that I can leave the meeting in time for a quick workout before hitting the road.

Wishing y'all a very Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hi Guys!

No plans for V-Day! DH and I stopped celebrating V-Day a while back---our expectations kept getting dashed---lol! He's staying island-bound and I'm heading to the mainland with all the offspring.

Anyway, well, I'm going to the ferry tomorrow at o'dark thirty and won't be back for a week! No internet over there, unless I hit the library and I JUST MIGHT!

Stay safe, healthy, and happy---and I'll "see" soon!

(((((((HUGGLES TO EVERYONE.))))))))

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Maddie, I was thinking about you this morning. Please check in again!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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