Raggedy dolls

laVerneMaynard7November 17, 2012

I'm making dolls from a Raggedy Ann/Andy pattern. Any helpful ideas put there? I usually just make quilts or mend. Thanks

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I made several Raggedys and it's simple. The most important thing is to embroider the face before you cut the part out. It would be to difficult to do that on a small piece of fabric. I just stuffed the pieces then assembled them on the sewing machine. The yarn hair can be done on the assembled body. Just go through the head and make a small stitch to hold it in place.

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Thanks EmmaR. The first one I made is okay, but the second is darling. I learned a ton from the first one. Although she looks like the pattern, the second one's hair is adorable , and I improvised on the clothing too and made a cute pair of pants and shirt. If I figure out how to get pictures on here, I'll show you. Lol. Thanks for your help !

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Your welcome Laverne. I made cloth dolls for years and sold enough to buy the top of the line Singer sewing machine...but by then I was thoroughly burned out with sewing. LOL

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You should show us a picture. We'd love to see your creation!

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Someone asked for a picture. I tried to put 2 pictures on. I'll try again.

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Here's Ann!

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I made several sets of the 12" Raggedy Anne and Andys. Since they have small faces I used the embroidery feature on my Husqvarna and sewed one small heart for the mouth and then did 2 small black triangles for the eyes, and also one pink triangle for the nose. I used iron-on interfacing on the backs of the faces to give the face some body for the stitching. It's one great way to make them all the same if you are doing sets. You can also do them production style and do all the mouths, then eyes, then noses. It saves time when you don't have to keep changing thread colors.
I will have to tell you that the clothes are so small you will spend more time on them than the dolls themselves. They were really cute though and I had no problems selling them.

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