Doll Parts

starrynightNovember 23, 2006

I found a ton of china doll parts in my ceramic work room which I got off of my mother since she can't make them anymore. Turns out my father found a couple china dolls from the 1800's and had ceramic molds made from them. I'm still looking for the molds in the work room, but I found almost 50 sets of china doll parts, I'm talking heads with two arms and legs each that range from a bonnet china doll to what lokos like a civil war replica china doll. I can't keep these all here. If anyone knows a place I can sell them, or if anyone on here wants them I can send pictures with email.



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Wowser, Star! You should list some of those for sale on eBay. Millions of people shop there every day, especially collectors. Let us know if you do so we can have a look. Good luck to you.


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