Which diet is right for me

janice24February 12, 2008

Hi there.

I way in at 13 stone and am eager to go on a diet to help lose some weight.

a friend recommened this website to me:- www.letsalldiet.com as they have a number of diets.

Has any one tried these/had success?

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I looked at the letsalldiet site and it appears to have a REAL variety of diets listed.

But, really, whatever works for you, and is somethig you can stick with LONG TERM, will probably work best.

You can join in on the "SS" thread here, where everyone is doing something different and it's all pretty much working. There is a real community of dieters here, so just jump in and keep talking!

The thing that I've noticed in all the diet plans, is the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, including surrounding yourself with supportive people.

Whichever diet you choose, just stay with it, be accountable for what you eat, and get some exercise 3 times a week.

Good luck!

(The conversion of 13 stone is about 182 pounds.)

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I have had great success weight watchers- it is very eye opening to write everything down that you eat. Everything counts! I lost 25lbs in 8 months and will continue until I lost another 30 or so. It is a very livable program- no depravation.

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