Reborn Baby's ~ anyone here do this?

wynativeNovember 1, 2006

I am not a doll collector but I have a friend (my other Mom) that started Rebirthing babies about 5 years ago. IMO she is VERY talented and they look REAL! She has had her car window broke on 3 different occasions when Babies where left in the car. They were not taken and the people that did the damage has paid for it and bought Babies.

Every time my daughter and I go to visit she gives DD a new baby. She even made one for DD and my niece from photo's that look exactly like them as babies! She surprized the girls with them 2 years ago at Christmas time.

Last weekend we went to visit and she gave me a Girl & a Boy! These Babies are BEAUTIFUL, their skin looks and feels like the real thing ~ I have had to undress the Girl in 2 differnt store's (where I was showing her off to friends) to prove she is a doll! Wish I had a digital camera to show them off....

While we were there, Mom took the neighbor to the doctor and ask me to give another Baby to a customer if she didn't get back in time because Dad was working on his 'Pet truck'. The lady shows up, I show her the Baby, she loved it, said it looked exactly like her GD and she wrote a check to pay for it. Okay, I looked because I was curious about the price, Mom refuses to discuss cost/price with me. IMO my Babies are nicer and more real. The price she paid FLOORED me! $1200!!!!! for a doll for a child???

I feel bad since she has given DD 5 and now me 2. Do all of these types of Baby Doll's sell for that much?

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Not all only the good ones. I am just learning to make them. they r so beautiful. u r lucky that u recieved some :)

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Wow I would be interested in directions to make the dolls

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I make them!
They're cute...but it IS an expensive hobby. A lot of time goes into making one. I'm not sure the people that buy them realise this, but it's true. The hair is inserted into the scalp with a thin needle and that takes a LOT of time.
The paints have gotten better over the past year or so. Used to be they were all oil painted which took a long time to 'cure.' But now a lot are using Genises paints which can be heated in an oven to dry a LOT faster than the oils.
Here's a couple of pictures of some I have done...

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This one I was proud of the fact that her picture was used in a doll magazine. (Doll Talk)

I sold her..but I hated to because she looked just like my youngest son did as a baby. The woman that bought her said she bought her because she looked like her daugher did as a baby. lol

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i make them too. only im on the wrong computer to show any pics.

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These Pictures are great. I would love to learn to do this. Can anyone tell me where to start to learn? My new email. I would appreciate any help.

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Does anyone have any tutorials for this? I would like to make one but am afraid to experiement on the doll I have to do this with. I want to make it for my cousin who gave me the doll from when we were kids 20 yrs ago and now I wont be able to get another doll like it if i mess up. So i want to read tutorials, with hints on what kind of paint, where to get hair etc. So I can make the doll for her. Any help would be appreciated!

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the best thing to start with is berenguer can find them at walmart or toys r us for $25 and under. the lots to love ones are the small ones, under $10, they have a hard body...thats what i started out with.

i use genesis heat set paints. mohair i generally have a few suppliers i use off of ebay. you also need to replace the eyes with more realistic. you will also need to consider if you are going to use new bodies or not (i suggest you do), then find a supplier or make your own (i make my own). you will also need felting needles. honestly its not a cheap hobby! so beware.

its all a matter of figuring out what works for you. i started with oil paints...i would mix the colours, rub them on, let them sit and then wipe them off. ive since moved to genesis heat set paints and i absolutely love them.

i need to take new pics of my dolls, im still working on perfecting mine, but the ones i made i do love :) ill post them once i get them unpacked and take some new pics of them. that may be a week or 2 though. you may want to post to me and remind me!

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You can do a Google search of 'Making Reborn Dolls' and it should give you a few places to try.

Good luck!

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This site has an excellent gallery of reborn dolls, very lifelike. Some people would say creepy, depends on your views.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nice reborn doll pics

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I make them and they are truely loveable and realistic.
I wrote once but I hadn't signed in so if this goes twice sorry.
I sell mine for $00. for the doll and $500. for one of my ready to gift or diplay kits. I love in Maine and the market isn't that great around here. My web site has helped.
I love doing the tiny little details that make these babies so life like. They can take me up to a week to complete. I love just doing a baby but have done look a likes. I did my daughter and they are 32 and 33 they said it was a little strange because they new the second they saw them who they were. I love taking them out and watching the people no one has ever thought they were dolls always a baby.

Here is a link that might be useful: Make Me A Blessing Reborn Babies

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I tried to get into doing this and have quite a few supplies, however, it cannot be done with a toaster oven!! I attempted a very small doll and I did quite well but I burned the torso piece. We are remodelling out kitchen completely so basically we don't have one and thus no oven. So I'll have to wait.
But yes, I cannot wait to do this kind of dollmaking. It's very easy (with the exception of rooting hair).

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Yes! It can take time to get the doll looking very realistic but it's a fun hobby. You start with an already-made doll so it's not TOO labor intensive, except for the hair like perditaraine said. I also have a website about them (linked below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Reborn Supplies Blog

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Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see the terms of service before I posted this! I do have some items for sale at my blog so I shouldn't have posted the link here. If I could edit my post I would gladly go back and delete it but I can't see a way to do it!

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Where can i get the directions to make one of these dolls.

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Those dolls are so amazing and life like. They are so fun to make and collect.

Here is a link that might be useful: reborn dolls

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I am a reborn artisr and if you go to youtube you can find some on the art of reborning.
It can be exspensive to get into and addictive. :-D
I have had the police called for leaving one in my car, which I never do anymore without my sign up. :-) I habe a website add a to my name and you got it. Take a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Make Me A Blessing Reborn Babies

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Wow, I'm surprised so many members here at the Garden Web know about reborn dolls. I've been collecting them for a couple years now and must confess that I thoroughly enjoy it. Some people may criticize the hobby saying it's "weird" but there are much worse hobbies out there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reborn Dolls

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I am a reborn artist. I love making these lil babies, I have a full dedicated nursery. There are many forums for reborning where you will learn all sorts of tips and tricks when starting out. There are also cd's, books, dvds that are for sale that will get you started. Bountiful Baby sells complete kits with doll, dvd and the paints to get you started.
I must point out that the original poster said "a doll for a child", no these are not for children, they are adult collectables and NOT for children to play with.
Here is a reborn baby I just finished, she is currently for sale on ebay

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to auction if anyone is interested

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