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deemarie5500February 21, 2005


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Good Morning Everyone!

DeeMarie, Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a great one!

I am ready for some warm weather. Seems like every flu bug is going around here. I am in hopes my kids will stay well if they ever get over these stinkin ear infections.

Better get to work. Have a great day.


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Hi Jen! I was one of those kids with the ear infections...LOL! Now I know how my mother felt.

Well, I sent Marci a picture of Gretchen's gifts to me, but I wanted to say a big THANK YOU again to her. What great ideas she came up with! I'm supposed to be working from home today (we got 6 inches of snow and the plows were not around due to a holiday for everyone else, except those who work for UK companies, I guess!). I took out some time to go over the cookbook "Weight Watchers TurnAround Program" that Gret sent me. I showed it to DH and asked if he would be willing to eat most of the recipes from it; and he gave thumbs-up! That's wonderful because the recipes are for the Core or Flex plan.

Gretchen also sent me two books from the Goldy Bear (a bright, opinionated, wildly inventive caterer!) collection. It seems that Goldy gets herself in mysterious circumstances. Gret sent me "Dying for Chocolate" and "Catering to Nobody". I cannot wait to start them! They include recipes too! Whoa Hoooo. Gretchen, I'm going to bring them on my trip to Florida in early March. (Magickitty, I'll be in Ft. Laurderdale)

I also received nine packages/rolls of WW fruities, which are some of my favorites for 0 point snacking....sort of like ju-ju-bees for those who remember or the texture of Smith Bros cough drops. Very fruiting, long-lasting, and best of all, satisfying. An entire roll is only 1 point, and your jaws would be frozen shut if you tried to eat the entire roll at one sitting! I also received a box containing 12 WW mini Chocolate Mint bars which are 1 point each. Instead of bringing them to the office, I decided to leave them at home in my snack cabinet. This way, I can bypass the chips and head for a legal treat.

I'm sure that Gretchen knew I love my baths, because she sent along Aura Cacia pure aromatherapy foam bath in Cinnamon/Ylang Ylang (sensual and warming) and Tangerine/Grapefruit (refreshing & awakening). I cannot wait to try them (at different times of the day, of course!)

Hope you all get a chance to see the picture once Marci posts it.

Oh yes, I also sent Marci a picture of me all bundled up yesterday morning in Central Park. We went in with BIL and SIL to see the so-called "art" that is on display. These are saffron-colored gates with same-colored material hanging from them that stretch for 23 miles. I don't get it, and the reaction is mixed. We laughed and others were in awe. The weather was very very cold, so I was bundled up in about 7 layers. I was exhausted when we got home and slept for 3 hours into the early evening...this battle back from pneumonia is not easy. Could be my advanced age? LOL!!! Where's Raeanne when I need her?

Well, I gotta go and do some real work.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning Dee and Jen!

I am off for President's Day. To quote Maxine - I celebrate any day that the mail carrier doesn't bring me any bills! LOL

Dee - Glad you had a nice birthday. Gretchen did a great job on your surprise package. I will check my email and put the pictures in the album asap. I saw an article on The Gates exhibit in Central Park. I didn't get the point of it and I also couldn't quite grasp why someone would spend $20 million on it. But it just goes to show that art appreciation is subjective. One person in the article I read answered the question of "Why?" with "Why not!". I do have to say that the pictures taken after it snowed were visually striking.

I am having my Stitch 'N B*tch group over tomorrow and I am making my appetizers and dessert today. I cleaned yesterday and without any kids home, it just might stay clean for a few day! LOL

Speaking of kids, DS made it to Florida and is settled into his apartment and getting used to his new job. He is flying home already this weekend (to see DGF) and DH and I are planning on having lunch with DS and DGF. When he informed us that he will be staying with her and not us, I was sad. But I understand that he is trying to keep a long distance relationship going. He knows we will be there for him and will love him no matter what; I guess he isn't so sure about DGF.

DH and I are going to fly down to see him the weekend of May 12th. I will have to use my last 3 personal days, so I have to officially bow out of French Lick. Maybe next time we could plan something for summer?

Patti - How are you doing? Did I ever answer your question about knitting? I would recommend the class. I am a visual person and learn by example much better than from text. The instructor was very helpful and had several helpful suggestions for beginners. I kept adding stitches onto my rows and couldn't figure out why I kept doing that. But she took one look at what I was doing and she immediately knew what I was doing wrong and showed me how to correct it.

I hear the stove buzzer going off. Gotta check on the cake.


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Check out the album. I put Dee's pictures in for your viewing pleasure! :~)

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Dee - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!! I am so sorry that I missed it. Sounds like Gretchen did a great job. I love the picture of you in Central Park, I wished I had known you were there. I was in Manhattan on 52nd St yesterday morning and considered going to Central Park, but heard that it was very hard to get near it - you proved them wrong! I have a strange sense of style when it comes to art and think of something like that definitely as art. I am impressed by the size of the project and that it has caused people to talk about it.

Marci - thanks for posting those photos. We spend a good portion of our lives teaching our children to become independent and then live the rest of our lives regretting it LOL.

All of you on Weight Watchers - do you go to meetings or do you do it online? I am seriously thinking of jumping on the WW wagon, that's if I can jump anymore. I can't stand this belly hanging over my pants any longer.

Costa Rica is BEAUTIFUL. It had to be the prettiest resort I have ever been to. I wished I had another week there. There were several trips I would've liked to have gone on, but they took a day out of your week and we weren't up to taking a full day away. We did go to a Monkey Park where they rehab injured and orphaned wildlife, my DD's were able to feed some monkeys. They had quite an operation and I was very impressed. Included in the resort was the trip to the Monkey Park, Ziplining, Horseback Riding, kayaking, sailing, paintball, rock climbing, and more that I can't even remember. The food was delicious and the staff was top notch - so friendly. We also spent a half a day in a nearby town. It was so HOT, in the upper 90's the entire week and only one day that had some clouds. You really needed to be near water the entire time.

I will have to catch up on what I missed.

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I am so glad you enjoyed everything. I thought that perhaps I was walking a fine line sending diet goodies...but what the heck! Those Fruitees are a god send when you need something sweet.

Raeanne - I go to the meetings. I NEED that for me. It keeps me in line if I have to go and get on a scale. I don't know how DeeMarie does it with the office thing. I don't know if they have a weigh in too. I have lost almost 18 pounds and these holidays have been hard to handle and I haven't handled them very well. I needed a goal to look for and I decided that I wanted to get a very expensive pair of jeans and I want to look good in them so I am heading towards them. I would like to lose a total of 25 or so pounds. I have to go to my son's police graduation in April and the ex will be there...I want him to choke...but more importantly, I just want to look and feel good!

Marcie - Can you send me the link AGAIN....I keep losing it!


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Hope everyone is up and about. We need to hear from all of you!

I did 45 minutes of chair yoga during my lunch hour and feel OK. Still not cleared for aerobics, but it felt good to s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

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Gates link is below.

I think the colors are wonderful! And the motivation of the artists is inspriring and fascinating to me. And what the hay! It gets the people out and WALKING around!

I gotta read to catch up! Dang! Back tomorrow!


Here is a link that might be useful: Interesting FAQs for the Gates artists

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Good Morning....

DeeMarie - happy belated B-day. Sounds like you had a good one. How long will you be in Florida? I am 2 1/2 to 3 hrs away. If you have a free moment or day, we could try to meet. Is your trip for pleasure or business?

Raeanne - glad you had a good trip.

Gotta go, I had just had a quick moment to say hello out there to everyone. Take care.


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Morning ladybugs

Been busy with life happening.
My DS had his 7th birthday party, church dinner, inlaws over for supper, homework, MaryKay, you get the picture.

Well....i'm not complaining but no one answered my haircolor question last week. I used a dual color, highlighter, its ok looking- I always turn more auburn than I mean to.

MagicKitty- Im from GA. originally- where are you to be only 2-3 hours from FL ?

The gates- I cant get into them.

Patti- how is topamax working for you? Are you losing any weight due to it? I lost some when I first went on that.

Raeanne- Id love to hear more about the island man! any pictures? glad you had a good trip.

Boss is back.. see ya later

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Hi guys!

KYSusie! I saw your question regarding hair color, but since I always hit the hair dresser, I didn't answer. I should have acknowledged the Q tho! Glad your hair turned out okay! I have been keeping mine very dark lately. I like it a little more red, but the 'professional' (my 1st ex husband is my hairdresser) says no, and DH #3 agrees with him. It's out of my hands, and I welcome that! ---on the hair, only, please! lol. -----

How'd the party go for your 7 yr old? We're planning a Luau party for my soon-to-be 9 yr old. Fun stuff!

WW has been going well for me. About the meetings, I really have to go to them. It's the weigh in, accountability of seeing the same group (in person) every week and moving forward toward a common goal. There are awards, laughs, lots of GREAT ideas, and besides, we have a zippy leader who really cares about the group's progress. Note to self: GET MORE EXERCISE!

I'll be gone from here from Fri-Sun night. Gotta fly to Laguna Beach for some family biz. Quick trip and back. Just FYI.

Raeanne: How many of those activities did you do? Sounds SO fun, all of them! Which resort was it?

Back to the grind. My teen older girls are in TX this week. Their dad (DH #2, I was his 1st) is getting married for the 3rd time. I hope this one works for him!

All for now. Back to read later. Are we still dong the questions? I never did one, but will post one if it's still on. Marci?

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Hi ...

KYsusie - I live in FL. I live on the west coast in Lee County and DeeMarie will be visiting the east coast(Ft. Lauderdale), it is a short ride to get to each coast.

Where abouts in GA are you from? Do you miss it? Are you in Kentucky now.....hence the KY susie????

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Hi ladies!

Belated Happy Birthday Dee! Your package looks awesome! :)

KYSusie--I didn't answer your ? re hair coloring either--I have done both. I tried a new stylist and I love my hair! She cut it so well that **I** can style it at home, and it looks great! Honestly, this is the best cut I have ever had, and she is worth every cent! (until the reality stricks me when I get the bill!)

Well, a DGF and I went to our annual hen-party on Monday night, and she suggested that we eat at an O'charley's before we went. Now, this part of Louisville is typical middle-class suburbia--nice homes, etc.... Well, we had just started munching, and all of a sudden all h3ll breaks loose; there was a drive-by shooting in the parking lot (2 cars down from mine), and about 60 feet away from where we were sitting. Holy splumony! Talk about creepy. We're chowing salad, and here's this guy all red and holding his side sitting in front of my car. I think they caught the guys that did it; they had been on a 2 man crime spree, and decided to shoot someone. I told my bud that I'm going to have to stop going out to eat; remember the old man that died next to my table at the casino buffet? Scheech!

And I forgot to tell you all--Rog's cousin's 12 yo step daughter went to her first dress-up dance on the 11th, and since her mom was at work, I got to help her get dressed and mess with her makeup. What fun!!! She is so pretty that it scares me, and she picked out a really pretty, long, black spagetti-strapped dress that was *not* tacky like so many are now. Her mom and I went back up to the school when mom got home, and we had a blast, hiding in the shadows, watching the dancers. G0d, these kids look so much older than I did when I was 12. Ack! It was sweet, and I was touched to be a part of her big night! :):)

Rog and I went to an all day conference at the local World Trade Center for information on exporting from China. Really interesting stuff; makes me realize that I want to seriously research this option a bit further.

I worked an art auction last night, and my old comnpany owner was there with his wife. Talk about awkward! We were nice to each other, but he can go p!ss up a rope as far as I'm concerned. Oh!! And I found out that my old boss is preggers; I guess she finally oops her hubby, b/c he definitely did not want another kid. Their DD is 10, so this should be fun! I'm glad I'm not there any longer!

Gotta go!



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Good THURSDAY Morning!

We are in for more snow here. Could not sleep and DH drove me to the office at 6:25am!! Nice and quiet; he promised to be in the parking lot at 2pm so we can beat the storm (I HATE driving in snow!!!). By tomorrow morning, we are due for another 6 inches of the stuff. I've got a doctor's appointment at 11am, so I hope that is still on. I want an exam and a chest x-ray before I go away to make sure I'm officially on the mend.

Maddie, I hate to admit this, but I LOVE it when I learn that people who did me wrong have a few bumps in the road! heeeheee You sound like you are feeling better, and I'm happy about that. I missed ya, kiddo!

Well, things around this office are strange, to say the least. Most of us in lower-to-middle management are projecting layoffs or reorganizations, which may lead to 'redundancies'. This is not a good time for me to be caught up in this, but my department is. DH is not due to go back to work until maybe June, and he does NOT have disability, so we are living off my paycheck. A few good thoughts from my pals here would make me feel better.

Hope everyone is having an easy time of it. Please check in: Amy, Joanne, John, Jen, Patti & Dave, know who you are--Let's hear from you!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP!

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(((DeeMarie))) I have been there, done that, so I know what you are feeling. Seems like no job is safe and secure these days, but I will keep my fingers crossed that your office is spared cutbacks.

BJ - I was hoping to post a new questionnaire for this year's exchange. Since my mind was numb at the time (LOL), I had asked that everyone submit one question they would like to see on the questionnaire. But only 4 people submitted questions and with my DS moving, I pushed it to the back burner. If you have any suggestions for me, send them right along and I will add them to what I have and post something soon.

Anyone else have any questions they would like to see on the questionnaire??

It is snowing like crazy right now, but school wasn't cancelled or even delayed. I just hope the roads are ok. In front of my house hasn't been plowed or even ashed. My bet is that half my preschoolers don't show up.

I had better go dig out my hat and gloves and get ready to brave the storm!


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Today, DH drove me to work due to the snow. We leave here at 10:30am for my follow medical appointment and a chest x-ray. Looking forward to a clean slate. I feel a bit better, with more energy each day. Not 100%, but getting there and grateful.

Hope everyone is behaving themselves. Have a wonderful, safe weekend!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Morning ladybugs

Dee you have a good check up now YA HEAR!

I'm registered to see Dave Ramsey next friday night in Maddie's backyard- Louisville, KY.

Has any one seen him or worked his debt paydown thing?

Magic kitty- Im from Savannah,GA originally -lived here since 3 rd grade -went back down and went to college down there- love it there. I live in western KY- have since college-hence the name KY susie

Gotta go get busy- have a great weekend all!

HUGS- KYsusie

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Hi ya'll!

Susie! I'm jealous! I think Dave rocks, and I'd loooove to see him! I think he's at SouthEast Christian Church, isn't he? I have his Financial Peace book, and try to follow it the best I can. He keeps saying to give up luxeries like manicures and the like, but I can't give up things I don't do in the first place! :) Heck, I'm a consignment store/thrift store grrrl anyway. so there went that, too! We have cut way back on our eating out, and I've seen a great difference in our budget!

Dee! Gottcha in my pr@yers--your company sounds like it's such a great place to work--I hope things work out! :)

Things are quiet around here. I took mom out yesterday and we did some running around, and had lunch. She is holding up remarkably well.

Have I completely lost what's left of my mind, but wher4e is NHSuzanne? and Patti?



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Maddie, you are not going nuts....I've noticed the absence of several of our sisters. Hope that all is well north and south of us.

[[[[[[[[[hugs]]]]]]]]]]]] to your mom, Maddie. It's wonderful to hear that she's getting on with life. One of my best friend's mom (who was my mom's best friend) lost her husband in September, and she has informed everyone that she is fine, ok, can stay alone, etc. She looks wonderful, and is grateful for her children, grandchildren, and a new great-grandson (born today, thank you!) She's a wonderful lady and was discussing with me that she's rediscovering herself and what she was like when she was younger..enjoying some different stuff, and finding life fulfilling. Hope we can all accept that, if and when the time comes.....

Love to all.....

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Hi all!

Where is everyone? Although, I spent all day yesterday play shopping--I found some wonderful shoes, but they were to much $, so I got a new lilac shirt, and a great pair of flip flops--

Dee--I hope so too. I look at Rog with different eyes now. I am sure that I could go on, but my question is would I want to? I could stomp on him from time to time, but woe to anyone that would hurt him. I waited so long form him that I can not comprehend not having him around. I love him with every fiber that I have, and I have made a silent resolution (to him. at least) to enjoy every momnet with him. He's my sweetie! :):)

Well, I got an eye opening trying on clothes--I took **HORRIBLE**!!! UGH! Lemme tell ya--if you need any motivation, try on some clothes--talk about a wake up call! Gym, here I come!! LOL!!!

Hope all is well!



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