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cath35October 12, 2001

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask if
it is not i hope someone will direct me to the right
place. I have a very small porcelain doll that i
dropped and broke her head. There are only 4 pieces
so i can put it back together, i just need someone
to tell me what kind of glue i should use. I am
just sick over breaking this doll, I know she won't
look perfect but just as long as she is back in one
piece i will feel better. ANY help would be great.
Thanks Cathy

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I got my "start" as a teen buying china doll parts, stuffing the bodies, and then sewing up the dresses for them. Honestly, I can't recommend a glue, but you should ask someone who does professional china restorations (in an antique shop, maybe?); same thing goes for a broken teacup.
//If you do ceramics at all and love that doll, I would try to make a mold from the original doll (arms and legs included) once you get it patched so you can reproduce the whole doll in toto (it might be copyright; but if it is very old, it won't be any problem, I think). Then you can smooth out the greenware, glaze the new doll(s) just like you choose (no more cracks or patch marks!). There is a ceramic "stick-em" called Patch-Attach that works when you are firing ceramics and want to add parts to pieces that are already fired. Hope this gives you some good ideas anyway!

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