Trying to find Good Luck Troll-type hair...

oswaldnpOctober 4, 2006

I'm making a number of poseable plush dolls, and I'm trying to find stylable hair just like good luck trolls have. I've tried braided wool, but it comes apart too easily. I also can't find any fun-fur fabrics with a long enough pile for what I'm trying to do (I'm trying for a hair length of about 4").

Would mohair work, or are the fibers as prone to "shedding" as the braided wool?

Any ideas?

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You should get a sheep or goat hide with long wool. That's what they used on the Danish DAM trolls and it will be way easier to style than acrylic fake fur hair.

Ebay probably would be a good place to look. One skin would be enough for a LOT of dolls.

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I have some Prety Hair : 4 yard colorfast 100% polyester by Kunin Felt Co. It comes in several colors. Contact me at for more info.

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