Doll has musty smell from attic

KarenNYOctober 19, 2002

Hi everyone! My daughter unpacked her Mandy Doll which had been packed in cardboard box in the attic for over 30 years--it has a very distinct musty type odor--she already tried baking soda with the doll in a plastic bag for a week to absorb odors--didnt work, so she tried washing the doll with oxyclean & still the doll & hair have the odor--please, anyone with ideas to remove the smell--doll is in good condition otherwise--thanks in advance for your help! KarenNY

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Maybe an aafteroon in the sun will help with the musty smell. You could also try Febreeze or another type of odor removing spray. Good luck.

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you could try putting the doll in a box with a cloth bag of charcoal.. and after about 3 days take it out and spray with febreeze.. that should work :)

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Use Bounce dryer cloths. This is good for books too. Any kind of mold is gotten rid of too. Wrap the doll in Bounce and then in a towel. Leave for about 2 days to one week, checking every two days. It will work. I use it on my doll clothes, antique books and everything else.

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Great Information. Thanks for sharing.

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I used bounce dryer cloths which I tucked it inside the body, then remove when later. I did this with hard plastic, not sure you an ever get the smell out of vinyl dolls.

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