butterick 3280 paperdolls

sassyoNovember 20, 2001

Has any one made the doll and her clothes? I am finding the doll instructions bewildering. Calls for buckram? Which I don't have a clue what that is. And fusible shade backing? Hope some one has the answers. Thanks in advance, sassyo

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OK......buckram is a stiff material...Here is a definition of it from the www.....

A BOOK CLOTH made from cotton or linen, usually the former, and closely woven, occasionally with a double warp. It is filled or coated and calendered to give it
a smooth finish which blocks well and is reasonably durable. Originally, the term applied only to a starch-filled fabric; today, however, it applies also to coated and
impregnated fabrics having a heavy base. The material used to fill the interstices and/or cover the base fabric is usually pyroxylin, but it may be starch, china clay,
clay, or other nonfibrous material.

I feel certain you can buy it at a good fabric shop..like Jo-Anns or sone of the other well known shops......

The fusible shade backing is a iron on backing that you use in adhering a piece of fabric to a shade for decorative purposes...again available in a fabric shop....

I haven't made that little paper doll but it is so cute and I have often thought of trying it just for the fun of it. Let us know how yours turns out....

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I had to go find both of those things for the same pattern (I haven't made it yet though!) I got them at Jo-Ann's Fabric. The buckram is in with the fusible webbings~it's just a really stiff webbing. And the shade webbing is at the back of the store. I thought they were both expensive, but I don't have anything to compare it to...Also, I asked 2 different girls before they found both of these thing, neither knew what they were and had to go out back to ask if they sold it! Good luck!

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Thank You, Jennifer. Let me know how yours turn out,sassyo

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Thank You RuthieG, I appreciate you taking the time to post this info for me......

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Well I will have the manners some never were taught. Thank you Ruthie G. :)

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Yes, Ruthie. You provided very descriptive details. This was very nice of you to take the time to help sassyo. We need more people like you to take the time to help others.:)

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