Steer Clear of Blue Haven Pools-Metairie LA

marianne-2008March 18, 2008

Do not let Blue Haven's prices fool you. In the end this project will cost you much more than stated on the contract. That combined with their rudeness, and complete lack of interest for customer satisfaction should encourage you to pick any other pool company over them.

The salesman was charming and confident we would choose them. The smaller companies could not compete with their prices. He was right, we did. Our biggest mistake. From the day we signed the contract, their attitude changed. As if they we doing us a favor by putting the pool in.

For four months they came and went as they pleased, unannounced, not showing up when scheduled to, trampling anything in their way. Plants 25-30 ft away had dirt and plumbing thrown on them, lights and pumps were left on for days and weeks to run up the electric bill, etc, etc, and these were just the small things.

The mountain of dirt from the excavation was left on my property for three months, during the time spreading to destroy more grass. All in all Blue Haven managed to destroy about 700 sq ft of grass around the pool. Slightly excessive, don't you think? Consider how much sod costs.

From the mouths of the deck guys, we were mysteriously short 150 sq ft of deck. The pool itself is smaller than the dimentions stated on the contract.

Taking comfort in having chosen a large, supposedly reputable pool builder, I called the general manager to discuss the increasing costs of the project, the destruction of my property, and the discrepancies in the size of the pool and deck. Instead of understanding and customer service I met vivid hostility. Wesley " I am the boss" Whitfield responded with threats and insults. He asks me how I can complain about the "little" extra costs when I have the funds to put in a $30,000 pool. That question pretty much sums up their attitude. So if you go with Blue Haven, expect to spend much more money to clean up after them.

Most frustrating though was their attitude. Every question was a bother to them, when you were actually able to reach them. Asking Wesley to request his crew be more considerate of my property (ie. not leave metal rods to rust on walk stones, not leave plaster marks on the fence etc.) had him admit he cannot control their behavior.

Requesting compensation for the destroyed property had Wesley threatening me with conjured up extra fees in the thousands. Believe me, the contract protects the company, not you.

After completing the plastering, the crew turned the water on to fill the pool and then left, without letting me know they had done so, or ever coming back to turn it off. Near disaster was averted as I went outside early next morning and saw the pool was brimming.

Blue Haven's reply: "Well if you caught it then what's the problem?".

Same as with the deck: "You got your 400 sq ft in the end so what's the problem?". Are you kidding me?

Also after completion, the pool leaked, and it is still smaller than it is supposed to be.

This is not the first time we've had a pool put in, so we know this isn't "how it's done". I have never been treated with such disrespect. Blue Haven is unprofessional, disrespectful, rude, hostile, morally and ethically questionable. Mr. Whitfield is an insidious snake, purely concerned with lining his own pockets, and not beyond straight out lying and fabricating incidents to accomplish this. I do not know how this man sleeps at night. Do yourself a favor and steer clear.

Oh, and the $500 gift certificate to their pool store thrown in to sweeten the deal...a rip off. Here's an example:

Standard reclining lounge chair $229.00

10-ft x 10-ft cabana $4,729.00

wood storage bench $1,359.00

towels $109.00 ea

square planters- set of 2 $655.00

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