Black lacquered buffet stained

carmen_grower_2007March 8, 2008

This is a real nice piece of furniture and it has white spots on the top now. My husband thinks it is from a 'exploding 7-Up can'. Anyway, it obviously wasn't wiped off right away and now I have these awful spots.

I tried mayonnaise because I know that is supposed to take water stains up from wood. Didn't work. Now what?

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Why would mayo, an oil-based goop, take water stains out of a finish? Just curious... I know you didn't invent the idea :-).

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Mayo? Black laquered finish I am guessing it is pressed board or mdf and that really shiny stuff? Find a vase or something that looks nice sitting on the spot and live with it.

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The buffet is a very old Chinese antique and I sure would like to know what to do about the spots. The wood under the lacquer is a hardwood --- probably maple. The spots are not in a place where a vase would look OK.

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I suggest you call a proper restorer or refinisher, one who is familiar with Chinese laquer - if you have a real antique, it's not worth chancing ruining it to save a few dollars on DIY.

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I would Google something like "antique black lacquer repair" and see what turns up. If it's a really valuable antique in otherwise good condition, it sounds like the stain may have caused a significant loss in its value. That's a shame. I would go for a good antique restorer so you can continue to enjoy it. Good luck.

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Thank you all so much. I did find a person who restores antiques and the cost is way prohibitive. I can certainly live with some 7UP stains and will probably continue to enjoy this piece until it is given upon my death.

I love this forum and appreciate your help!

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