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dlhealdquilterFebruary 12, 2007

Good Morning

I thought I would start this post for the week because I am new to WW and I have a question that I am hoping that someone can answer for me.

My husband and I joined WW on Friday. I made the proposal to him to join me and he agreed. That is the first step in helping him loose the weight that he needs to loose.

I did WW's last year for a little bit and I did the FLEX plan but found that I wasn't satisfied with the points that I was allowed. So when we started on Friday, I suggested to my husband that we try to CORE plan, thinking that he could eat all he wanted of the CORE foods and still be satisfied...which has been working so far. We both stepped on the scale this morning too, and this were looking good.

OK, now for the question. If something is not on the CORE list, you need to count it as part of your additional 35 points for that week. What if you decide to have something, and when figuring out how many points it is worth on your little slide thing it shows ZERO points? How do I count that food item? Does it kind of become a CORE food item and I don't have to worry about how much I have or what?

So far, so good, and I will let you all know how we did on Friday afternoon after we weigh in. Thanks.

Lynn in ND

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I don't know anything about the core program but wanted to wish you good luck...

I have started my exercise for the day on the treadmill...I will do another session later in the day...I want to maintain an hour on it but it is just too long and I don't have the stamina to do it in one clip so I make it a couple of sessions...a couple of times, three...any exercise is better than none and if I can get a whole hour in I feel pretty good about it...I am afraid to weigh...I have been off the scale for ages now and do not feel that complusion to get on everyday but I'm doing OK without it....I feel good about my weight though and don't feel pressured to lose or gain...

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Lynn -- If something is 0 pts you do have to limit it to its serving size. If I remember right -- tomato juice is 0 pts. The reason they don't consider it CORE is because it is not filling and does not give you enough of the vitamins, minerals that you need. If you notice -- there are no juices on CORE.

So count that 0 pts in along with your 35 extra.

And get the Flex/Core cookbook -- it is a good starting CORE cookbook. We love the salsa verde, pork and hominy soup. And there are tons of other good recipes.

Tough weekend for me -- we went to Milwaukee for the weekend and ate cheese and drank beer --- because that's what you do in Milwaukee! Back on track today --- I have 6 lbs to lose to reach goal and boy are they going slow!!!


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I'm loving the treadmill..makes it soooo easy to get the exercise in and soooooo easy to do it in front of the tv...this can't be a bad thing....I am eating good and I decided to add a protein supplement to my vitamin regime just to help (hopefully) in some muscle building....I don't eat a lot of protein and am hoping this will help...I'm feeling good physically and mentally and I think that's what is important...

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Silly Me I did not see this thread when I posted Monday night LOL!! I am having to log in everytime I come here now I wonder why???

Lynn what are you having that is 0 pts?? I might want some:) How can you count 0 pts in with the 35 if they are 0??? Good for you and your DH doing this together must make it alot easier for you.

I like Core best I have always eaten all of the Core foods anyway, I wanted to do Flex for awhile to get some weight off faster or so I thought~~~but I have trouble since I have done Core for almost a year now (March 1st it will be 1 year). I think I will just do Core and that will keep me from switching almost daily back and forth which is a no no!

I am still having trouble getting the water down in the winter and how do you all get in your dairy??? I have about 1/4 of milk with my oatmeal unless I have berries in it then I have none~~and I try to remember to eat a thingie of string chesse for a snack at work. I did run to a shop and bought some soy yogurt and I will try that. Milk products make me ill:( What about the oil?? I never use oil except for salad dressing and I always use fat free?? How improtant is it to get all of that in your daily diet???

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