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nhsuzanneFebruary 7, 2005

Good Morning All,

Rise and shine. Tell us how your weekend was.

Go PATS!! What a game.

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Morning ladybugs-
I had a SUPER FANTABULOUS weekend. And then I came home-haha
and my DH, DS and MIddle DD all I have the FLU I think!
Didnt really watch the Super bowl- didnt think the commercials I saw were that great- but I did like the Suck Up, Wus, and other male barbie one.
I too would love to knit- I'll wait till I dont have so much to do before I learn how.

CHeck in today everyone-
QOD: What will be the first sign of Spring that you notice every year??

HUGS- Kysusie

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QOD - usually the first sign of spring around here is MUD - LOL. The spring thaw makes all the dirt roads and drives turn into a big mess. But I prefer to think of the a peek of a crocus burtsting through the ground or robins scurry about. I also love to air out my house with the fresh smell of spring.

It has actually been very spring like weather the past 3 or 4 days and I am lovin' it. But tomorrow night that will come to an end.

I have a million things going on right now - we leave for Costa Rica on Saturday, but heading to NYC on Friday - can't wait.

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QOD: The first sign of spring around here is when the horses start blowing their coat which they are doing right now!! The other sign is that the tops of the trees are starting to show signs of red where the buds are developing, it's very subtle so you have to really look.
Also, the longer days .

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QOD: The first sign I really notice is the Easter flowers- they always seem to bloom during Easter week- the daffodils.
Also off my bedroom balcony- the dogwood blooms starting to sprout, and of course where I live people are crazy for having a nice lawn- so the first lawn clippings- the smell of fresh cut grass.

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Ahhhhhh, the smell of freshly cut grass seems so far away for us here in NH in spite of the springlike temps! For now I will have to settle for freshly chewed hemlock on the horses as we ride through the woods! LOL

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QOD: When I start to panic about trying out bathing suits!!!

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Jumping in here for QOD - I saw a tiny crocus blooming yesterday! In February in Pennsylvania?
I also saw a bird hopping around I thought was a robin but darn, it was just a catbird.
The skunks are coming out of hibernation too so it is only a matter of days until a dog needs a bath...
"Somebody" had to bring up swimsuits!??

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Kathy, I smelled my first skunk the other day too.

QOD: It is the smell (not the skunks!). The air smells fresh and the lighting is different. It is hard to describe, but you just can tell that things are changing.

Have a wonderful day. It feels like spring again here, but snow is coming on Thursday. :-(

How about them Patriots????????!!!!!!!

Love, Besh

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Hello Everyone...

QOD: It's spring here all winter so, I guess, less traffic would be my first sign of spring.

How is everyone. Fine here. I am having lunch at work and eating a lean cuisine. Trying to be good. My parents will be coming for 6 weeks on Monday. Looking forward to their visit.

Went to my Aunts for Superbowl Sunday. I did not care for the commercials. Not too good this year.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I got a new job and quit the old one. Well, I was counter offered from my current employer and I could not pass it up. I was having a hard time with some events that happened..which I will not go into, that and combined with a co-worker, I wanted out. So, we opened a new line of communication and a plan for the other co-worker and I received a nice raise. So I am happy again. (for now hahahaha lol).

DeeMArie - where are you staying when in Florida?


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I was going to say that the first sign of spring here would have to be the longer days. It is the end of April or beginning of May before the people start heading north again.

Yeah Patriots!

Shout out to all! Patti ********* :)

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful gifts for my birthday!

Raeanne gave me a bottle of pure maple syrup. This happens to be one of my favorite treats. A little vanilla ice cream and warm maple syrup. YUM!!! There was also a bar of soap from a company called Simply Love that smells divine. She also included a pair of Reflexology socks that I can wear so the SO can give me a foot massage and help me relax. She also included a book that she says is a favorite of hers called The Four Agreements. I have to say...I have recently been talking about how my boss says things that are not truths to future clients and it really makes me uncomfortable. This books addresses one of the things I feel strongly about- YOUR WORD!!! Raeanne- your book could not have arrived at a better time. It is reconfirming what I believe and how I live my life. She also included a few decafe tea bags. I drink tea in the morning so they will get used quickly. The postcard of Sagamore is beautiful. I think I need a trip to there. You are so lucky to live where you live. The summers must be awesome.

Thnk you again Raeanne for the beautiful gifts. You are so kind. Have a wonderful trip to Costa Rica.

LOVE!! Gretchen

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Gretchen - So glad that Raeanne remembered your birthday. I have been so preoccupied with DS moving that I haven't been on the computer much. Her birthday package sounds wonderful! Here are some birthday wishes for you!

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I feel so badly that I didn't get on the computer yesterday to wish you a Happy Birthday!. I was out from early morning until afternoon and had to get dressed out out to a Chamber of Commerce dinner. I thought I would be home by 8:30 and didn't get in until after 10. I felt run down all day and headed straight for bed. I am glad my package arrived in time. Gretchen remember that I have you for an entire year - so be careful what you wish for this year. I know that we all try to live by the Four Agreements, but we need to be reminded from time to time. I love how simple it is and how true.

I feel like I'm getting a cold, just in time to share it with a couple hundred other people on an airplane on Saturday. I am loading up on the Vitamin C and Zinc. I may get a surgical mask for the plane, just in case LOL.

Gotta run and get ready for work.

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GRETCHEN---------HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! I HOPE IT WAS GREAT. Sounds like Raeanne took very good care of you! ((((HUGS))))

Love, Besh

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Hope your day was great and I wish you an entire year or great things! I hope you will take some time to really enjoy yourself..........

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Happy Belated Birthday Gretchen!!!! I hope you had a great day.

One of these days, I hope that work is going to SLOW down. I am pooped!!!! Oh well.

Raeanne, sounds like you did a great job picking out gifts.

Gotta run.


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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, I hope you are feeling better. Have you tried the new product Airborne? It's an herbal concoction that a school teacher made up because she was tired of catching colds constantly. Howard swears by it and so does a couple of other people I know. Give it a shot you haven't got anything to lose. It's available at drug stores and dept. stores like KMart and WalMart.

It's snowing a very heavy wet snow here this morning. It's very warm so the huge noreaster that is coming our way will be mostly rain except in this little niche I live in! It's going to be a messy ride to work.

All you MIA's need to check in and say hello. We miss you.

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NH Suzanne - I never got the cold, just a couple sneezes and I was done with it. I have a ton of Airborne - the guy that made it was somehow affiliated with the office my DD works at and he left them a case of it. I am pleased to say I haven't had to try it yet, but I take it with me and if people are sneezing and coughing on the plane, I will take one.

I will be busy today, I haven't packed a thing yet and we leave tomorrow morning. I am taking very little in clothing - since most of my summer things don't fit (neither do my winter clothes). But I am glad that I am going light. But I am tying up lose ends here this morning. I had to get my mail list up to date for the wild care group I work for. I went to one of the rehabbers houses last night and she has a silver fox and a red fox - (kits) they are adorable. They are non-releasable, so she is domesticating them a bit, so they can be used for educational purposes - taking them to the public, etc, so she is trying to get them used to people as they are very timid right now.

Gotta run, will try to stop back tonight to say adios LOL. Have a great day.

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Hello everyone!


I was in Philly for 2 days, and got even further behind here at the office, if that was possible. Today there was another crisis and my director got sick over it. She came out of her VPs office and told me she was dizzy....her SO came to get her. Pressure, deadlines, budgets....what does it all mean in the end, huh? Nothing! After dealing with health issues with me and DH over the last month, nothing here is gonna put me in a tizzy. S#*&(w it!!! LOL Seriously, we think she has the flu, so I'm hoping she's back on board with us soon.

Raeanne, you'd pack enough clothes so that you aren't tempted to do a "Girl Gone Wild" tape.....put the bottle down and stay away from those martinis! LOL!! Have fun.

Maddie, I miss ya, kiddo. Please check in with us.

Gotta run; DH has been having a couple of bad days and I need to go home to play Nancy Nurse...he went in for a smaller port out of his back and it's leaking all over the place. The nurse told him it would for about 24-36 hours, but he's just not feeling right about it. I've told him to call them, but he says he does not feel sick or dizzy or hurting.... Patience is a virtue, and I'm trying my best.

After driving 3 hours home last night from Philly, taking care of DH, and trying to settle down, I was ready to get into the shower and looked down to find my right ankle was at least 5 times the size of my left ankle. My first reaction? BLOOD CLOT!!!! LOL; I took 2 aspirins, put some ice on it, and raised it up while I slept. It's better, but I must have twisted it somehow. Absolutely no pain, and this has happened at least once looney is that?

Gotta run.

I wish all of you a great evening!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

PS: I've missed the last 3 weight watchers meetings due to illness, hospitals, and business trips. Not sure I want to step on any scale next week, but I'm not giving up!

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Hi goils!

Sorry I haven't been here; I've not been good company lately. Seems MIL has dumped a sh!tload of .... whatever.... on me, and while I am indeed a big girl, and can walk away, I do feel bad for her (to a certain point), and am trying to help by just listening to her tales of woe. My take on this is bed.made.lie., jbut I know it is affecting Rog somewhat, and that is why I try to sit and be quiet. I am her only friend (for lack of better word), and I can not turn my back on her. (Although, life would be easier if I just washed my hands.)

So.... between that, my mom's lack of moolah, and me just wanting to sit and stare, things are quite interesting around here.

I miss you all, and I'm not up on the posts yet to comment--

My love to all--


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Dee, take care of yourself.

And Raeanne, have a great trip and be a good girl (a little bad would be ok too!)

Hello to all my SS sisters!



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[[[[[[[[[to everyone who needs one]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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