Question about cabbage patch dolls.....

bryansdaNovember 17, 2006

Are the newborn dolls the same size as what they use to call the premmies? What size are the newborns? And do they sell clothes for them or are there patterns for that size doll clothes?

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bryansda, premmies and new born Cabbage Patch doll are nearly the same size. I have never knitted or crochet for them, But if you sew, the they had a good sellection of patterns in the Simpicity and Butterrick sewing catalogues. I sure hope I have been helpful to you.. If I see any patterns when I surf the net.. I'll keep it aside for you.

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Thank you Minnie. Are the patterns for the newborns or premmies or just for dolls about their size? I tried looking online but only found patterns for the kids, not the little ones. I guess I better keep looking. Thank you for keeping me in mind too.


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I am trying to find free sewing patterns for clothes for my daughter's cabbage patch Kid (girl). Do you know where I can find any?
Thank you.

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