being careful when ordering on crafts website

anna_titiNovember 22, 2005

Hi everybody,

I am a craftswoman and have been making dolls for years. The most beautiful thing about the internet is all the supplies and pattern we can find. I have always ordered stuffs through the internet without any problem until recently. A month ago I needed some hair for my dolls and ordered a batch through a company I found on the web. The companie's adress

' '...For some reason I don't know, I never got my order. I Have been trying to reach them by emails and even by phone and never got a response. I suggest you be careful when you order. make sure before you send your money that the company still exist. I know this company ( sisters and daugthers ) does exist, I wrote to the company who created their web page. I advise you all crafs people not to order from this company.

if any of you had the same problem with them I would appreciate that they write me.


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Thank you for the warning. I have never dealt with them, and won't now. I usually order most of my doll supplies through 'Bountiful Baby.' They usually mail out the same day I place an order. They're fast. Not sure if it's the same sort of supplies you need for your type doll or not, though. But, they do carry mohair.

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I got burned too. When I ordered two patterns I also ordered a few things to make the postage worth it. When the package arrived there were the extras but not the patterns. When I phoned I was told they were on back order and in fact, one of the patterns was probably discontinued. I said "why doesn't your website reflect that fact?" She said that she hadn't had a chance to keep up with the website.
I contacted the designer of the "discontinued" pattern and was told that had not placed an order with her in several years(!!!) and always made it sound as if the designer was slow in shipping to Also, her design was not discontinued. I really hate liars!! Also, icing on the cake of bad business. In the same order, I ordered a 28mm cutter from her site (the only cutter available on her website) and got a 45mm cutter that I already owned. I couldn't have ordered it because it wasn't possible TO order it. I will never, repeat never, order from that place again. I hate liars and I hate when people advertise things and don't deliver. She could have called and let me know that the patterns weren't available but she probably makes her money off of the things that people like me order to go "with" the patterns.
Never again. I hope someone reads this and saves themselves getting burned like I did.

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Yes-do watch out for this company! I placed an order in March-2009, for a pattern transfer pen, and never received my order. I contacted them several times-with absolutely no response...or refund. Watch out for them-I-now-have heard many negative thing's about them. I wish I had known that BEFORE I placed my order. Luckily-I was not out much $$, but they are definitely NOT a reputable company...

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I ordered from them a few years back. I ordered a pack of felting needles and I got them right away. However I just called them again to order some glue and an operator came on and told me to call 101515-8000, which I did and I got a telephone operator in Atlanta. She told me to call my telephone service to find out about the number. Then I found this post and I think this company has gone out of business and someone has highjacked their company name. That is what it looks like to me.

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