Graffiti on vinyl siding--how to best cover?

kterlepMarch 21, 2011

Hi--we have a barn that was covered in tan vinyl siding by a previous owner--there's a large expanse facing the alley that's proven too tempting to passing teens--it's been tagged 3x in the past 9 months & we have to do something about it or we're going to have our own mural before long.

The second time, the kid was caught & the cop made him scrub his mark w/ a green scrubby. this took a layer off the vinyl...and we've tried to remove the paint with thinner & it's been not very helpful (it's got a lot of "grain" and the paint just goes in the grain and stays there).

I wondered if we could just get a good match for the paint & paint the tagged siding (the whole run, not just where the tag is)...and do it every time we get tagged. If we do it whenever we get tagged, then the kids will learn they should go somewhere else.

I was also thinking of hanging some interesting "art" up on the barn but I don't really have anything (lattice or something) in mind. Something that would make it less of a blank canvas.

Do we need any sort of special primer for vinyl? Do we just wash down the vinyl well? What kind of paint do we buy?

Has anyone tried the fake video surveillance cameras? Do they work?



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There is a spray paint made especially for vinyl patio chairs so I imagine there should be a type of paint that would work on your siding. Suggest you go to your local hardware or paint store. However, this won't eliminate the blank canvas problem. Is there enough room between your barn and the and the alley to plant something like hollies that would deter your "artists". Dwarf buford hollies will grow 6 to 8' and 3 to 4' wide, but you can keep them trimmed more narrow.

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Be careful if planting that roots won't end up a problem. In Ca. they sell a paint that can be washed off if someone graffitis or marks on it. It's a little expensive but easier to wash off graffiti than repaint whole area every time you turn around. A fake camera(high up) with a metal grill over it so it looks like you are "protecting an expensive camera" might work. You know what I mean, those protectors what people put over outside lights so kids playing baseball don't break them. Good Luck!

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I think the only thing we can plant is Morning Glories (etc) on a lattice--which would cover up the siding as well...I was going to get some planters since there's gravel on the ground in the alley.

I'm also thinking "barn junk" might be nice... random agricultural farm implements, etc screwed up on the side of the barn...

I just have to get creative...

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Careful what you put on siding as might get stolen or hurt & sue you or rip it off & damage siding more. Sounds like side of barn is nearly on the ally, morning glories would help but most places is just a summer thing.

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As far as deterrents, you could check into a couple climbing roses (provided there is ample sun, at least 6 hours). I have a David Austin rose, "L D Braithwaite", stems are covered in both mini & larger thorns. I have to be careful about not coming in contact when working on or near it, scratches skin something wicked, tears clothes. If you don't want to mess with extra care, perhaps just a shrub rose or crimson barberry bush, those have spiked thorns & grow fast.

A police officer told me once a good deterrent from thieves at ground level windows are thorny shrubs or roses. Might work for vandals, too. No one much enjoys getting tangled up in thorns. ;)

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