Freezing Smoothies....

holspenFebruary 22, 2005

I'd like to be able to make a number of smoothies at one time while the fruit is fresh from the market. Can these be frozen ?? I'm talking about ones made with milk and yogurt.



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You can freeze milk and yogurt smoothies. Freeze in plastic drink containers. Allow enough room for expansion of the liquid when frozen. You can take them to work in your lunch and by the time noon rolls around, they can be shaken or stirred up with a spoon.

But you can also freeze the individual fruits: the fresh fruit from the market
2.wash it
3.cut it up
4.sprinkle it with Splenda it on a cookie sheet in the freezer till frozen.

After it's frozen, place the pieces into individual serving size zip top baggies and it's ready to pop into a fresh smoothie mix!

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Wild Chicken - any suggestions on recipes? I had no idea you could freeze them. I would like to do this and have them for breakfast.....I really don't want it to taste too much like yogurt but I don't mind putting yogurt in them....

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I alternate layers of fat free yogurt and fresh fruit with chopped nuts in small plastic containers. I freeze these and grab one on my way out to work in the morning. By noon its ready to eat. A great treat in the heat of summer! Vanilla yogurt with strawberries and blueberries and a few chopped almonds sprinkled on top. Yummmmm!
No reason why you couldn't blend this all up first and then freeze.

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Thank you mush. it does sound good - maybe if I took it out when I got up it would be ready to eat by the time I got to work. that would be way healthier than what I have been eating!

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