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nhsuzanneFebruary 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day all! Hope you all have a sweet day.

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Happy Valentines Day!
Backing s-l-o-w-l-y away from the candy..... ; )


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(((((((((((((Happy Valentines Day to Everyone))))))))))))))))

I'm having a great day - dropped another pound. Had to do some recovery actions last week. Filling half your plate with either salad, hot veggies or yummy canned beets, pickles is a great place to start. Also having veggie soup helps to.

I wanted cinnamon buns that were just out of the store oven - I asked them to package them without the icing. It was the yellow sweet bread with cinnamon with almost nil on the sugar content. The guy waiting next to me took his the same way. Hubby was not too pleased but he got lemon pastries - I had just the one of my rolls and immediately have the rest in the freezer now. I know they are there.

So that was my treat today. We each have a little dollar store cute bag with gum, small packet of cinnamon candies and a small bag of heart chocolates. I know they are there and will have them from time to time. If I've been bad that is what the gum is for - to help me not over do it. And while I'm looking at that baggie I think I'm going to stick in my craft room on a shelf.

That's my morning so far. Going to do some more unpacking and decluttering.


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Happy Valentine's Day to all

Hope the sweet temptations are too hard to resist. I am proud to say I still have some Christmas sweets hanging around and haven't been the least bit tempted. I kept them for DH.

Day 22 for me and I think I dropped another pound. I really don't weigh in officially until Wednesday, so I will know for sure then. How can someone lose 10 pounds and not have one person notice? I must have been bigger than I thought LOL. My DH hasn't even commented - but he may be afraid LOL.

We are heading out to dinner with friends in a little bit. I have my fingers crossed because this is a tiny restaurant with a very limited menu - hoping I can find some healthy choices.

Hope everyone is having a nice evening.

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Happy Aftermath Day!

I enjoyed myself yesterday - have a few small, plain chocolates. Went over my points for the day but I'm seriously thinking about eating 'maintenance' this week and maybe next. It's been a steady decline - I'm feeling the need to slow things down from this 5 year journey now. I get rundown fast (just had my first 48 yr old '2 week TOM). I had dizzy spells and felt horrible - never feel like that during TOM. Never. I'm in a healthy upper range of weight. Not sure how low I want to go now. I think a couple of weeks of maintenance would be good.

Keeping busy with down sizing moving boxes in my craft room area now. And trying hard to declutter where I can in the living area. I can only do so much until the kitchen cabinets are built and installed. Followed by a kitchen island with a bookshelf on the side facing the living room. Hubby is doing this when the weather warms up. So all in good time. Wish I could just wave a wand but we're still progressing our lawsuit against previous builder and sub contractor. One day at a time. But I'm happy with what we've achieved, happy to be working on my craft room and very happy I have seedlings waking up like crazy in here. Ran out of dirt to do any winter sowing and probably running out of time but I can still plant seeds in the outdoor containers and they will pop up when ready.

So that's my plans for this week.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other - it's taken me 5 winter tune-ups to achieve this years results - so don't despair. We're working on healthier living styles and we will get there.

Keep the faith! Love yourself today.

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Good Tuesday,

What a nice Valentines day I had. Unfortunately DH is in British Columbia so I did not get to spend it with him. The day started at 4 degrees and by midday it was 47 degrees! So I got a chair and went out to have a cup of tea with the horses in the snow runways! It was divine to be able to bask in the warm sun while being surrounded by snow. Kind of like being in the Alps except no raclette (melted raclette cheese served with potatoes, ham, and cornichons) Yummy.

So I didn't get to spend the day with my sweetie but the horses come in second! LOL And, I didn't overindulge in anything bad to eat.

This morning it's back to freezing low teens with high wind so the wind chill is bitter...crazy weather.

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Happy Valentine's Week

Sorry I've been MIA, but there is lots to do at the office and personally.

Later today I go to the cardiologist for my sleep apnea test results. I will be shocked if it is negative. I wake myself up sometimes out of breath, so we shall see.

DH and I were supposed to take a long weekend and head down to NC to celebrate my six-ooooo birthday, but he just called to say he cannot get out of work. I'm disappointed but I understand. He was out of work for 6 weeks, so we really need the money from this job. I've got some local NJ plans up my sleeve though.

Hope everyone is having a good week.


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It's a nice rainy morning here. I love everything but the crazy drivers who just can't deal well with weather! Will you all just SLOW DOWN please???? Lol! Such is the life of a visiting nurse.

Spent yesterday morning filling in at a home health office for my friend who is on maternity leave. NOW I remember why I don't do this often! If I had to work full time in an office full of women I would need you to haul me away in a straight jacket Ha Ha! I just can't handle office politics. Since I was the outsider and not a "regular cast member" it was a lot like watching a soap opera....
Back to patient care this morning. I am SO very grateful to have work that I really love!

Dee, I wish you well at the cardiologist's today. Sleep apnea?? Please let us know.

Peg, some weeks are just like that, huh? How smart you are to recognize that, and instead of binging, put yourself on maintenance!

Suzanne, I can think of much worse ways to spend Valentine's day! Sorry your sweetie was on the road, though.

Gotta run. Everyone stay strong have a GREAT day!


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Hi all!

I've been MIA also, due to tests. 12 tests in 3 weeks. I just finished a 100 question cumulative this morning, and I have another one tomorrow morning. :) I'm just trying to chill and roll.

Gotta go--hope all is well!



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Boy - the docs are making a mint off all of us it seems. My prayers and best wishes for everyone.

I am now committing myself to maintenance until further notice. And going to force myself to eat breakfast as soon as I start making my first coffee. I'm getting headaches, dizziness and nauseous. My docs appointment is on the 28th, I've gone ahead and scheduled my bloodwork appointment because it takes so long to book that. And I will probably start booking into their diabetic clinic for regular monitoring as well. My body is changing now. I'm 48. Taking my winter tune-up one step higher. Health always - vanity never. I'm getting everything checked out - monthly blood sugars, hormones, cholesterol's and whatever else the doc thinks. Once we have those answers I'll take the next step through medical help and then work on what is my health weight for 48 years. My vanity wants a slimmer body but if that is not healthy then I'm not going there at all. If I'm told to put back a few pounds - I will and try to focus more on keeping physically fit.

This is a new era for me heading into my 50's. I want to enjoy this new phase in life. I'm changing. So for now my focus is health and healthy eating on a "regular" basis.

Today I'm taking it easy. If I only succeed in unpacking one or two boxes than that is enough for today. This is just not Peggy right now.

I know I'm in good hands. I'm actually excited to see what the bloodwork reveals - am I nuts or what?

Knowledge empowers you.

LOL to everyone,

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Good Thursday all,

It's going to be warmer here today and I am so happy about that. The day started off with a beautiful display of early morning sky. It was really pretty:

Weekend is coming up. What are your plans?

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Happy Thursday!

Well, the diagnosis is "very severe sleep apnea". As I said, I was not surprised. As a matter of fact, I dosed off while driving to the cardiologist appointment! My heart was racing and the blood pressure was around 170/100... Finally, I know what is wrong with me and can take steps to fix it. Made an appointment with my lung specialist in 2 weeks to begin the fix. Wish me luck. I was told already to cut out the salt, as my calves and ankles were swollen, and I'm going to try to go lightly on carbs for the next 2 weeks. Let's see what the next 2 weeks brings.....so grateful this was caught and I can make improvements.

The weather is much warmer and I can see grass peering up from the piles of snow. YEAH!!! Hopefully that is a sign of spring in the air.

DH and I cancelled (for the 3rd time) our trip down south, but we are a go for Florida in March for 2 weeks. That should make up for allthis running around.

[[[[[[[[HUGS to ALL]]]]]]]]]]]]]


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HOORAY! Finally a diagnosis we can work with! I am SO HAPPY for you. There are so many options for treating sleep apnea these days depending on cause, lifestyle factors etc.

Throw that salt shaker AWAY!! You wont miss it after a couple of salt free weeks. Everything will suddenly seem "overly salted" ha Ha!

B......I......G..... HUG right back atcha! ; )


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I went to my WW weigh-in Monday and was told I'd gained .4 lbs. Bummer. If I were cheating on the diet I'd understand, but I've really been very good. Wed. I went to water aerobics in the morning, and in the afternoon went to Curves. I usually don't do both in the same day. This morning I had dropped two pounds on my scale, to the lowest point ever (or not since college 45 years ago.) I have the horrible thought that unless I double my exercise every day it may just go back up again.

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Happy 60th Birthday DeeMarie! Here is your new birthday mantra!! Hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

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Happy Birthday DeeMarie!

Tikanis - terrific to know what is going on. My BIL has severe sleep apnea as well. The sleep clinic put him on a device at night that delivers more oxygen and now he is sleeping much better, the snoring has calmed down a lot and my SIL is also enjoying a better nights sleep too.

Nwroselady - stay the course. Your body is adjusting to it's new size. You may even hit a plateau. Don't despair, just hang in there. One step forward at a time. Keep the faith! I'm cheering for you.

Hi Maddie, you sure are busy. Glad to see you post. How much longer is your course?

What am I doing this weekend? Probably more things around the house between cleaning, trying to unpack boxes into totes, plant some more seeds, transplant tomato plants into taller containers and of course laundry. Still trying to train that stuff to jump from the washer to dryer - no luck so far. And the dishes won't play either. I fill the sink and they just sit there too. Bad laundry, bad bad bad dishes. I'm eyeing up the cat - thinking of spraying him with endust and getting him to chase balls under the beds - he's giving me the evil eye...don't think I'll get him to participate on that one either. Rats.

Still maintaining.

Cheers everyone,

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Thank you Marci! I love the gif. :)

Maddie, if you do not come out and sing to me, you are going on my "list". Don't make me go Jersey on you!!

Since we can't get away this weekend, I am planning some fun stuff to do with DH.

Day 2 of lower sodium; not too bad but I need to read each and every label. YIKES! There is so much salt in everything...no wonder I have swollen calves and ankles.

Make today count!

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Happy Birthday Dee! Hope it's a great day for you and that you have fun this weekend.

Maddie, you better come out and sing for Dee sister!!

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OK, honestly--how could I *not* sing to one of my favorite people in the world? (Maybe because I don't want to torture them with my squalling?! lol!)



laaaa...laaaa....laaaa....( wheeze, gasp, harrumph...)

meee...meee....meeee (cough, snort, hack)

(and many, many more!!)

My sis--you are one incredible lady, do you know that? Over all the years that I've known you, you've always been kind and supportive, funny and happy. You are a joy to know, and I count you among my many blessings. The day I finally got to meet you in person is held tightly in my heart as one of the best days of my life, and I so want to see you again. I love you (as we all do), and I hope today is wonderful! :)



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Great singing Maddie.

DeeMarie~I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! You are a fabulous person. I'm so sorry you weren't able to go somewhere further for your birthday but glad you will be able to come to Florida in March. Glad you finally got the diagnosis for sleep apnea too. You can get treatment & start on the road to feeling better. [[[ HUGS ]]]

Peggy~ [[[ HUGS ]]] to you too. I certainly hope you get some answers to why you aren't feeling quite yourself.

NH Suzanne~Beautiful pic as always! :)

NWRoseLady~Is there something you may be doing on Sundays that may be making you swell slightly? Do you think you may not be drinking as much on Sundays or perhaps even drinking more? I don't know. It just sounds like maybe that may be a day that your schedule is different & it is making your weight slightly off. Please don't get discouraged. Make a diary & see what you are doing different. It could be eye opening. (Worth a try?)

Hope you all have a great weekend. :) Patti

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Happy Birthday Dee!!

Maddie, please come sing to Dee. You really don't every want to see someone go Jersey on you LOL!!

Suzanne, beautiful picture. The day was a beautiful one for sure..green poking out here too but worries me cause it's way too soon. More snow(not much I hope) predicted for Tuesday.

Hello to all!! I will try and check in and catch up.

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Happy, Happy, Birthday Dee!!!

I wanna hear about your fun weekend!
Great singing Maddie!


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HAPPY SIX-OH! DeeMarie!!!!

I love-a, love-a love-a you and your NEVER GIVE UP attitude!

You have always been there for us and I think will always be! I am glad you got yourself diagnosed and are on the way to sweet, RESTFUL dreams!

You and DH just just RUN OFF on a vacation and HAVE FUN!

Have a wonderful weekend.

I am picking up a 6 year old boy and an 8 year old girl from the dock first thing in the morning, so my weekend will be VERY full. We have them until Sunday night...I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited!

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Thanks to everyone for a great party here and on FB!

Maddie, you outdid yourself with your wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday!

Last night DH and I went out with his daughter and her DH for dinner. They stopped by here later and we talked and laughed until Midnight.

Tonight DH and I are off to a Comedy Club. Tomorrow, he has promised to take me up to the Poconos in PA for a casino and outlet shopping trip. We will either do brunch on the way up or an early dinner on the way home.

It will be a wonderful birthday weekend. I am incredibly blessed.

Thanks again everyone!

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