Looking for 8 in doll pttrns (simliar to barbie) and other info..

dollsnhorsesNovember 18, 2010

Hello :) new to the board. Thanks advance for any help on this matter...

I have a doll (Breyer) that is eight inches that I am wanting create other attire for. I am in the model horse world and want to turn her outfits into western and english riding attire. I need any patterns of clothes for this type/size doll. If you know where I can find some free or to buy that would be great. Also any info on re hairing dolls, repainting/sculpting faces and creating your own doll would be so helpful!

Thanks everyone!

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Saw your notice - I, too, am looking for patterns for that size doll. Have looked in fabric shops and found none - don't want to pay $16.00 for a pattern anyhow. Do you think we could somehow buy a child's size pattern and have it printed smaller? There must be a way. Don't give up.

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